1. I’m gonna go to India and all my cost for my IVF and including hotel , food, my flights round trip ,meds and egg retrieval , egg fertilization and testing genetics and egg transfers in my uterus for $5,800.00 . In here in Texas my estimate was $18,000.00 that’s like 4 times that I can use to go back to India and get 4 kids

  2. Thank you SO much for posting this video. I have PCOS and it has been such an emotional rollercoaster for my husband and I. After Clomid, Letrozole and 2 failed IUI attempts we have reluctantly decided to create a GoFundMe page but Don't know how to get it any exposure aside from friends/family on Facebook. Any ideas? We are left with IVF as our only option and our insurance doesn't pay for anything more than IUIs.

  3. I feel for you 🙁 in New Zealand where we are, you get two free IVF then we have to pay. How ever the waiting is over a year. We can go private for 30k which includes three rounds everything included. We have just been accepted for the public health system here roughly 6 to 8 months of waiting. We have a six-year-old.

  4. Even though we have the savings, I didn't want to take a large chunk away with the potential of having a child on the way (emergencies, hospital bills,etc.). We got a low interest rate on a line of credit with a credit union. It's perfect so when we pay it off we'll be able to use for whatever we need!

  5. For those wondering, this video was filmed prior to last week! 😉 I still feel it has relevant information for anyone pursing IVF though!

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