People taste real pregnancy cravings

one two three taste an Oreo I'm fine with it I thought it was gonna be words it actually seems like it's gonna taste really good do you think this is FDA approved for chicken happen Oh a giant as I predicted it's really good just cotton fresh in my case guess what I'm not doing tonight now our belly is a little aggressive in the aftertaste I'm doing my mouse is filming you finish like good good this one makes me nervous oh my god oh my god it smells like I want to vomit one two three Oh what wipe wipe no wet the fixtures wood but once I heard he come through the straw he was like boy oh boy if morning sickness was a beverage yeah that was a one cylinder there's a nutritional value to this just charcoal are you actually gonna eat it yeah wait you're not even gonna try it no all right are you allowed to do this it out mmm like the crunchy bring going – salad we're gonna finish that hi so here it looks really good I feel like there's a secret the pro I'm stoked on this holy cow my god it's bacon and chopped normal not a minute okay later good this is what stoners eat on Tuesday night this pregnant lady knows what's up whoever orders I've ever made the graduations on your mama I got no beef with that there's no booze mommy's here for quizzes how are these women though who are like they're just gonna go for it they're like you know what I'm hungry this is what I want and they make it eat it yeah

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