Part Two: Mom Loses Custody of Newborn Because of Postpartum Pills

courthouse process had we months.” ((JENNIFER)) THE NEXT MEETING WILL FOURTH STARTING AT ### ((CHELSEA)) IN A FOX 24 SPECIAL REPORT…BACK IN 2017 — THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION CRISIS A PUBLIC HEALTH HAVING AN IMPACT ON UNLIKELY OF PEOPLE– NEW MOTHERS. MOM WHO LOST CHILD… BECAUSE OF ### Percocet After Birth-“It was me” Percocet After Birth-“the important to me than I guess her” Became Addicted To just bring a baby home from this little bitty orange bottle PERCOCET. PRESCRIBED TO 18. Percocet After Birth-“they prescription for 40 percocet, ((CHELSEA)) LATER – SHE SAYS – DOCTORS PRESCRIBED 40 MORE. Kahler Pendergrass/ Became Addicted To Percocet After Birth-“I very Dr. James W. who are looking for trouble or anything, they just have ((CHELSEA)) PLACE TO ENSURE THEY’RE NOT OVER PATIENTS. Arkansas Prescription patterns of use they have, might already be there” OF MISUSING DRUGS.. FROM TAKING THEM TO PAIN …. Kahler Pendergrass/ anybody” ((CHELSEA)) TO ABUSING THEM. them” really remember the wreck ((CHELSEA)) THE CAR AT THE TIME OF STEPPED IN. Became Addicted To Percocet After Birth-“I remember every second of it. From them knocking on the door and me answering the door and immediately custody.” MONTHS OLD. I don’t have custody of my Twana Nixon/ Recovering Addicted/ Treatment Specialist, Addiction Campuses-“hitting bottom LET THE EUPHORIC FEELING OF BEING THEIR USE OF THE PILLS. Twana Nixon/ Recovering Addicted/ Treatment Specialist, Addiction Campuses-“when the opioid attaches to the opioid endorphins in the brain and ((CHELSEA)) SHE SAYS IT’S WHAT Addicted/ Treatment Campuses-“that’s what they brain gets accustomed to on just having one more fix next fix.” LOWEST OF LOWS… Percocet After Birth “the ((CHELSEA)) AND THAT PROMPTED HER TO SOBER UP. Became Addicted To that the pills were just the was even missing her, it cycle so I was like, its got to stop somewhere” ### SHE REMAINS SOBER…. BUT STILL DOESN’T HAVE CUSTODY OF HER BIRTH TO A SECOND BABY. LOCAL RESOURCES AVAILABLE FOR YOU. ((CHELSEA)) SURGE IN CASES OF

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