People Reveal Drunk Horror Stories

today we’re sharing our drunk horror stories one summer I was living in Japan for a couple months one weekend we went to the party district in Tokyo called Roppongi there was a great deal at the bar that we went to where it’s like pay a thousand yen which comes out to like under $9 and you get to drink all you want to drink so we did that and calm the lines and dude we ended up trying to make the train back because it was like the last train that was leaving Tokyo to head back home drunkenly we’re like three of us are like running trying to catch the train and I’m like I can’t find my MetroCard I’m just crying and just like in a fit of like rage all of a sudden my friends are like what are we gonna do and they look around at me and I’m just like hey guys and it’s like my MetroCard and they were just like the train left already and so we ended up staying the entire night out on the streets of Tokyo I proceeded to just sleepwalk in and out of sleep because I was pretty drunk we hung out by a dumpster and we’re singing camp songs and hung out at a McDonald’s at one point we’re eating burgers at one point this guy ran and tonight he like turned back and wanted a fight and I just was like yeah and then I pretty much just came to as we’re walking the streets at like maybe like 5 a.m. we all ended up taking the train ride back home at like 5:30 if I could talk to myself back then and I would probably tell myself to pace myself so my drunk horror story is when I was a senior in college halfway through the semester my boyfriend of almost two years broke up with me so I went to this party in a basement as one does it was like some DJ set and I remember getting there and I was already drunk I brought a big purse and in my purse I had a six-pack of tallboy Narragansetts in my bag which are like cheap like New England beer oh but yeah anyway I was drinking and I was like dancing and I was like talking to all these people basically I guess I came to when we were leaving the party I like puke all over the kitchen on this party and then we got in a cab and I went home and my friend just let me stay at her place the only things that I remember are basically these pictures that I have on my phone one of my friends took my phone and then she was taking pictures I just looked drunk like I have never looked so drunk in my entire life my hair was like up but it was like falling out my makeup was like all over my face I was happy but it was awful and then I woke up and I felt really guilty and awful and it was one of the worst hangovers of my life basically here’s the thing kids drink responsibly every time and don’t drink six tall boys maybe max – my first time I got drunk it’s probably the horror story so one of my co-workers was having a birthday party so I lived in the North Bronx and she lived all the way in Far Rockaway in Brooklyn now that’s like two separate sides of the earth first I went to my friend and Harlem’s house and we got that juice now thought juice is another term for wine coolers or that’s what we used to call it back in my day and we drank some of those and then we went to Far Rockaway and that’s when everything started to get blurry so we get there and I immediately started drinking it I had no idea what I was drinking so then everyone’s dancing on the dance floor I already don’t know how to dance I’m all up against the wall falling down and everyone is laughing at me I guess my friends think I’m a little bit out of control and we need to leave and I thought maybe we need to leave too because I had work at 5:30 and exploiting we’re leaving all I remember was I was cursing out guys dudes in Brooklyn and it’s just me and two girls then we get to the train station I can’t even go up stairs I’m throwing up all over myself when we’re trying to go up the stairs then we’re on the train I woke sit down I keep yelling at strangers and we had to transfer because my friends were afraid so we get to my friend’s house in Harlem at this point I’m pretty sure it’s gotta be like 5:00 5:30 a.m. and she calls in sick for me at work tells the manager I’m sick I can hear the manager yelling at her through the phone the next thing I remember is waking up and I felt something I felt something in my kids I had to give myself what I did was I took those pants basically used it as a towel to clean myself up and then I put on my work pants and decided to go to work even though I had already called in sick I’m about to clock in my manager is cursing me out everybody I basically just went through the motions of walking right out of work hopped on the train so I go home and then I get a text message asking me to come into work to do a closing all right if I was talking to the aja who got that drunk I would say listen I really need you to care more about your safety [Music]

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  1. I was almost raped in a young white guys bachelor pad after my friends left me there alone in Williamsburg, Brooklyn

  2. Their horror stories sound like a normal drinking night for most. If you don't end up in a strangers car in a different state at an aquarium is it really that bad?

  3. Okay so just to recap:

    1. Missed a train and got the next one. CRAZAYYY.
    2. Was drunk and took drunk photos. WOW.
    3. OKAY this one was actually bad fair enough lmao


  4. Hello people of this world who have dogs PS your dog is so cute😍💫❤️❤️❤️❤️

  5. So I think buzzfeed should make a series about this stuff ( horror story about…..)

    Like if you want this to happen tooo🙏🏼🙏🏼

  6. OMG…I have stories from being wasted in my 20s…but I was blacked out so all I remember is waking up by the Porcelain God🤣🚽

  7. When you're drunk you fall asleep like a rock! You don't move for anything, sleep in the same position. When you wake up, your hair looks like its been to multiple moshpits! Why?

  8. Worse drunk story, I called in sick to the wrong dept area at my work, sounded drunk af, made up some bs story of why I was sick and showed up an 1hr after that! WTF why didn't anyone stop me! Anyways it made an impression on my boss cuz no one knew me at the time and the effort I put into the story was worth to find out who I was lol

  9. bro whattttt Im 19 already been the hospital with alcohol poisoning (I was drinking ever clear and was unaware), I've punched from chick in the face, hooked up with one of my very close guy friends, ran through campus screaming randomness my friends chasing after me. These my friend, are not horror stories. Minus the poop story.

  10. THIS is a real Drunk Horror Story:
    1. Wakes up
    2. Doesn't remember a thing
    3. There's a naked woman sleeping beside you

  11. You‘ve never had a drunk horror story i‘ve you don‘t live in a european state where you can drink with f*cking 14

  12. Really , that your definition of horror?? .. I'm not a drinker but I heard and saw far worse things happened to drunk women .. so change the title to funny drunk stories,

  13. Yo guys these were some adorable stories but when I saw the horror on the title I was expecting attacking or pissing off cops/ almost being kidnapped/I don't know waking up in the woods or on top of a building.

  14. Okay so we need drunk horror stories from the uk because these just sound like my average night out…

  15. i was expecting something like, i got drunk – walked out onto the street midnight – stabbed to death by a puntianak (malay pregnant ghost) – end. guess i expected too much

  16. Got drunk for the first time. Was told later that there was this guy trying to take this girl home (like aggressively) and I foiled his plan of getting this girl drunk.

    I don't recall this and I'm not one to get involved. But, I guess that's a happy drunk story

  17. I was like: Whaat?! Those are no horror stories. My drunk stories are waaay worse…Well, until Asia pooped herself. Sorry, never mind.

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  19. I chipped my front tooth in half when I was 14.. I was wasted from downing everclear while playing beer pong. That was my first encounter with everclear but not my last 🤪😂. That’s a real horror story

  20. Try getting plastered at a strip club and blacking out in the bathroom. Last thing I remember is asking one of the girls if my lipstick still looked good, while I was on the bathroom floor.

  21. This is my horror drunk story, here it goes: I was dancing and having fun with two friends in a club. There were like a small concert of a group that I didn't know, but my friend was a fan of. So after the concert, she decides that we have to meet the group. She starts talking with one member but he had to go to the back of the stage. He said to us: "If you want to come with me, you can jump that little wall over there and just sneak in". We were a bit drunk and we thought that it was a great idea. So we go to that wall, pretty high, and we start jumping. The thing is that in the other side there was a puddle that smelled really bad and when we felt, because the wall was high, we were covered by that nasty liquid that turns out to be sewerage water. We go where the band was and we start talking with them, but suddenly they start complaining about a bad smell. We go to a kind of balcony that was above the entrance of the club and my friend decides to throw alcohol in her clothes because she prefers to smell like alcohol and not poop. We go back to the group. Suddenly the security guards come to us and they acuse us of throwing alcohol to the entrance where everyone was and they kicked us out of the club, even though we didn't do it on purpose. So it's 7 a.m and we are outside, begging the stuff to let us in again, covered in poop and drunk.

  22. Did the editor really need to put in sound effects for every other word? It's distracting and annoying.

  23. I got drunk for the first time by accident at my older sister's engagement party. 13 shots of straight full tequila. Apparently i'm an emotional pervert when i'm drunk XD

  24. My drunk horror story:
    I went to a charter school, it was pretty cool. Once a year we went on field trip but it was a super small school and you got to pick where you wanted to go. Some people went to an amusement park some went to this place called meow wolf, and I decided to go to the mountain on a tram because the guy I was talking to was going there. The night before I decided I was gonna go to a friends house and get fucked up. We planned on drinking, we got a bottle, but I ended up falling asleep. The next morning I was like “hey! I’ll drink and smoke before school” and I did, but I drank about 3/4ths of the bottle and then walked to the guy that I was talking tos house (he lived in an apartment complex like 2 minutes away from the school, about a 10 minute walk from my friends house) I started to black out when I was walking there. I drank the rest of the alcohol I had on me and we walked to school. I was like DRUNK. Last think I remember was getting called in the hallway by my principal who thought I was like on crack or something. I ended up having to go to the hospital, it was a huge thing they had a lock down at the school. What I was later told was that the guy I was talking to was gonna ask me out at the top of the mountain. But that’s okay because we’ve now been dating for almost 3 years and we live together. After the incident I was not suspended or anything and surprisingly the principal freaking loved me. He’d always give me hugs and ask how I was. I don’t remember what I said but I was very mentally unstable and said some dark things lol. All is good and I don’t regret it. Makes a damn good story.
    This was sophomore year.

  25. Honestly my drunk Horror Story was New Years because of my step dad bringing up some old s*** I proceeded to get drunk as f*** off a combination of black velvet and beer with possibly a little chocolate wine mixed in long story Round Up in a shouting match with my stepdad eating a cupcake and throwing up and ordering a plush avocado from Amazon all-in-one crazy ass night

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