Perimortem C-Section

okay I'm cutting one milligram epinephrine isn't just get animal with ten meters and a bandage scissors okay five minutes I can we see the baby [Applause] they insist cosmetics – you brings a rough day where is your seven delivery Center we're gonna get the uterus closed okay let's pack it um we have a pole the tapping at quote X yeah I do have a pulse what's that rhythm throw pressure it looks like we've got design mess on the monitor okay will cycle pressure any neurologic status responded Lisa – okay we need to cool this patient we're going to need to pack this and close this she's gonna need to go to the ICU can somebody please notify the ICU team I'll go powder Park let's continue the fluid we'll get someone no future and once we get our clothes from stabilized in the ICU we are going to do a micro debrief so everybody please stick around great job everybody thank you

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  1. Very Good simulation. Verticle entry is fine as here but Abdominal Entry during a Perimortem CSection does not have to be a verticle incision. It is the mode of entry the surgeon is most comfortable with and therefore can fastest get into the abdominal cavity. So can be pfannenstiel incision also. Perimortem Csection is usually performed if fetus is viable so at or beyound 24weeks Gestation and maternal loss of pulse for 4-5 minutes.

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