Parvarish – 1958

Glory to You. Glory to You You are the benefactor You are the light of the world You are infinite You are beyond time You wield a disc Accept… my prayer You did a wise thing. You admitted your wife to
the hospital for her delivery. Yes. l thought all of you were insisting. Thakur, you know it’s our
first child at this age. That’s what l’m saying. At times there are some
complications during delivery… which get aggravated
if there is a midwife. Thakur, does that happen? Yes, but not in a hospital. Sit. Sit. Not in a hospital. You got scared as
if instead of your wife… you’re giving birth. Thakur, you’re… Thakur, you know we really
wanted to have a child. lf God wills, everything is fine. Jaswant, don’t be afraid.
Everything will be fine. Okay. Thakur. Thakur. Jaswant. Jaswant. The nurse is calling you. Okay. l’m Thakur Jaswant Singh. Congratulations, Thakur.
You’ve been blessed with a boy. Congratulations, Thakur. A son! Nurse! Thakur, it’s a boy. Thakur, congratulations on your son. Nurse, l… Nurse, take this necklace. No. lf you wish to give something,
put it in the charity box. l’ll fill that box completely. Okay, you may see your wife. – ls he my son?
– Yes. – l…
– Not now. Come. – lt’s a boy.
– Yes. This is also a boy. Seven pounds. Such a sweet child! But the poor boy’s mother died. Dear, congratulations. God heard our prayer late.
But He gave us a good reward. Who does he look like? Did you see him? Not yet. After giving him a bath,
he’ll be brought to his mother. Okay. Fire. Fire. There’s a fire.
There’s a fire. There’s a fire. Hello. Fire brigade. There’s a fire. A fire. The storeroom has caught fire.
Come quickly. Bring water. Water. Bring water. Water. Jaswant! Thakur. My son. My son. What happened? Somebody switch off
the main power quickly. Nurse. Nurse. Doctor. Doctor, where’s my son? Doctor, l am Thakur Jaswant Singh. Nurse. Give Thakur his son. Doctor, my son? Yes. Go, Thakur. Okay. Come on. Come. He’s the one. Choose one, Thakur. Choose? What should l choose? Nurse, l want my son,
my child, my life. Due to the fire they got mixed-up. Nothing doing! They’re not dogs’
or cats’ offspring… that they’re easily distinguishable. He is not an orphan’s son. He is Thakur Jaswant Singh’s son. Go and call your supervisor. Gather the entire hospital here. Don’t choose but check
and tell me which is my son? Go. Go. He… he still hasn’t returned
with our child. Don’t worry, sister-in-law.
l’ll go and see. l am extremely sorry, Thakur. Actually, to save the
babies from the fire… somebody left them here together. They’ve gotten so mixed up,
it’s difficult to identify them. Were their nurses dead? That’s what happened, Thakur. They have also died. Doctor, it’s the
question of life and death. lt’s the matter of children.
lt’s not a game. – l understand everything.
– No, doctor. Doctor, our child is our support. He’s the heir of our dying lineage. Do anything, doctor. Do anything. Tell me with certainty
which is my child. Tell me. What’s the matter, Jaswant? Thakur, l’m ruined. Did you see what happened? – But what happened?
– Come. Come with me. My son has been mixed
up with another baby. No evidence. No mark.
Which one is mine? Human children have
become babies of animals. Be patient, Jaswant. Doctor, who are the
parents of the other baby? l’ll have to check the
register for that, Thakur. Let’s go to the office.
Come, Jaswant. Don’t worry, Jaswant. Come. – Thakur.
– Come, Jaswant. The boy’s father’s name
isn’t mentioned here. – Thakur, he’s the son of
a famous courtesan… – What? A courtesan’s son? Oh, God. God, what have You done? We prayed so hard for our child. We went to so many holy places. God, what have You done? What have You done? Believe me, Thakur. lf it was within my means l
would have surely helped you. ln such a situation we
will take both the babies. Thakur! l won’t bring a
courtesan’s child to my house. l won’t even touch him. Doctor, give me my son. Otherwise l won’t spare your hospital. Jaswant, use your brains! Thakur, why don’t you understand? Why don’t you understand? One is yours. lf the other child’s
guardian takes both the babies… do you know what will happen? – No. – A cuckoo’s egg
will be hatched by a crow. No, Thakur. Doctor, we’ll take both babies. This is called a stroke of luck. He had gone to bring one.
And he brought two. Thakur, l had heard when God gives,
He gives abundantly. But today l found out even
hospitals dole out abundantly. Who knows? Maybe he brought the
child home as he was his son… and the last
memento of the dying woman. lt’s possible, Thakur. Appearances are deceptive. Who can recognize a man
in the dead of the night? Thakur. Stop your nonsense. There’s a limit to everything. Killing a dying man. ls this justice? This poor man is grief-stricken. And you’re rubbing
salt in his wounds. You should feel ashamed. Not we, but he should feel ashamed. He’s brought a courtesan’s son home. Not forever. Only until it’s proven
which is Thakur’s child… and which is the courtesan’s child. But, Thakur, you’re forgetting. lf a drop of poison falls in a pot… both the water
and the pot are thrown away. Do you think anyone will
give his daughter in marriage… to the family with a courtesan’s child? l’ll do it. – Thakur, you…
– Yes, Jaswant. lt’s my word. Thakur Harnaam Singh’s. lf God blesses me with a girl,
she’ll come… to your house
as your daughter-in-law. Thakur. But, Thakur, how will you
know which one is his son? The moon cannot hide
behind black clouds for long. Someday blood will speak up, for sure. l’ll decide which
one is Thakur’s son… and which is the courtesan’s son. Thakur. Thakur. l’m speaking the truth, ma’am. lf you give me your child,
l’ll shed my blood for him. But l won’t even touch this sinner. A child’s mother is a courtesan. What is the poor child’s fault? People will point
fingers at us and say… we nursed a courtesan’s child. Who’ll let us enter their house? Ma’am, listen to me. Call nannies
from the courtesans’ locality. You’re giving me a lecture. All of you leave. Why are you standing?
Leave. All of you leave. Leave. – Where are the nannies going?
– To hell. What are you saying? They refused to nurse the babies. Refused? All of them? What will happen now? What else? l’ll nurse both of them. No, Rukmani. Don’t do that. What do you want? Let both starve to death? No. But we can think of something else. lf you do that,
we’ll become a laughing stock. Nobody will even
drink water in our house. People will stay away from us. But why? Because one of them is
a courtesan’s child. Derogatory orphan. The other will also become an orphan. lf he dies of
starvation in front of us. Stop, Rukmani. l’ll find some solution. – l… – l’ll call other nannies.
– Don’t stop me. l can’t see this. Rukmani. Rukmani,
think about the future. You think about the future.
l’m thinking about the present. Rukmani. Rukmani, you didn’t
do the right thing. You didn’t do right. You didn’t do right. You knew we really wanted a child. We prayed to You day and night. We wandered everywhere
and called out to You. l thought You had heard our prayer. But You’ve played a new game. l didn’t like Your game.
l didn’t like it. Tell me, oh merciful Lord. ls this Your mercy? l got a child. And yet,
l’m not happy. You’ve shattered my desires. Tell me, God. Why did You do that? Why did You do that, God? Why did You do that?
Why did You do that? Who knows? Maybe he brought
the child home as his son… the last memento of the dying woman. What are you doing? Maybe he’s our son. – What happened?
– Someone has come to meet you. Okay. Tell him to sit. l’m coming. Oh, Lord Krishna. You led my destiny to this palace. Do me a favor. Who are you? Banke Bihari. Maestro Banke Bihari. You didn’t understand?
Shall l say something else? My grandpa belonged to the upper class. And my father to the lower class. l’m also the
brother-in-law of a royal family. But l don’t remember
the family’s name. That’s the problem. l forget. l see. – So you belong to a cultured family.
– Yes. You’ve come here to
form a bond with whom? Not to form a bond, to sever a tie. – Meaning?
– You didn’t understand. Nobody understands immediately. Thakur, l had a sister. The hospital has
performed her final rites. But l heard her child
is in your house. He won’t be of any use to you. He’s my nephew. Give him to me. ls that so? So you’re the child’s uncle? Sir, l’m an uncle. Not a wrestler. You started wrestling with me. Come. Sit. Sit. Sit. Will you recognize the child? What? He’s my blood. lt’s no joke. Thakur, as soon as
l place my finger on him… my nephew will smile
and raise his hand. As if to say,
Uncle, take me in your arms. Okay. Okay. Stay here.
l’ll bring the child. Look, don’t leave. Crazy man. l haven’t
come here to leave. Let me see how l recognize him. Oh, Lord, help this musician. l’ll give You an offering of Rs.5. Even if l have to rob someone. Oh, Lord, l’ve heard You
have helped many people. Help me too. Listen. Talk carefully. Don’t worry. l’ll
make everything alright. Come. Come here. – Did you bring my nephew?
– Yes. Look. He’s my nephew. – His face resembles
my sister’s completely. – Really? His face resembles hers even more. l feel as if both are my nephews. What are you saying? Why are you quiet?
ldentify your nephew. Yes. Yes. Yes. He’s crying. He must be yours. He is mine. Come, son. Come. What happens now? l’m perplexed. A small baby has
thwarted my experience. No problem. Give me either one. But we still haven’t
decided which is yours. Thakur, forget it. Even if my nephew
lives in your house… you won’t lose anything. After all, he’s also the son
of an affluent family like yours. He didn’t come from thin air. No. lt can never happen. That’s it? Got scared? Thakur, don’t worry about me. l’ll teach your
son music and dance… and make him a
‘Mirasi’ (Musician) like me. Brother, listen to me. Just now you were saying you could… take the good boy and make him bad. Can’t we make a bad boy good? Why not? That’s what
l was explaining to him. A person being good or bad
depends on his upbringing. Not on blood-line. Do one thing. Let both
the babies stay with us. Once they grow up, we’ll decide. – But there’s a problem.
– What? l can’t live without seeing the child. He is the last
memento of my dead sister. So… you also stay here. Rukmani, what are you saying? lt’s right. lf we’re
raising his nephew… can’t we give him
a place to stay too? Fine. Do whatever
you want. l don’t care. Sister, brother got angry. That’s not so.
Everything will be fine. – Girdhari.
– Yes. Girdhari, open the guest room for him. Okay. Come. Swinging Swinging Stars are swinging in my lap One is a diamond One is a pearl You have a handsome face Today, the flower
of joy has blossomed l have become a mother Swinging Swinging My darling sons are swinging Swinging Swinging Stars are swinging in my lap May my sons have a long life They shouldn’t face any problems They should earn more fame
than the sun and moon They should earn more fame Swinging Swinging The life of my house is swinging Swinging Swinging Stars are swinging in my lap The beautiful dawn
of union has arrived Mother is singing a lullaby Childhood plays Youth comes And brings a fair bride Swinging Swinging Look, our sons are swinging Swinging Swinging Stars are swinging in my lap Look. The poor man is in so much pain. You should always pity such people. Greet your uncle. – Hello, uncle.
– God bless you. God bless you. Girdhari, Thakur has come. Bring tea. Thakur, l heard you’re
going to Switzerland. You heard it right, Jaswant. Since the time
Asha’s mother died… we’ve felt suffocated in our house. l want to go
somewhere far away from here. You’re right, Thakur. A few days change. More than that.. – This is my final goodbye.
– What are you saying? Asha’s mother would always
say we should send… Asha abroad for her education. Jaswant, l will fulfill her last wish. Yes, Thakur. Sister-in-law would often say that. But, Thakur, don’t forget
the promise of marriage… once you go abroad. Jaswant, Harnaam never
forgets his promise. But l also have a condition.
You know that. Oh. l remember. l remember. You’ll choose the groom. – Right?
– Absolutely. Okay, Jaswant. Has either of these two
started to blossom? Thakur, neither of them
has started to blossom. But Banke Bihari has
started changing colors here. l would say this. You shouldn’t have
kept him in your house. Can’t help it, Thakur. One of those kids belongs to him. That’s why he’s in the house. Or l would’ve thrown that
rascal out of the house long ago. Yes, call the kids. Let me test them
once again before l go. – Hello, uncle.
– Come. Come. We left school work
and came here when we saw you. We’ll take the school exams later. First let’s pass uncle’s test. What test is it today, uncle? Wait. l’ll tell you right away. Okay, Raja. This is
your father, isn’t it? Yes, he is. Do you have any doubt? No, no. l don’t have any doubt.
l was asking just for the sake of it. Okay, Raja, tell me. lf your father asks
you to jump into a well? No, no. My father will never
ask me to do that. Father, would you say that? No, son. Never. l will surely jump
if father asks me to. – But l have a condition.
– What condition? The well mustn’t be
more than a foot deep. l can make that jump. Well done, son. l can also make that jump. Both are intelligent. Banke Bihari! Uncle’s test is useless. Pass the exams of school and college. Add glory to my name! Come on. Don’t waste time. He’s so rude. But, Thakur, no
decision has been made yet. Listen, l tell you once again. Blood is always thicker than water. Don’t worry. When Lakshman got the news,
his heart was in his mouth. Were Lord Rama and
Lakshman born to the same mother? No, son. They were born to different mothers. But there was so much
love between them that no one… could say they weren’t
born to the same mother. Play it with love. You will defame me! Enough. You’re my real nephew. – What say you, uncle?
– Darn it. You’ve put me in a quandary. The two of you have been
cheating me for 20 years now. Uncle. Uncle. Uncle The family members get tricked Such is our trickery Don’t get tricked, dear uncle Uncle. Uncle. Uncle The family members get tricked Such is our trickery Don’t get tricked, dear uncle The one who is real
can never make mistakes The one who is a fake
can never be loyal No, no, pal lf you’re going through a crisis… even your shadow deserts you Why complain about disloyalty? This is what the world says But what? Who is real? Who is a fake? Who is a fake? Uncle. Uncle. Uncle The family members get tricked Such is our trickery Don’t get tricked, dear uncle Uncle ln this world, even your
own turn their backs on you And if you become famous,
they come and hound you The world will not
fulfill its promise So true Since strangers taunt us these days Taunt us But how? Who is real? Who is a fake? Uncle. Uncle. Uncle The family members get tricked Such is our trickery Don’t get tricked, dear uncle Uncle. Uncle. Uncle The family members get tricked Such is our trickery Don’t get tricked, dear uncle Uncle What’s all this commotion? Oh. So now you’ve started
teaching them this business? Teach them? Thakur, l’ve made
these boys so proficient… that even the biggest
maestros would be nervous. Now l’ll also have to
learn something from them. You idiot. Why are you hell
bent on making them musicians? You also would take new tests
every day along with the Thakur. l’d have had nowhere to go
if you had handed… that novice over to me. l was worried about
myself too, after all. – Banke Bihari!
– Two flowers blooming on one branch. One is offered to God. The other to a dead body. lt’s a matter of places. The one who plays in a
gathering is called a maestro. The one who plays at a brothel
is called a ‘Mirasi’ (Musician). You ungrateful rat.
You bite the hand that feeds you. You live off me.
How dare you argue with me? lf you do this henceforth,
l’ll pull your tongue out. Rascal. Pull my tongue out. My foot. l didn’t put up with my father.
So where do you stand? Did l go begging to them to keep me? They needed me. So they kept me. Let me make this very clear.
l’ll not live here a minute more. Don’t you dare stop me. Yes, uncle. Who can stop someone
that wants to go? Okay. You too are acting smart. l’m leaving. – Attention, everyone!
– Right in front of you. The ‘Tabla’ and ‘Sarangi’ maestro. The king of song and dance,
the uncle of this world is leaving. Keep quiet. Uncle, take me with you. – No, uncle, take me.
– No, uncle, l’ll come. – No, l’ll go.
– No, l will. – Who are you to go? – Who are you?
– l’ll go. – No, l’ll go. – He’s my uncle. – He’s mine.
– l’ll go. – Silence! Aren’t you ashamed of
saying such disgusting things? You’re grown ups and
have no manners at all Here. Take this lute.
Come on. Play that ‘Tabla’. The father is no good. And
the sons are no good either. Where’s my cane? – l’m bringing it.
– Oh. Give it. What took you so long? – Listen.
– Now what? Asha must be mature now. Speak to Thakur about her marriage. What are you saying? Why? What happened? Thakur has returned from
abroad after 12 years. l should ask him as
to which of our sons… will he get his daughter
married to in front of them? – l can’t do that.
– You never listen to anyone. Okay, go. l’ll send brother Banke. Oh. Brother Banke all the time. Dear, use your brains at times. Oh, Dharam Singh.
Tell me. How are you? What do l tell you? l used
to long to see your faces. lt’s good that you should miss us. Okay. l hope sister-in-law and
your child are doing well. Child? He is now the
father of a child. Hello, Jaswant. Jaswant, you’ve changed so much. – lt’s hard to recognize you.
– Well, Thakur… times have changed me. And you’ve changed with time. Okay, tell me. Have you made my future
daughter-in-law just like you? Jaswant, once an lndian,
always an lndian. She’s coming. See for
yourself what l’ve made of her. Come. Come, dear. Come here. This is your uncle Jaswant. God bless. God bless. Great. You haven’t
forgotten all this… despite being abroad. l had imagined you would say, Hello.
How do you do, uncle? Uncle. That means me. Who’s called me? Who is my admirer? The uncle has come here too. Hello, sir. lt’s been a while
since we last met. Who invited you? Come on. Seems like you’ve
forgotten our country’s… culture and tradition abroad. ls this how you treat your guest? This is the house of a decent man. And decent people are invited here. Not low cast singers. Low cast singers are better than them. They don’t humiliate
their guests at least. Silence! Don’t forget your place. Leave! Go! Thakur, l haven’t come here to stay. Just to see my daughter-in-law. Or how do l answer the boys? You’re my daughter-in-law? You’re as radiant as the sun. You rascal. You scum. How dare you forget your place? Father! Father! Go from here. lt’s okay, dear. Go. So, Thakur, you’ve
shown your true colors. And if l too come down to
being nasty and slap you… you’d be disgraced in this gathering. That’d be the talk of the town. l’d be on the front page
and you right below me. But no. Our blood has always
been greeted with abuses. l spare you. Harnaam, now even lower
castes are being invited… to the gatherings of landlords. Heard that, Jaswant? Take him away. Keep him locked up in the house
if you want to mingle with us. Or you can find your
daughter-in-law from his neighborhood. You’re the snake in the bosom
and finally you’ve bitten. You humiliate others to make a name. You rascal. You forgot your place. Go away. Get out of my sight. l’ll cut you into pieces if
you ever step in my house again. Great. You’ve changed
color like a chameleon. Him. He refuses to get
his daughter married. And the other landlord
wants to gobble up my son. Take your son. Get lost. – Really?
– Take him. Think again, Thakur. Which one? Raja or Ramesh? Why are you mum? Thakur, you need to be
stone-hearted to make this sacrifice. One of us will have
to suffer for this. l will suffer. Because l love both of them. Wherever they are,
they should be happy and prosperous. Come on. l’ve been waiting for you. My sword is eager for you. Keep quiet, you rat.
Can’t you see the lion is resting? lf l get up, l’ll make
your life miserable. Don’t brag, you coward. The sweat gives it away. l wield the sword.
l’m not scared of chickens. – ls that so?
– Yes. Come on. Come on. – ls that so?
– Fight for real. – So get up.
– Shall l? Get up. Get up. Okay. Here. Here. Why are you jumping like a monkey? – Then why are you sweeping?
– Come on. What’s going on? What’s going on? Mother, he… Mother, see, he’s cheating. Aren’t you ashamed? You’re grown ups. Your father and uncle
have gone to find a match. And you’re behaving like little kids. To find a match. – Who gets the daughter-in-law?
– Me? Any objection? – Get lost! Mother, you decide. – Who gets married?
– Mother, you decide. Your father will choose the
match for our daughter-in-law. He’ll give to the one he wants. – Tell me something, mother.
– Yes, son? Do you ever get this thought
that one of us is your son? Keep quiet. What nonsense. No, mother. Be honest. Have you ever thought so? God knows, son. l have never got such
a thought in my heart. And why would l? Both of you are my sons. Wrong. Absolutely wrong. Both are sons of a dancer. My God! Don’t you feel
ashamed saying such things? You’ve made me a dancer too. l’m not saying this.
The whole world is saying it. lf a drop of poison gets mixed
with elixir, it also becomes poison. So why don’t you explain it to them? You can add any amount of water
to milk, but it’s still milk. You won’t understand. Because this house saves you from
those taunts which drive me crazy. So can’t you give them an answer? What answer? How do l shut them up? Although both of us know
one of them is not our blood. So brave. Keep harping on it. l’ve told you a million times not to say
these things in front of the children. But you… You won’t understand. There’s no need to
understand anything. Thakur has finished everything today. – He told me to my face
at the gathering. – “Thakur…” “find a daughter-in-law
from Banke Bihari’s neighborhood.” Why the hell did you
send that low caste there? l had heard children give you joy. And peace. l wonder what wrong l did… not to have got anything. l feel like… l feel like killing both of them. No! No! You’ll have to kill me
before you kill them. Die. All of you die. l’ve never had a moment’s peace
in this house. Never. – Son.
– Father. Father. Go away, Raja. Don’t touch me. Raja. Children give parents joy. But both of us have made
their lives miserable. Ever since we could reason,
we’ve been witnessing the same fight. Ramesh. Ramesh, l can’t
bear to see father’s pain. Yes, Raja. When father comes home
after hearing people’s taunts… l feel like hiding
my face somewhere. Of what use is that? The duty of a good child
is to sacrifice everything… for the sake of
his parents’ happiness. Look Ramu, we aren’t kids anymore. We understand everything. We’re also witnessing all
that’s happening in this house. You know and so do l. One of us doesn’t
belong to this family. Yes, Ramu. And if we want to
see this family happy… one of us has
to leave the house. – What are you saying?
– l’m right. He’ll not only
have to leave this house… but also do all the disgusting
things a bad person does. – Raja!
– Yes. Yes, Ramesh. Until one of us is
known as a strumpet’s son… the other can’t be
known as a Thakur’s son. Only then will
father be at peace again… which both of us want. Only then will this family,
this house… Prosper. Raja, l’ll go. l’ll leave the house. No, Ramesh. l didn’t suggest
this to send you away. l’ve thought of going myself. But why do you forget
l’ve been raised by the same mother? – No, Ramesh. l’ll go.
– l’ll go. – Ramesh, you don’t understand.
– l understand everything. l’ll go. Listen. Listen, Ramesh. l know you also want to do
everything for father’s happiness. But brother, this world is really cruel. – You won’t be able to face it.
– And you can? – You’re so stubborn.
– Then why not relent? This question will never
be solved like this, Ramesh. This family will never prosper. How do l convince you? Okay. Look, both of us came into
this house as God’s will. We grew up together. Now one of us will leave
this house as His will. But how will we know which
God wants to send? Look, Ramesh, these two
lamps are burning before God. One is yours. And one is mine. And the one whose
lamp burns out first… is the one God wants to send. – Do you agree?
– l agree. So come, let’s sit down. Ramesh. Look Ramesh, God
has made his decision. No. No. l don’t agree. This isn’t true. This is wrong.
This is rubbish. l won’t let you go. No, Raja. l can’t live without you. Should you struggle
just because a lamp blew out? And l should relax at home?
This isn’t justice. You can’t go. We decided upon this, didn’t we? Promise me you’ll not
tell this secret to anyone. Take me along, Raja. You’re worse than a child, Ramesh. Nothing gets resolved
if both of us go away. Ramesh, both of us want
to see this family happy. We don’t want to ruin it. Raja. – l can’t live without seeing you.
– Ramesh. l can’t live. Ramesh. Look, the relationship doesn’t end… just because l’m leaving home. And where am l going? – Brother.
– l’m always with you. l’m always with you. Brother! l’ve lost faith in you, Oh, Lord. You’ve betrayed me. Tears? – Try your luck.
– Dorothy. Leaping Pinto. 200 for 100. 1,000 for 400. Fifty. Thank you, thank you, thank you. There it is. Try your luck. Place your bets. Place your bets. Let me see what it is. – So you’re gambling? Gambling.
– Yes. – l’ll gamble, too. l’ll gamble, too.
– Go ahead. Have you got any money or not? Money? Look. Look. No, no. Money. Money. Very good, try your luck. That’s Thakur Jaswant’s son. He’s gambling. Yes, that’s him. – l’ll inform his father tomorrow.
– Of course. What do you all think of me?
l’m a great gambler. l had alcohol. Now l’ll gamble. Now tell me which horses you have.
Tell me. Balam, Chakori, Pushpavati. – Pushpavati?
– Yes. Female. l can bet my heart on a female. – Rs.500 on Pushpavati.
– Taken. Rs.500 on Pushpavati. Place your bets. – Female.
– Female. Beloved. Beloved. Beloved You stole my heart with a gesture Sweetheart Sweetheart. Sweetheart. Sweetheart You stole my heart with a gesture You did Beloved. Beloved. Beloved Bright like the moon My gait is gracious Shower me with your love lt will make the world jealous The night says… let’s hold hands… beneath the blue sky Beloved. Beloved. Beloved You stole my heart with a gesture Sweetheart Sweetheart. Sweetheart. Sweetheart l am whiter than the moon Listen to me l love you secretly You struck me with your eyes l know now.
l recognize you now Let the world be jealous Sweetheart. Sweetheart. Sweetheart You stole my heart with a gesture Beloved. Beloved. Beloved – Keep going.
– Another one. Bets placed. Bets placed. Come on, gentlemen.. – Where’s my money?
– What money? – My money.
– What money. – Where’s my money?
– Let go of the coat. Where’s my money?
Tell me where my money is. Your money. Take your money. Police. Police. Police. Trying to get smart with me. Police. Police. Who do you think you are? Raj hasn’t arrived yet. Sukhiya. Go call the young master. Madam, young master isn’t in his room. l just returned from his room. Where did he go so
early in the morning? Did he say anything to you, son? Mother… l haven’t met
him since morning either. Hello. Yes. This is Thakur Jaswant Singh speaking. What? Raj was drinking? What’s that?
He was arrested for gambling? And… he’s behind bars at the moment. – Master. – What’s wrong?
– lt’s terrible, master. The safe has been broken into
and the money’s missing. Raj is behind bars. Raj was arrested for gambling. l see. What’s wrong? What’s wrong? The curse is over, Rukmani.
Now l can live peacefully The day l was eagerly
awaiting has finally arrived. He’s finally shown his true colors. Thank you, God. – There’s delay but not denial.
– No. l don’t believe this. Someone’s behind this. Someone’s surely behind this. My father was right. One day blood will show its
true colors. lt surely will. And it has, Rukmani. Look. He even stole my ring. This is wrong, completely wrong. – Go and get him back.
– No need to get him back. – Let him stay there.
– No, no. Listen. Go, son, and bail him out. Go quickly. lf you’re going,
don’t forget to tell him… that he cannot return home. lf he sets his foot here,
then l’ll shoot him. Why are you still standing here?
Why don’t you go? Ask him to stay in my
house near the sea. Go. Understand? Raja. Raja, what’s going on? Ramesh, l have to leave home. This is just the beginning.
There’s much more to do. Here, the key to the manor. Mother wants you to stay there. Mother said so? Okay. What happened?
Call the police Call the police.
Why do you drive so blindly? Can’t you see? l think it’s an internal injury. But, listen. l don’t see anyone here. How can you stay
here all alone? – l have a servant. He
must have gone out. – l see. l’ll wait here until he returns. Look. Will you please… l’ll go see where the servant is. Water. Water. You should have told me. Fine, l’ll get it. Here. What happened, master?
What happened, sir? – Your servant’s here.
– Master. You fool. Did you have
to come right now? Go away. What did you say, master? Okay, l will leave now. l’ll come again tomorrow. You fool. Couldn’t you stay
a little longer wherever you were? Run away. The truth is finally out. The drummer is gone
and so is his nephew. Where are you going
in such a jolly mood? Rukmani, l’m very happy today. Light lamps, make donations
to sages and ascetics. l’ll go tell Thakur right now… that the Lord has given
his judgment before yours. – When shall l come with the
wedding procession? – No, no. This can’t be possible
as long as l’m alive. Raja isn’t like this. This is a lie.
lt’s a lie. Yes, everyone’s a liar, a cheat. He’s the only decent one. And even the police
arrested him for no reason, right? l don’t know that. You can’t go see Thakur sir. Unless l see it with my
own eyes, l won’t believe it. So why are you standing here?
Go see it with your own eyes. Raja. Raja isn’t like that. Shambhu. Shambhu. Yes, yes. – You remember what l said? – Yes.
– Do exactly that. – Okay. What happened? Why are you crying? What’s wrong? Why are you crying? Master. My master… Listen, it’s me. Listen. Listen. So you… Your hair tickled my nose. Listen. Listen. Listen. – Wait, wait. – Stop.
– Listen. – Madam? – Listen. Listen. Listen. Listen. Wait. Listen. Listen. Listen. You are really angry. l admit women
make men run after them. Listen. Listen. Listen. Look, even God pardons three times. You don’t even once. – Forgive me.
– Move aside. This is all a charade.
You were dying.. You’re right. – My condition is somewhat similar.
– Aren’t you ashamed? l am. – But don’t you feel pity on me.
– l did. – Leave the car.
– lt’s empty. God’s grace is everywhere. Let’s go. l’m talking to you. Please leave. That’s why l’m here. Come on, hurry up.
Drive the car. Where do you want to go? l know my destination,
but not the path. Will you take me? What destination? Where the ambience is filled
with fun, everything’s swaying. The ambience is filled with joy We both are right here Come dwell in my eyes.
Reside in my heart The land and the sky are swaying The ambience is filled with joy Gaze into my eyes Hide me in your heart Wrap your arms around me Don’t be too overjoyed The damp clouds. The great ambience l am not in my senses The ambience is filled with joy We both are right here Come dwell in my eyes.
Reside in my heart The land and the sky are swaying The ambience is filled with joy Let’s distribute love all the way Let’s douse this craving Sing the songs of love on the way Let your heartbeats play Even the birds will sing They will narrate to everyone,
our saga The ambience is filled with joy We both are right here Come dwell in my eyes.
Reside in my heart The land and the sky are swaying The ambience is filled with joy That’s him, the one from yesterday… who put us behind bars. – Shankar. Get up.
– Let me sleep. This isn’t the time to sleep, friend lts time to settle
scores with the enemy. Get up or else we’ll miss our chance Come on, come on. Let’s go. lf we lose him,
it’ll be terrible. Raja. Raja. What happened? What happened? – What happened?
– There he is. That way. Wait. Shankar, l’ll deal with him. – Come on.
– Shall l? – Yes. So, you dared to come here. l’ll teach you a lesson. Run away. That’s cheating. l’m coming. Kishen. Kishen, l’m leaving. You settle the score with him, okay? Don’t spare him. He beat me up, Kishen. Go on. l’ll spare you this time but l’ll
teach you a lesson some other day How was that? – Nice.
– Nice? Mother. What’s wrong? What happened? Who is she? Asha. – Asha, you have to do
something for me. – What is it? – You have to pretend to be drunk.
A drunk? Me? – You only need to act as one.
– Why? Look, that woman approaching, she’s… She… She… she wants me
to marry her niece. Help me out, so she’ll
leave me alone forever. – ls that so? – Yes.
– Then watch how well l act. Come on. – Raja! – Who called me?
– No one, no one. Friends, pardon my mistakes.
l am drunk. There’s alcohol in the bottle. The alcohol is intoxicating. – And l am intoxicated.
– What is this? l’m drunk. l had this much to drink.
– Stop it. – Stop this nonsense.
– Nonsense. lf this is nonsense, then it’s
the most beautiful thing in life. The deep eyes. Slightly pink in color. A barmaid like her and
a drunkard like me. Raja! Your love for me dwells in my eyes. l’m a drunkard, and so are you. – Here, drink.
– Shameless. Don’t you feel ashamed? Don’t you feel ashamed?
Get out of here. You want to fight with me. l just threw two goons out. Witch, l’ll throw you out first. She’s really beating me. Save me. Save me. Save me. l’ll kill you if you
ever come here again. Listen, Asha. My job is done, Asha.
You go home. – Now l’ll really fight. Let go.
– Listen, listen, listen. l’ll meet you tomorrow.
Go home – How was it?
– Fine, go home – Who was she?
– What have you done, mother? l said, who was that girl? That girl? How would l know? She was wandering the streets.
l brought her home. Shameless. Aren’t you ashamed
for me to see this sight? How could l know
you’d arrive unannounced? Unmannered boy. You’re saying that in front of me? l’m not saying that. lt’s my blood doing the talking. A dancer’s blood. Blood? And didn’t my upbringing
and my nurturing have a say? How is your
nurturing at fault in this? My blood is such. Go, mother. Go. Let me lead such a life. Everyone said… everyone
said but l didn’t agree. – My love for you didn’t agree.
– What can l do… if you won’t accept the truth? Why become sad? Go. Go. Celebrate. You have got your real son. And you also learned
who a dancer’s son is. Get out!
Get out of my house! l don’t want to see your face. Come. Come, dear. Come. Did you meet your son? Are you happy now? Tell me. Yes, tell me… Oh. You’re so happy
you can’t even speak. What was your darling son doing? Was he reciting the Bhagavad-Gita,
or having a good time? Stop it. Don’t say a word more. Now you won’t even
hear anyone praise him. Why? Am l right? What l saw today, l pray
that God doesn’t make… even my enemy see such a sight. Yes. Dear, now you discovered the difference
between a diamond and a stone. l didn’t know that hopes would
be shattered in this manner. Now you go… and go and talk to Thakur
and arrange Rakesh’s marriage. Go. So you’re back on track. Good. Those who learn from their
mistakes aren’t called fools. So, now do you agree that
l have experience in it? l kept telling you that one
day the blood shall speak. And it shall do so for sure.
lt did, right? Yes, Thakur. With the grace of God all the
problems have been resolved. But now we should get them engaged. Jaswant, consider them
engaged and married. But… l was thinking that Ramesh… should be sent there for
an occasion or two. Why did you come here? Enough. Enough. Enough.
You shouldn’t come to this place. Go home. That’s great, uncle. l can’t stay without you. And you aren’t even happy to see me. Thakur will get defamed
if anyone sees you here. Go. Go home. – Uncle, l won’t go home.
– Why? Why? How? Uncle, if father sees me,
he’ll shoot me. Yes. The doors of that house
are now closed to me. What happened? What happened? l stole, uncle. – Stole?
– Yes. Look. Look. Look. Father’s ring. l didn’t just steal,
l even had liquor. Yes. l had liquor. l gambled. l abused everyone at
home and came here. – What do you think?
– Abused everyone? You stole? Yes, uncle. – You had liquor?
– Yes, uncle. – You gambled?
– Yes, uncle. – You abused everyone?
– Yes, uncle. Bless you, son. Bless you. You’re my real nephew. This is our family speciality. Deceive the ones who care for you. Come on. Give me a hug. Sometimes l image you so strongly… that when l look into a mirror,
l see your face l wonder what magical spell
you’ve cast on me… my heartless beloved My dear… l wonder what magical spell
you’ve cast on me ls that so? – Wow. Wow. Wow.
– Wonderful. – Wow. Looking into my eyes,
you stole my heart Looking into my eyes… l wonder what magical spell
you’ve cast on me… my heartless beloved l wonder what magical spell
you’ve cast on me… my dear l cannot even sleep without you l cannot sleep l feel restless all night long l feel restless l wonder what magical spell
you’ve cast on me… my heartless beloved l wonder what magical spell
you’ve cast on me… my dear Wow. – Wonderful.
– Wonderful. – Too good. Come here, my love You’re under my oath How will l live without you? l wonder what magical spell
you’ve cast on me… my heartless beloved l wonder what magical spell
you’ve cast on me – Wow. – Wonderful.
– Too good. – Wow. Mother, l cannot see
your second son here today. – Sage.
– l hope he’s fine. My… Mother. Mother. Mother. Mother. Mother. Okay, mother. l’ll leave now. May God give you peace. You took away my peace, you fool. Now how will l be at
peace without you? Son. – Raja.
– Mother. – My Raja.
– Mother. My Raja. You don’t serve your mother. lnstead you trouble her. Didn’t you miss your mother? A person can forget anything
in the world, but not his mother. And then my mother… my mother is… Then why did you leave your mother? Tell me, will you leave her again? Will you? Raja. Raja, this house
feels deserted without you. Look, what has he done to himself? Are you supposed to wear such clothes? l did all this to have a look at you. You said you didn’t
even want to see my face. What do l do, mother? l can’t survive without seeing you. You felt bad about what l said? l hit you. ls that why
you got angry with me? Father, he’s an astrologer. – Mother was asking him questions.
– Really? What does the sage say? He says we have two sons. Wrong. Absolutely wrong. We have one son. No one can change their destiny. Wait. You cheat. You scoundrel. – Move back!
– No. Don’t hit him! – Move away! A dancer’s son cannot be my child. Beware if you call me father! Get out. Get out of this house. lf you ever come here again,
you will die. Go. Sunder. – Call Asha.
– Very well, sir. Nowadays, it’s good if you
know each other before marriage. What do you say? Uncle, you always test people. Have you ever faced a test? No, no. l didn’t mean that. Nowadays, you guys want your freedom. During our time, girls used
to stay behind locked doors. And if a man wanted to
see his wife’s face… he could do so only after marriage. Then it must be
difficult to sneak a peek. Oh. Hey, you aren’t eating. Eat. You’re still young. When l was your age,
l ate everything. You can ask Jaswant. l don’t need to ask father, uncle. There used to be real
clarified butter during your time. – Yes. Yes.
– l am scared of fake ones these days. Look, Asha is here. Come, dear. Asha, did you recognize him? He is Ramesh. Jaswant’s son. – Hi. – Hello.
– Have a seat, son. Have a seat, dear. Sit. Asha, did you sightsee your old city? – lt’s changed a lot.
– Well, not yet. Then come with me.
l’ll show you around. – Uncle, may we?
– Yes, of course. Why not? But not today, father. Excuse me, l have to go
out for some important work. – Oh.
– No, dear. You shouldn’t say no to a guest. Go, sightsee. – Go, son. Go.
– Bye, uncle. – Go. Stop. Stop. Stop. – What is it?
– Why’d you make me stop the car? A friend of mine stays here. A very good friend of mine.
l want to introduce him to you. Look, l think this isn’t a nice place. Asha, l’ll be back in a minute. Right away. Asha. What brings you here? Me? Wow. l stopped the car on seeing you. Have a seat.
But why are you here? Yes, yes. Come on. Hurry up. – What?
– Are you coming or not? Hurry up. There was a time when
Prithviraj had eloped with Sanyogita. And now such times have come that… Sanyogita has eloped with Prithviraj. – Right.
– Come on. Welcome. Welcome. Come in. ls my uncle in? You’ll get your
uncle and everyone else. Please come in, sir. – No. – Come on.
– No. l… Uncle. Come on. Why do you feel shy? – Hello.
– Bye. Where’s the car? Asha? – What are you looking at?
– You. What happens to us humans, Asha? You meant nothing to
me a few days back. And l meant nothing to you. And now we don’t want to
be away from each other. Tell me, why does this happen? Even l don’t know that. – Asha?
– Yes? Can l ask something? Have you ever tried
to find out who l am? What l do, where l stay? No. And if l tell you
l don’t come from a good family? l live in a bad locality. l… l’m a bad person. You must be. You think everything is a joke. l’m telling the truth, Asha.
l want you to know about me. But l don’t want to know. Whoever you are, however
you are, you’re mine. – So it’s confirmed.
– Yes, it is. So, Thakur, we will come
tomorrow for the rituals. – Okay, Jaswant.
– l’ll make the arrangements. -Asha, how are you, dear? – Fine.
– Bye. Okay, Thakur. l’m leaving. Okay, Jaswant. Father, whose engagement
was uncle talking about? Yours, dear.
You’re of marriageable age. Let me do this as soon as possible. Am l such a big burden on you? No, no. l didn’t mean that. But you know, Asha, no daughter… can stay in her
father’s house forever. But father, l… l won’t get married right now. What are you saying? They’re coming here
for the rituals tomorrow. You should have asked me
before making this decision. Are you angry over such a small thing? Dear, if l had
arranged your marriage today… l would have taken your advice. But l promised them
even before you were born. Then you should have got
me married back then… when l was playing with dolls. l would have happily
endured that as well. But now l know what is
right and wrong for me. This marriage is right
for you, too, dear. Ramesh is a nice boy. And his family’s status
also matches with ours. But father, l… l… l love someone else. What? What did you say? Nothing. You have humiliated me today. ls this the reason
why l got you educated? – So that you defame our family name?
– Father. My honor is still intact. lf this is what you think then
why did you get me well educated? Yes, you get
well-educated so that you can break… the family’s old and pure principles. Be shameless and
argue with your father. l told the truth. l didn’t disrespect you. No, no. You honored me. You’ve brought glory to our family. You’re so concerned
about your family reputation. But you’re not at all
concerned about your daughter’s life. lf l hadn’t been concerned about you… l wouldn’t have educated you so well. – l wouldn’t have pampered you.
– But father… l don’t want to hear a word. For my family honor’s sake,
forget my daughter… l can even sacrifice my life. This engagement will take place.
lt will definitely take place. Go. Hello. – Who, Ramesh?
– Yes, it’s me. Raja. Get ready. l’m going to give you good news. – Tell me.
– l’m getting engaged tomorrow. – To the one who returned from England.
– What? You’re getting engaged? Great. Congratulations, Ramesh. Heartiest congratulations. You’re coming tomorrow, right? No, Ramesh. You know l can’t come. But listen. l’ll watch it
from a distance. Oh. – You promise?
– Yes. Yes. Yes. l’m telling the truth. l promise. Bye. Bye. My life was ruined
and the sorrows smiled l am exasperated of
this world of yours. My life was ruined Happiness is crying on my shoulders The garden laughs and the bud cries Gardens withered in no time l am exasperated of
this world of yours My life was ruined Lightening struck
before the house was made The house burned before
it could be decorated This world is strange lt makes and then destroys l am exasperated of
this world of yours My life was ruined
and the sorrows smiled l am exasperated of
this world of yours My life was ruined Thakur. Until yesterday the
two of us were friends. And now we’re relatives. Sir. Madam has refused to come. – What?
– Yes, sir. Jaswant, l’ll be right back. You wait. l’ll go. – My daughter-in-law must
be feeling shy. – Yes. On such occasions, not the father
but the mother brings the daughter. Hey, you shouldn’t cry
on a happy occasion, dear. – You?
– You! The one l want to
make my daughter-in-law… Thakur Harnaam Singh’s daughter… is this what she
learned from abroad? l’ll go right away and ask the one… who always tests things
how right his daughter is. Mother. Mother. Mother. A loose woman such as you
should be ashamed… to address anyone as mother. – Move away.
– l beg you for my honor’s sake. Honor? Yours? You exchanged it
for a bottle of liquor. Shameless girl, where was
your honor back then… when you were dancing drunk?. No. l didn’t drink alcohol. No, you had nectar. Liar. l’m telling the truth, mother.
Trust me. l didn’t drink liquor. So l’m the liar? Was what l saw a lie? We did all that for
the sake of our love. lt’s the truth, mother.
We were just pretending. We were pretending
to be drunk, mother. You were pretending? What are you saying? He told me you wanted
him to marry your niece. And if we pretended to be drunk… then you’d change your mind. He deceived me as well? Mother, now you decide. Was being briefly shameless
the right thing to do… to save a lifetime of tears? Now let me perform the ritual. Come on, everyone is
waiting for you downstairs. You said this even
after hearing all this? You got scared, dear? Now l’ll perform the ritual
with Raja as the groom not Ramesh. But how is that possible? Silly, Raja is my son. – Your son?
– Yes, it’s a long story. l’ll tell you another time. Mother. My nice mother. Thakur. Asha. May your husband live long, dear. Hey, what’s with you today? Uncle, l can’t play today. Sir, someone’s here to meet you. Asha, you? What are you doing here? Why are you being so formal with me? Hadn’t we agreed to meet today? You couldn’t fulfill it, but l did. Wow! You’re looking nice. Let me see. Let me see. Wait. At least let me see. Why did you come here? Today l’m very happy. – Can you guess the reason?
– You shouldn’t have come. lt’s a very exciting thing. You’ll never guess what it is. Okay, l won’t touch you. Why are you running from me? Should l tell you? l’ve got engaged to someone. l know. Congratulations. How do you know? l saw it. l couldn’t
congratulate you then… so l’m wishing you now. What are you saying? You’re fortunate.
lt’s a well to do family.. and Ramesh is a fine man. This is wrong. Everything is wrong. l’ve been engaged to you. Asha. Yes. Mother used your
name and did the ceremony. Mother? Who told you who l am? You were putting on a show, right? Mother has told me everything. l have indeed come
to know everything. Then listen to the rest also. l cannot marry you. Why can’t you? Why? Do you know who you are?
The daughter of a renowned family. And l? A dancer’s child. – A courtesan’s drummer.
– l won’t accept it. You never wanted to know about me. – Come with me.
– Where? See. This is called a courtesan’s court. Here, young girls
dance in front of strange men… to give them pleasure. And do you know what l do? l play the tabla with them. And when these men out of
pleasure for the girls… – throw silver coins l bow my head
in full respect and… – Stop it. For God’s sake stop it. l cannot bear to
hear anything further. That’s it? Now you understand why
you and l cannot be one? We are dancers and musicians. ln society, for people like
us there’s no other place. Don’t you even know that much? l just know that l love you. Love? – With me?
– Yes. l don’t care for anybody else. l don’t love you. That’s a lie. An absolute lie. Swear on me and say
you don’t love me. Put your hand on my head and
swear you don’t love me. Say. Say it. Why don’t you say it? Why don’t you all try to understand? lt’s a question of my love. lt’s a question of my father
and the honor of his family. Asha. Asha, you’re a part of that family. You have to go to that house
as a daughter-in-law, Asha. l won’t let all that
l’ve done until now go waste. Asha, l wish that
house prospers anyhow. l want to see it sparkling with light. But your house won’t
illuminate if that house glitters. Not the house, Asha,
but my heart will illuminate. l just want this one wish
of mine to be fulfilled. Even this will never be fulfilled. lf l have to go to that
house as a daughter-in-law… then it will be as your wife only. The path of life is
laden with tears Someone please tell
her to forget me Laden with tears Forget the oaths,
break the promises Tell her to leave me to my own fate Why should l love such a world? Someone please tell
her to forget me Laden with tears l am a unique tale of ruination l am the sky on which
even the dew would cry May you get the house,
l will stay with my swoon Someone please tell
her to forget me The path of life is
laden with tears Someone please tell
her to forget me Laden with tears After bringing me so
close to my destination… what test are you taking now? You gave me the courage to
leave my parents and house. You gave me the strength
to bear a lot of pain. Now do this much for me. Snatch away the love
Asha has for me. Anyhow, separate me from her. She’s going as
Ramesh’s wife to that house… the house l wanted to see prosper
and for which l betrayed my brother. God, give me some more strength. That l may see Asha become
the daughter-in-law happily. Ramesh. Ramesh. My brother. l see. So that day you
had extinguished the lamp. lt was not God but
you who betrayed me. Ramesh, l… lt’s good that God didn’t
turn out to be so unjust. He sent me at the right time. Or else… Or else this dear brother of yours
would have broken your heart also. – Ramesh, what are you saying?
– What crime did you commit… to be separated
from your parents, home… and even your love be snatched away? Ramesh. Ramesh, one can’t be so weak in life. We should know the truth. Am l so selfish? Doesn’t my heart want to
do something for my brother? Who says my brother doesn’t love me? The one whom you’ve come to… l swear on him that one
will get what is rightfully his. Ramesh. Uncle. Ramesh, what brings you
here so late at night? – l want a word with you.
– Yes. Yes. Tell me. – l…
– Yes. Yes. – Uncle, l…
– Tell me what it’s about, child? l don’t want to marry Asha. Oh! l’m sure both of you had a row. No wonder Asha is so glum. – Come, Ramesh, l’ll help you make up.
– No uncle, it’s nothing of the sort. Then what’s the matter? Don’t you like my daughter? l didn’t say that either. Didn’t say that either. Neither this nor that. After all, what’s the matter? l only wanted to say this much. – l won’t get married.
– Ramesh, you’re out of your mind. Marriage isn’t a game one plays
for some time and then leaves. – l’m helpless, uncle.
– Quiet! Where was your helplessness
when you got engaged? You could have refused earlier.
Where is Jaswant? l’ll speak to him right away. What’s the need to tell father?
l’m the one getting married. And l refuse. lf you won’t marry her, then
will she remain a spinster? You weren’t favoring me. l was favoring you,
your father and your family. Uncle. Yes. Yes. Actually Harnam Singh
had fulfilled his duty as a friend. When the whole community
had said they wouldn’t… wed their daughters into his family… at that time,
l had helped Jaswant. And today his child
is here to insult me. All of you are scoundrels.
Get out of here. Go! Father. – Father.
– Uncle. – Father.
– Uncle. Father. Hello, Raja. l’m calling
from Banerjee Nursing Home. Have you understood? Nursing home. Yes, l understood.
But why the hospital? A person is badly injured.
You’ll have to give him blood. Give him blood? But who? Ramesh, why don’t
you speak to the point? Hey, why don’t you understand?
You come here quickly. Yes, l’m coming but… Nurse, how is my father? Don’t worry. He’s being given blood. Mr. Raja, please come
again tomorrow morning. We might need some more blood. Dear. My hand has also healed, dear. Thakur, at least let
me see your nerves. Oh, l’m sorry, Doctor. – Dear, l’ve got a new life.
– Yes, father. Surely some Thakur has given me blood. Only one Thakur’s blood
can match with the other. What are you saying, Thakur?
Every human has the same blood. Whether he stays in the
African jungles or the Himalayas. Doctor, we belong to the Sun Dynasty. Our blood cannot be
the same as others. All right. All right.
Carry on. Carry on. Father, you also talk of eras gone by. This is the era of science.
And it’s been proved… that every human
being has the same blood. Okay, dear, tell me.
Who gave me blood? Do you know the person? Yes. Who is it? What is his name? – That…
– Yes, speak up. That… He’s the same person,
father, whom l… – Whom l…
– Okay, l understood. About whom you were
telling me, right, child? God does what is right. lt’s a good thing
that Ramesh refused. Now l can tell Jaswant
that l can find a boy… much better than your son. Don’t worry, child. l’ll get
you married to only that person. But, father, he is
also uncle Jaswant’s son. Asha! You mean Raja? That
dancer’s son gave me blood? Call the doctor. Call the doctor! So what if he gave the blood?
He saved your life. l don’t want to
listen to this nonsense. Today you’ll have to
listen to everything. You had only said one Thakur’s blood
can match with the other’s, right? – You mean… – lt’s clear,
father. His blood has saved you. Even your hand has healed. When both of you have
similar blood then… why don’t you
consider him your equal? Speak, father. Why don’t you answer? l understood.
You’re scared of the world. – You’re afraid of society.
– l… l’m not scared of anyone. Then why don’t you
accept the truth as truth? Why don’t you tell the world
that all humans are equal? You’re right, child. Today, you
and the doctor have opened my eyes. All my life l was lost
in the darkness, child. – But now no more.
– Father. – Now no more.
– Father. – Now no more, child.
– My dearest father. – Now l… Thakur, how are you?
l just heard you’re in the hospital. l came as soon as l could. But how did you fall? Go and ask this to your son. – Ramesh?
– Yes, him. Yesterday he came and
refused the marriage. Ramesh refused? No, Thakur, how is that possible?
lt’s impossible. l have recognized
all of you very well. You all wanted to insult me. Go, Jaswant, l’ve found another boy. What are you saying, Thakur? After the engagement
one doesn’t break an alliance. Ramesh will get married. l don’t want to hear it. Thakur, Mr. Raja has come to meet you. Jaswant, this is my choice. Oh! So you’ve chosen him
for the marriage? – Do you know who he is?
– l know him very well. But Asha will marry only him. – Thakur, you…
– Please, Thakur, you may leave now. – He needs to rest.
– Okay, Doctor. Thakur, you’re ill
so l don’t want to argue. But listen.
Asha will marry only Ramesh. Otherwise you’ll see my bad side. – Then you also listen.
– Father. – Asha will marry Raja. – Father.
– And at the earliest. – Father. Mr. Thakur, go easy. Carefully. Hey, what’s going on? Today l lost the
biggest battle of my life. Thakur wants me to marry Asha. Thakur wants you to get married? Thanks to my God. My tiger, you call this your defeat? This is the biggest victory of life. Do it immediately. Uncle, try to understand. Amazing! You’re letting go
when the ball is in your court? This is the time to show
Thakur his right place. – And you’re running away?
– Uncle, what are you saying? You know everything
and are still saying this? As long as l’m here
this battle will never end. l’ll leave this city and go. Alright. Since you
don’t want to stay here… then what will l do over here? Who else do l have
in this world except for you? Come, l’ll go with you. Sukhiya. Sukhiya. Girdhari. Wonder where they all are? – Girdhari.
– Coming, sir. – Where is everyone?
– That… – Where is your madam?
– At the wedding. Wedding? Whose wedding? Raja’s marriage with daughter Asha. Raja’s marriage? Raja’s marriage with Asha. So Thakur proved his stubbornness. Sir. Sir. Sir. What are you doing? – Move aside, Girdhari.
– l won’t let you go. Move aside. Benaras is the best
place to go if one has… no one else in the world. Let’s go there. Yes. An old pupil of mine,
Madam Munni, lives there too. There will be no
problem about our meals. Let us go anywhere,
uncle. Just leave from here. How far can you go
from your mother? Sister, you’re here? l’ve come to take my son. Today l’m getting you
married and you’re running away? Mother. Mother, try to understand. Why don’t all of you
understand father’s grief? He’ll also relent, son. – l won’t get married.
– Son… all the preparations have been made… – and you’re refusing?
– Yes. – Because Ramesh had to be the groom.
– That’s not possible. Asha’s my sister-in-law,
and you can’t marry your sister-in-law. – You have to get married.
– Son… – don’t be stubborn. They’re right.
– Uncle. Son, why don’t you understand that
Asha belongs to a decent family? And a decent lady loves
only once in her life. Nobody understands.
Nobody understands. Everybody is blinded by maternal love. Should l see the matter wasted
for which l did so much? No, mother. Whatever you may say.
l refuse this marriage. l won’t go. Do whatever you want. l won’t get married and that’s final. Then my final decision is
l will get Asha married… only to you.
l have promised her. lt’s a question of my honor. Madam. Madam. Come quickly. Otherwise
the house will be ruined. Why? What happened? – Girdhari, speak up. What’s
the matter? – Speak up. Sir has taken the gun to kill Thakur. Murder. Execution. No. Raja. – The preparations are very nice.
– Yes. – lt’s Thakur’s function.
– Yes. – Sunder.
– Yes, sir. – See if Asha’s ready
– Very well, sir. lt’s become quite late. Such things do happen in marriages.
lt’s alright. Thakur, the marriage
procession hasn’t arrived yet. The marriage procession
won’t come, Thakur. lf the marriage procession comes,
then l’ll ruin the holy fire. See, the groom’s father
has come before the groom. – Come. Come, Jaswant.
– Mind your tongue, Thakur. A dancer’s child cannot be mine. But, Jaswant, what can be done? Your wife considers
them both as her sons. Harnam Singh! Your blood
has turned into water. You may consider the courtesan
court’s people as your own… but not me. Open your eyes, Jaswant. Your son has enlightened me
and you’re still in darkness? Blood, family,
everything is rubbish, Jaswant. No one is good or bad
because of birth. One grows as per his upbringing. And both your sons are precious. Thakur, l haven’t come
to hear your lecture. l’ve come to tell you
that Asha will marry Ramesh. Jaswant, keep your word. lt was decided that l would
choose between the boys. And l choose Raja. The time for choosing has passed. You cannot cheat me any longer. Jaswant, don’t cross your limits. The truth is always bitter. – All l know is that…
– You don’t know anything. This marriage will surely take place. lt is right. This marriage
should take place with Raja. – You keep quiet.
– Why should l? You want to repress
the truth by shouting? – Even we have a right to speak.
– Oh! l understood. Then everyone listen closely. She was engaged to Ramesh
and she will marry him only. Or else l’ll open fire. Do you think you’ll get off
scot free after doing that? Move aside, Dharam Singh. Thakur, she is my daughter. l can marry her
to whomsoever l want. lf you have the guts then
pick up your gun and shoot. Yes, Thakur, that will happen. Father. Father. What
are you doing, father? How dare you call me father!
Move aside, l say. Move aside, scoundrel, rascal. l say, you dog, move aside.
– l will not let you do this. – Move aside.
– Father. – Move aside or else… Raja! Ramesh. Oh God! What happened, mother? Thank God, mother. Thank God the bullet hit me. Scoundrels like us
don’t die from one bullet. We’re thick skinned. Shoot again. lf you want to kill,
then kill me. What wrong have these people done? l’m the cause of this problem.
l gave you pain. l’ve disturbed your peace of mind. Kill me. Kill me. l’m a dancer’s son, right? A drummer at the courtesan’s court. An unwanted part of society. Cut me and throw me out.
Cut me. lt’s no sin. Society’s betterment lies in it. Kill me. Kill me, father. Look, what can be more
humiliating than that a… dancer’s son calls you
father in public. Kill me, father. Kill me, father. Kill me, father. – Please kill me, father.
– Son. Raja. Raja. Raja. My son. Raja. Raja. Raja, l’ve given you much pain. l’ve committed
many cruelties against you. Forgive me, my son. Forgive me. Today you have opened my eyes. Today l have understood that not
blood but the upbringing counts. Son, from now on… Son, today onwards… Today
onwards both of you are my sons. Nobody can separate
you two from me. No one. Wow, Thakur! You are amazing! Finally you took away
my son, didn’t you? Anyways, l have no sorrow. Both the lamps will
enlighten your house. lt is good. Okay. Good bye. – Brother Banke.
– Brother. Brother Banke. Brother Banke. Where are you going,
brother Banke? There, where your society has sent me. Why do you need a sinner
like me in your temple? No, brother Banke,
you aren’t a sinner. You’re my brother.
Today l can see everything clearly. – Brother Banke.
– Thakur. Brother Banke. Thakur, ask him also. Otherwise
you might have to join me. Banke, don’t embarrass me further. Really? Then where is
my daughter-in-law? Yes, Thakur. Go and get
our dearest daughter-in-law. Come, child. Get up, child. Get up, Raja. Get up. What say, sister-in-law?

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  1. Thanks a Lot as Usual. I love songs from this film. Teriya teriya in pertuclar. DAttaram was asst to Shankar Jaykishan earlier ( if I am correct) and so the music is quite similar. I remember the movie for HIS MUSIC.

  2. Sir I want to know, why most of these movies are in 480p and not in 720p?

    Can you upload devanand movies 'kala bazar' & "Tere ghar ke saamne"
    And thanks for all the movies

  3. Just watched this movie in 1080 p format on Netflix. Nice movie. Beautiful songs. Has been hearing the songs since 1960. Music Director is Datta Ram who was himself as assistance with Shankar Jai Kishan . Here Sonik is his assistance director Thanks for Uploading.

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