That nature moves
in steady rythms and cycles is one of the most fundamental realities
of the physical world. Look to the waxing and waning
of the moon. The ebb and flow
of the tides. The alternation
of night and day. For a few of the eternal patterns by which natures renews itself and life is sustained. As human beings,
our inbreath and outbreath, our waking and sleeping are among the many
rythmic alternations echoing the great cycles
around living universe. At every moment,
our cycles interplay with the vast forces
of our planet. Inseperable, a gentle reminder
that life is all connected. And yet, few normal
bodily functions have been treated
quite so disdainfully as one of the most basic
and earthly cycles known to humanity: menstruation. Throughout Western history, the overwhelming message has been that when you are menstruating,
you are dirty, impure,
that you need to hide it. Historically, menstruating wowen
were seen as possessed, quarantined from work
and worship, too filthy to touch
or to have sex with. These attitudes are
still with us today. Those are told that
they need to conceal any sign that they are menstruating. They’re not to be caught
with menstrual products, not to mention menstruation
as a reason that they don’t feel good, not to talk about it openly, and to avoid at all cost
a visible leak. “I saw some very disturbing
and disgusting images of Xtina.” The marketing of period products
propels our shame. Menstruation is often framed
as a disaster that needs to be managed. It’s a curse from Mother Nature
that women must fight, that it’s an obstacle,
embarrassing, and that everyting should be kept
feminine and out of sight. “So you feel cleaner.” Again and again, the message is that
there’s something unnatural or offensive
about menstrual blood. This distances the menstrual cycle
not only from everyone around but from the woman herself. Which is why I think
it’s time for the tides to turn. If you know what I’m sayin’. Regardless of your gender
or your age, it’s never too late to become
period positive. Now I don’t think
being period positive means you have to love
or look forward to your period. It just means
recognizing the process as a part of life
that some bodies do, that it can be really challenging
but it’s also pretty cool, and that we shouldn’t
shame people or make them feel like shit
about it. Here are four of my favourite ways
to be “period positive”: number 1:
throw a menarche party! Now, this could be for
someone in your life who’s younger
who just started her period, or it could be for you
and all of your friends that menstruate. I had my menarche party
with a bunch of women that I love when I was 21
and it was amazing! Number 2: take care of yourself
when you’re on your period. And all the other times,
but especially when you’re on your period. Here’s my period survival kit: I gots me a heating pad,
some comfy undies, Ibuprofen, a good book
about period stuff, and, of course,
chocolate. I’ve also found that
it helps to eat better, and to exercise
when you’re on your period even though it’s the last time
I wanna be working out. It really does help. And just give yourself
permission to relax. The world will still be there
when you get back. Number 3:
tune in to your body. So part of this is paying attention
to the sensations and things that are going on
throughout your cycle. Another part is not to be afraid to be in contact with yourself
during your period. It’s good to know
what’s up down there, and it’s really not as disgusting
as we’re always told it is. Number 4 is to be in the know
about all the different types of ways to manage your period. People think tampons and pads
are the only options. Uh uh, honey. There’s a bunch. If you’d like to see
the video I made covering all these different options, you can click here. Otherwise, happy menstruation! I’ll see you next time.

100 Replies to “PERIOD HATIN’”

  1. And remember women, If you want people (particulary men) not to hate your period, stop acting like a bitch while you are on those days and using it as justification. Also pls, drink watter, a lot. 

  2. for me, personally, when I came to terms with the misogyny I predicated in my own life because of how I grew up, I've found it easier to stop hating my body for doing female things. there are different things each of us will eventually do to come to terms with being female and what it means to us, but I found that for me, I finally stopped feeling as stressed, anxious, hateful, and even sick (dysmenorrhea) about and because of my period once I embraced my OWN definition of the feminine. it's really amazing how much power the mind can wield over the body…

  3. I get what you're saying, but the thing about that lady with her menstrual blood running down her leg? That's kind of gross. It's totally natural, I mean, I'm a female with functioning ovaries and a uterus so it's not like I'm grossed out by periods themselves, it's just not really sanitary not to mention it will stain your clothes. That's the purpose of feminine hygiene products. They prevent those things from happening.

  4. I know they say it's good to work out or get exercise during your period, but I did just that one time and it gave me a headache and cramps. 😐
    I mean I guess it works for some people, but hey. Not for me. Any other time of the month, just not that one.

  5. When the bible speaks of "uncleanliness" during menstration it had, and has, only to pertain to Jewish people. The societal adoption of the notion that menstruation is unclean is an aborted attempt to adapt Bible laws to the general public. This is not to whom the 613 commandments in the Bible were meant o be applied. For the Non Jewish World there are just 7 basic commandments. The World would be much better off with keeping the commandments that they are commanded to keep and leave the more complicated obligations to those that the directives were meant to be applied. With that, Menstruation is totally not a "dirty" issue. The proof, is that a woman retains that status forever if she never subsequently immerses in a kosher Mikvah. Ah, the flow stopped; she has totally no menstrual flow, the status is still intact. This is only applied to Jewish Women, not at all to non-Jewish women, to whom the state of "uncleanness" and becoming "clean" is not in the Bible's discussion.

  6. I really hate mine because I am actually really young but I have to deal with a really heavy flow and so much pain I am already having to go through birth control at 14 to reduce my period so I'm going to hate it for a while

  7. welp. in the patriarchy, getting a period means you haven't been tagged real good by a male. so that's pretty subversive. pregnancy is literally the sucCESS of intercourse, due to that's what the actual purpose of intercourse is, no matter how we mitigate it.

    and i mean woman are ALWAYS having to mitigate that noise.

  8. 1:20 really startled me as a Christian, I was baffled that the book of God would have something like that in there so, I took out my bible and looked at the verse, the verse had NOTHING to do with a woman on her period, it talked about a MAN bleeding with sin, the writer used a metaphor to emphasize that being around someone who is sinful, you will become sinful…. Nice try laci on trying to shame the Christian religion again….. Stop showing innocent people that Christians are terrible people because real Christians don't shame people for their sexuality,gender, or religion… Don't put fake bible verses on here…. Making people think Christians are terrible people…. Smh

  9. The reason is treated as an "unclean" thing is because it involves blood. frankly, blood is gross. its carries pathogens and diseases. Blood is in fact something to be scared of, especially today with stuff like HIV. blood can kill you. I'm pretty sure if blood wasnt involved, people wouldnt be that freaked out about it. 

  10. I don't care what other people say, when I'm on my period I walk into a room and tell all my friends. I honestly don't know why I do it, but it doesn't freak them out. It's normal.

  11. The period is actually such a smart bodily function. Like, imagine if your uterus didn't clean itself out (while giving you the bird in the process). You would be left with stale blood that could potentially build up and cause blood poisoning, or even death. Correct me if I'm wrong on this. But it's a good bodily function and cycle to have!

  12. The first time I had to go to school on my period, my cramps were really bad and I felt really faint and lightheaded because of how heavy it was. I'm lucky because my family are quite open with stuff like that and my mum wrote me a note excusing me from PE. It's not until watching this that I realised that she wrote "Maia has stomach ache" because at the time I just dismissed it and assumed that was fine because I was told we shouldn't talk about periods outside of the family and maybe close friends. It's ridiculous. Now I have no problem saying that I'm in pain because of period pains etc because it's stupid. Thank you for making me realise this, Laci.

  13. Menstruation even to this day is described with negative words even in medical texts. In my Cultural anthropology course while touching on social stratification by gender we learned about Emily Martin, an anthropologist who studied the words used to describe female and male processes. While male processes are described in a positive sense, female things such as menstruation and menopause are described in negative terms and as a failure. Why call a single egg a failure when thousands of sperm per ejaculation will never fertilize an egg? See, that's pretty much the whole idea behind this anthropologist's work.

  14. I had my first period when I was 12 and it was summer time we where going to my aunts house and my mom said u can't go in the pool becuse one u are on ur period and two u are to to young for tampons. So when we went to my aunts house I realized we left my 9 year old brother home with my dad and when I got to my aunts house we wney into the back yard and well that was my first time period party. I am now 13, and still not as regular but I'm getting there.

  15. I don't feel the need to hide my period, but the one thing I can't stand the thought of is the whole "free bleeding" movement. It's blood. Blood isn't a sanitary fluid. If that's what you want to do in your own home, have fun cleaning up the mess. But people who do it out in public are terrible. You're intentionally getting your blood onto public property, and not only is it gross, it's just plain rude to make people clean up after something that could have been prevented if you just wore a damn pad or any other product meant to contain the blood.

  16. I never understood why periods were akin to Ebola… I, however, am not saying go around rubbing used tampons, sanitary napkins, etc. in someone's face.

  17. I just had sex with my girlfriend and she was on her period….. first time we ever did that……. fucking disgusting.

  18. At my school we're actually very open about this stuff. We all care about each other and if you need something you just ask, more than once I've gotten an extra pad from a friend.

  19. Most mature people don't care, but theres an issue with "Free bleeding" like you don't have to go out of your way to bleed every where.

  20. Ok so i had it for the first time in 2013 when i was 13. Since then i get it very infrequently like 3 months appart and mostly when im camping . But when i do its like for 2-3 weeks long. I really haven't heard of anyone else with this problem and need some help

  21. Yeah I got my period pretty young and well I was half raised by my grandma so I was always being told "Alyssa now you don't need to tell everyone you're on your period just say you don't feel good it's less embarrassing" like for some unknown reason being a female was embarrassing but I didn't give a fuck what my mama said about being a girl seeing as she's old as the hills so im still period positive always have been.

  22. Yeah, I'm never going to like having horrible painful cramps. But it really is not anything I should be ashamed or disgusted by. All it means is that my body is fertile and has not become pregnant this month.

  23. U see I don't mind periods cause wtf I just don't care BUT FUCK WHEN MY PERIOD MESSES UP PLANS… I JUST DONT DEAL.

  24. A reminder for ll the ladies here; Aguileara wasn.t leaking period blood. We all know the flow isn.t constant and isn.t that runny. I believe that she was having post baby issues or was her water lately.

  25. I had a male friend in high school who started having his period after he was sent to prison for committing unwanted sodomy on his now ex-girlfriend.

  26. I understand the want to be "period positive" but it's hard to be positive when your body is wrong and you absolutely hate it because of the dysphoria (I am a transgender boy), and extreme discomfort that has always come with mine.  I love the ideas, and I disagree with the religious ideologies, but I really really hate my period and that is not going to change.

  27. the quran verse doesnt mean too filthy to touch or have sex with. It means the woman isnt purified in the sense to start her religious obligations. It would be painful if she still had to fast and pray during this time so Allah has removed this burden from her. When it says dont approach her it means dont approach her for sex as it might be uncomfortable for her.

  28. I remember when I was 11 when I started mine. I also remember an incident during 6th grade when i started my period when I didnt realize it and it bleed through my clothes and the chair I was sitting on. The teacher noticed and quickly got me to the nurse. It was fine afterward until word got out of what happen and the boys started making fun of me for it >.< middle school, such awkward times

  29. as someone who has body contamination phobia (part of my ocd diagnosis ) my period is a nightmare. all the period positive vlogs, blogs and "art" exhibits aren't going to make me feel any better. I appreciate the notion that it's natural but we as women are free to decide for ourselves if we think a period is cool, or if we want to handle it discreetly. mine are brutal, the pain, mood swings, excessive loss of blood & the ick factors (again, a byproduct of ocd, or so I'm told, and it's frustrating to be encouraged to celebrate or be positive when my body hurts and is leaking a substance which can stain pretty clothes, have a very unsettling texture and has an offensive smell. I already feel enough like a loon without feeling like everyone else is now happy to be menstruating while I'm miserable in the corner. can't it just be accepted that for some women, no matter how natural, it's still unpleasant? it serves a purpose, we know, but it's also lame for many women. it's not just because we're told it's dirty or because it's messy,for many (probably most women) it feels awful. the cramps, mood swings, bloating and a bunch of other lame stuff, I think not being overjoyed I'd totally natural all things considered and I wish there were more open minded people (especially women since guys have always been sympathetic to me) accepting that some people don't want to embrace period positive. they want to stay home, cry and eat whatever they're craving and that's ok

  30. The instructor at my yoga school used to refer to menstruation as "the female problem." Um…I've been doing this period thing for almost a decade…not really a problem!

  31. Just a shout out to fantastic videography.
    i loved the opening. Laci's voice over was chilling and thrilling.

  32. I probably shouldn't put this on here but I'm going to any way. One time when I had my period at school it leaked through the pad, my underwear, my leggings, and my button up ( I put the button up under my but so it wouldn't be as bad). It was the first day so it was the worst u could see the blood line on my black leggings and of corse my button up because it was thin. Oh btw Laci I have a question. I get my period every other month is that bad?

  33. I genuinely thought I was dying when I first had my period, I ran into my mams room in the middle of the night crying … oops. Now (is it really 10 years later!!!) sometimes the back pain makes me think I'm dying but I found the moon cup has certainly made me feel a lot more comfortable about my period, and a lot more comfortable with myself during my period.

  34. i have no idea why feminists think people think periods are disgusting. is it because feminists find periods disgusting, and they're trying to project that onto other people? i don't think periods are disgusting at all. on the contrary, i am frustrated by the lack of porn on the internet which features menstruation.

  35. our school is realy forces us to do cross contry. my friend had her hips pined and they were forcing her to walk up and down.when i have my period i feal unclean and discusting probld dose not help that i use pads but some days i am like fuck it and freeeeee flow and just blead in my panties. some invent underwere that is chee so u can bleed freely. lol prey for girls on there period. (i am 13)

  36. It's not periods themselves that she's trying to make positive, but rather the idea of periods and that its a thing that happens

  37. i know that this is a natural part of life but it is still nasty i stay clear of any female on there time of the month rather it was my gf our my wife

  38. Today somone took my lunch box witch I put pads in. I was hoping they didn't open it, but they did. he started to laugh. At least it wasn't my boyfriend. He would freak.

  39. I'm worried I am 14 and almost 15 and I haven't started my period, i'm getting a little worried cause my body feels like I should have started it but I just feel like something is wrong. What do I do?

  40. please do an episode about what is normal and what is NOT normal for periods. when i first started menstruating before i started using the pill i would have 2 weeks of hell every month. pms was wild swings between rage and uncontrollable crying, then the next week i would be doubled over in pain and bleeding so hard my legs would get wobbly. i suffered through that for 2 years before realizing that it wasnt normal and talked to my doctor about it.

  41. I actually was given a party when my period first started. It was hosted by my grandmother and although the party was fun and the presents were nice, I couldn't shake the heteronormativity and cisnormativity of the party. It all felt foreign to me, even at 13 when I still thought I was straight and cisgender. No part of me wanted to love a function of my body that was associated with womanhood.

  42. We had a tradition that we ate red bean rice when you got your first period. It was fun. And at the old time, like my mom, she still called period "好事"means good thing.

  43. Menstration may be a 'natural cycle' but so is pissing and shitting. Just cause it's natural doesn't mean it's isn't gross.

  44. Im not sure about the christian religion but Islam didnt say that we should not approach woman when they are in their period , quran didnt go as for as the christian religion said quran said the what is best for the people. In Islam its okey to go near a woman when she has a period eat from her cooking talk to her and everything like a normal person but having sex with your wife(in Islam you can only have sex with your wife) that has period is haram(not allowed at all ) because of the diseases that it could cause . Please dont judge something unless you look more in depth.

  45. Wow are the pain pills really nessesary….if you run an hour every day and eat NO fat then you won't have any pain at all…

  46. I know it's gross, but one day in school, my period was really, really bad. To the point where there was a HUGE red spot on my butt. I was incredibly self-conscious about it, and I wanted to skip school the next day. Thank you for this video. It helped.

  47. I think in Maori(?) mythology, women were "spiritually powerful" only while menstruating and maybe pregnant.

  48. So are adverts for men and women that show sweating as something to be avoided through the wearing of deodorant also shaming both genders about their bodies? When men have to shave for an interview, what's that called?

  49. Exercising actually does help a bit. Though it's difficult to get started, it does. I take dance classes, and the only ones I can't stand are acrobatics and modern. They just hurt in general.

  50. The period negativity has affected me so bad, at just 14 years old, that for a while I thought removing my uterus would be better than the stigma.

  51. I had my first period yesterday… My mom told a bunch of my family and her friends the first day and then asked if she could post on Facebook. I really didn't like that…

  52. I'm sorry for finding something this funny but when you said at any age you can become period positive I thought of some 5 year old watching this with no idea what any of it actually is and going up to his mom and saying to her face "MOMMY IM PERIOD POSITIVE"

  53. My male friends are so grossed out by it but I just like to remind them they could have been a period so…
    And honestly I think periods are kinda gross just because its so messy but no one should be ashamed about it it's a completely natural and healthy process

  54. If you’re ever asked if your on your period by a guy, respond with this:
    “I woke up this morning in a puddle of my blood. Is that how you’d like me to end yours?”

  55. To ladies sorry you've to deal with that part of life. Plus you get no respect or understanding on that subject. Just saying

  56. It's not sexist that girls are told not to talk about their period openly. Would anyone mention that they had diarrhea that day? Would they say that they ejaculated that day? No. It's just more polite to not say openly that you're on your period.

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