Period Cramps | Menstrual Cramps | How to Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps Fast

How to Get Rid of Menstrual Cramps Naturally?
There are many ways to help ease menstrual or period cramps naturally and without medicine.
Method 1 Staying Active Number 1 Do some exercise
While menstruating, For many, the thought of exercising in period days is funny.
Try any exercise that gets your heart pumping, Like
Brisk walking. Jogging.
Swimming. Biking.
Being a little active helps you to get rid of period cramps. It releases beta-endorphins
that act as our body’s natural painkiller. Number 2 Do yoga
Yoga is a good breathing exercise that helpful in relieving back pain, sore legs, and belly
pain due to your period. Try These Yoga Poses
Forward Bend Camel Pose
Head-To-Knee Forward Bend Method 2 Using Heat
Number 1 Take a hot bath or shower. To relax the contracting muscles of your uterus
and other sore places take a hot bath or shower. Number 2 Apply a heating pad or bottle to
your abdomen. Use a heating pad or hot water bottle on your
belly, It helps encourage increased blood flow to reduce period pain.
Number 3 Drink hot beverages To relieve your abdominal pain use hot water
or tea. Avoid drinks with a high sugar, it may increase bloating and make your cramps
worse. Method 3 Eating and Drinking Right
Number 1 Drink different types of teas. Try drinking herbal teas, it will help to
relieve pain, relax muscles. Example:
Ginger tea Chamomile tea
Red raspberry tea Ginger tea.
Mix one teaspoon of powdered ginger with hot and drink it, it helps to reduce bloating
and relieve pain. Chamomile tea
This tea helps relaxes the nerves and reduce inflammation.
Red raspberry tea. It contains tannins that treat cramps, vomiting,
nausea, and diarrhea. It also helps tighten and tone the muscles in your pelvic region.
You can drink it regularly. Number 2 Stay away from caffeine
Avoid caffeine it can irritate the intestines and make your cramps worse.

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  1. I like the idea of teas which you mentioned in the video, i just started my periods today ad going to make Red raspberry tea.
    Thanks for sharing such an informative video.

  2. Hi! Your advices are useful, but you can make a lot to prevent and avoid cramps and a Hot Water Bottle can be used better.
    I am a nurse and since 1970 I have been studying the women's health, the severe menstrual pain and the methods to prevent the painful cramps, because the period must not cause distress and the menstrual suffering is not fair!
    if you need, I'll try to help you: I will can describe also an easy method of progressive thermal stimulation to "prevent" the pain that you feel and not just to oppose to it with some "remedy", time by time.
    Have cramps is never "normal" and must be avoided!

  3. the first tip made me hurl my phone acrosd the room…why the hell would anyone try be active during period …

    my opinion..order pizza…abduct a comfy place and Netflix for a week

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