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Stations where you will understand the importance healthy eating according to
with each season of the year, according to Traditional Chinese Medicine. You will understand the energy of each organ
and what symptoms manifest when they are out of harmony. This knowledge, in my view, is of paramount importance
so you can make choices with more consciousness. In this video I bring some clarifications
frequently asked questions regarding the video that I recorded about cleaning the liver and gallbladder
biliary. It will be here on the cards for you to watch. I hope that after watching this video, you
who is in doubt, feeling insecure or insecure, whether or not to do this cleaning, can
decide. Still, I suggest you read the book mentioned
so that you don’t have doubts, because insecurity and fear is due to lack of knowledge. Well, let’s go? 1- Who should perform the Liver Cleansing
and Gallbladder? It is common for Orientals to clean
of the liver and gallbladder at every start season, every 3 months, even enjoying
in good health, to prevent situations resulting from accumulations of waste in the body. I particularly do it for a year, month
a month, and I spend two years without doing – but I take good care of my
food. And I do the enema 1 time every 3 months, at the beginning
each station (see the video I recorded on the subject, with step by step. It’s here on the channel). 2 – It is necessary to do the enema, before and after
cleaning the liver and gallbladder? For best results, yes. Do the enema before and after liver cleaning. Colon irrigation done after cleaning eliminates any calculations that have lodged there. 3 – I’m in the fourth cleaning and I already eliminated
many calculations of all sizes. Most of them left on the second and third
cleanings. How long does it take to receive the
total benefits of liver cleansing? Liver functions begin to improve from the moment you expelled the first calculations. Once all calculations have been
expelled, the liver restores its normal functions. And you will notice that your sleep will be restful, there will be increased energy in the body and improved digestion. Improvement of health as a whole, since
good digestion is the basis of good health. 4 – Taking Magnesium Sulfate may have
any side effects? If you do the correct protocol it will have no effect
collateral. Diarrhea is a consequence of one of the effects
of magnesium sulfate, since he is a laxative. In addition, the main function of Sulfate
magnesium is to dilate the bile ducts to release gallstones in the tract
intestinal, this being an essential part of cleaning. 5 – I am 72 years old and I suffer from osteoporosis,
liver fat and cholesterol is high. I can cleanse the liver with this
age? Yes, age is not an impediment to perform
liver cleansing. Many comment that after cleaning
they feel they have been reborn! 6 – Is there any olive oil suitable for
liver cleaning? It must be 100% pure, in general it is written
on the label “extra virgin olive oil”. However, read the label carefully, as
must mention that it was not mixed with other types of oil. Real extra virgin olive oil has color
greenish. Avoid what is golden in color. 7- I am hypertensive and I take medication to control
pressure, can I do the cleaning? I think that people who make use of any
pharmaceutical medication should not do liver cleansing, unless they do not take
the medicine on cleaning week. It is entirely possible to normalize the pressure
with a change in diet and supplementation correct in order to correct imbalances
energetic. Find a Chinese Medicine specialist. 8 – I’m pregnant can I clean the
liver? Or am I breastfeeding can I do the cleaning? I think that while you are in that process
You should NOT do the cleaning. During this period, improve your diet with
conscious choices and when you’re done breastfeeding clean up. 9 – Children can clean the
liver? If so, is there a different dosage for them? Yes, children from 10 years old can
clean the liver without problems. Up to 16 years old should use half the dosage
at all, including apples. Please, a child with this condition requires
a radical change in feeding the whole family. 10 – Can I replace olive oil
for coconut oil. No; only olive oil is recommended
for that cleaning! Well, those were some questions that I got
there from our video Cleaning the Liver and Gallbladder. Liked? I hope it helped you to understand better
about this ancient practice. Be sure to enjoy and share with
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