Pastor Jacob Talks about Miscarriage – Shorter Version

have you or someone that you love experienced loss pregnancy. if so i’m guessing that you may be familiar with their feelings of guilt, of self-criticism, questioning the nature of God maybe. so many people deal with the grief of lost pregnancy silently alone. So many people deal with this loss as if it was their fault for some reason that God may be punishing them, this death was not God’s Will! but isn’t God in charge of all life and death and and so therefore wouldn’t wouldn’t this death and all that’s be God’s will this is really really predominant in popular theology these days that God is all-powerful yes God is all-powerful but God also give humans choice God’s will is for life and life abundantly death is a product of sin and sin is a product of our choice so we as humans bring about death if you’re thinking theological e so this death or any death that you’re suffering is not God’s will God mourns with you God suffers with you there are other people who have theology that says God can’t suffer well my friends it’s in the historic words of the Apostles Creed he suffered under Pontius Pilate God suffered so when you’re suffering understand that you are not alone this is not your fault God did not will this to happen and it is not a punishment but instead understand that life is so fragile one minute we can have breath in the next minute it can be gone one minute we can have a pulse in the next minute it can be doing in a single moment our entire lives can change in a single moment our entire worlds can change my friends I want you to know that where your heart is broken that God is right there with you the body of Christ through the people in the church should be there too if they haven’t been in your experience I’m sorry sometimes well intending Christians say really hurtful things in a time of pain and suffering we all want to make something better yet some of us don’t quite understand that sometimes there’s nothing you can say make your heart stop hurting life is fragile life should be celebrating and a loss of life should be grieved the god I know God that I worship wept with his friends when their loved one passed away the God that I know in worship was there for them the God that I know in worship even in the midst of our suffering is with us you may say if God is all-powerful why didn’t god stop this where was God when where was God when in the wise words of an old pastor friend whatever mike nichols he said in the moment of your grief in the moment of your suffering God was where God has been and that’s on the cross suffering along science my friends is there are hurt in your heart that you’ve never fully agreed if so i invite you to grieve it to share that loss to make it public to grieve what it is okay to grieve a life that never was i love you I’m sorry there’s nothing I can say to make it better but you can know that you’re not alone and that God is still good and God is still loving and God still cares for you

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