Period Life Hacks | How To Survive Period | Tips

A five-day fiesta of cramps, bloating and pain isn’t anyone’s idea of a good time. Luckily we’ve got your back with these tips that will help you have an easy breezy period! Lemons contain a good amount of vitamins and minerals that have an alkalizing effect on the body that help balance the body’s PH levels keeping it hydrated and getting rid of menstrual cramps. Now comes the hard part, removing stains from your underwear. I know we’ve all gone through it. So here’s an easy way to get rid of them. Abdominal cramps during your period aren’t just a severe annoyance, but they quite literally CRAMP your style. So here’s an easy yoga pose that you can do that will help you feel better instantly. This pose is exceptionally good for you during your period but even otherwise it’s a really good pose because it’s restorative and calming. Place your sitting bones to the wall. Then lie down and extend the legs straight up against the wall. Rest the arms by the side of your body, turn your palms up and breathe. Alternatively, come lie down on your back and lift the legs all the way up. Then bend the knees and place the calves on the chair. This maybe slightly easier. Again, spine is flat to the floor and breathe slowly. Resting there for at least a whole minute. And if none of the other tips help you here’s an easy and effective remedy to stop menstrual cramps instantly! Stick your thumb to your forefinger. You’ll notice a small bump where the fingers join. Relax and apply a gentle yet firm pressure on the spot for around 2-3 minutes. This will decrease the intensity of the pain caused by menstrual cramps. This acupoint relieves toothache, constipation and hangovers as well! Hope these hacks help you have a pain free period. Until next time stay tuned and stay GLAMRS

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  3. The Best period hack for me was shifting from Pads to menstrual cups… No smell, no leaks (if you empty the cup at least twice a day), reduction in cramp occurrence… The best cramp hack for me is drinking Peppermint tea mixed with an inch of ginger-root.

  4. Thanks a ton!!😍
    This is the best ever and a very helpful video till now.
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  5. This video uploaded at just the right time because my periods just started today and the cramps have started to hit me. Thanks for the video! 😀

  6. Nice video 👍 helpful.. Hey Glamrs can you please do a video on how to cure PCOS naturally especially through yoga.. Yoga Asana for PCOS as well as Thyroid.. That would be really helpful to lot of people as theses both disorders are very common in today's period.. hope you consider my suggestion.. 😊

  7. That's the reason why I love Glamars they make video on such topics which help girls in their daily life….
    #Helpful hacks I luv it.

  8. Can i just point out accu pressure points play mostly a placebo effect on the body? In some cases it could be effective but i dont think it can reduce my severe menstrual pain.

  9. Beef liver is very good for u on ur period because during period, u lose iron. Beef liver has a lot of iron

  10. You guys are doing a great job🖖🏻 this video was really helpful.. thank you for helping 😘 keep making such useful stuff for us …love yaa!!♥️😘

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