Period Pregnancy?!

Can you get pregnant if you have sex when
you’re on your period? Yes! I mean aside from the factors of anatomy
like you don’t have a uterus and sexual preference, like you don’t have sex with semen producers,
or developmental reasons like you’re pre-eggs or post-eggs, and then the medical complications
of things like pelvic inflammatory disease, or if you’ve got effective birth control,
then yes, you can get pregnant on your period. Menstruation is not a pregnancy grace period,
it’s just a period. [Intro] As I’ve mentioned here in this video, also
posted in the description, a period, also known as menstruation, is part of a cycle.
Pregnancy happens during the cycle when a sperm-egg combo nestles into the uterine lining
called the endometrium. In order for this to happen, there must be
an unexpired egg in the Fallopian tube; they can live for 12 to 24 hours. During that time,
sperm needs to be there waiting, or on its way. That sperm also needs to be capable of fertilizing
the egg. If it does, the fertilized egg has to find its way to the uterus, and then implant
successfully in the lining. That’s conception! It would seem like getting pregnant on your
period isn’t possible because there isn’t an endometrium to nestle into, and everything
is being flushed out. Yeah, wouldn’t the egg and sperm be evacuated
too? Well, yes, UNLESS…
The egg-sperm combo, a blastocyst, is at the tail end of the bleeding. You’re still experiencing a period, but the
blastocyst is above it and able to embed in the reforming endometrial wall. On average, a menstrual cycle is 28 days.
If the period is the first week, one could conceivably have sex during the bleeding and
get pregnant. How? Well, provided sperm were ejaculated,
then they would travel the Fallopian tubes to meet the egg. Since they can live there
in the Fallopian paradise for up to 5 days, it is possible for viable sperm to be there
when an egg is released at ovulation between days 10 and 16 of the 28 days. I should know, I am this conception. My mother
tried for 14 months to conceive at all other times of the month, and then, when she had
period sex, she succeeded. So if this happens, you have a looong period
and ovulate during or shortly after the bleeding, you can get pregnant on your period. Or, if you have a super short cycle, where
ovulation would happen much closer to the front end… You can get pregnant from having
sex during your period! There’s also: you think the blood is menstrual
but it’s really blood from ovulation. In this case, you’re getting pregnant on your “period”,
what you think is your period really isn’t your period, and then you go ahead with sex
when…in actuality it could be your most fertile time! Here’s a related anthropology lesson. Many of the patients in fertility clinics
are Orthodox Jews abiding by Leviticus 15:19 in the law of the Torah called niddah. “And if a woman have issue, and her issue
in her flesh be blood, she shall be put apart seven days: and whosoever touchest her shall
be unclean until the even.” Meaning that during her period and the seven
days after it, her partner may not have sex with her, and in more strict cases, may not
touch or sleep with her. Which depending on the unique menstrual cycle
could equate to missing the fertile window. There are hundreds of menstruation-related
beliefs, customs, and taboo. I just hope to make it clear that the one about not being
able to not get pregnant on your period is false. Stay curious.

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  1. Apologies if this sounds crass, I just thought it was funny that you are a conception on a misconception. You are miss conception!

  2. As an Orthodox Jew, I feel like I'm famous now. 🙂 You will be glad to know that rabbinical law is very fertility-treatment-friendly, and in cases where a women's cycle is such that her fertile period coincides with the time she refrains from being intimate with her husband it is NOT hopeless, there are many options available within the guidelines of orthodoxy.

  3. I actually knew this! My mom was an OB/GYN for many years. It's amazing how much medical information I've obtained by pure osmosis. Plus, I'm always staying curious! I remember even from a young age I was curious about the human anatomy especially genitalia. I love this channel.

    I have a question: is it possible to still have a menstrual cycle while pregnant and deliver a healthy baby?

  4. If you are in the process of making a curriculum for puberty and misconceptions, which it seems you are, I am excited to see where this goes. 🙂

    Excellent content per the usual. 🙂

  5. ok so in response to the Updates…more specificly #3. You should make a tee-shirt that has the words "Nobody is Wired Wrong" on it. And then have like a brain or somthign made of wires or somthing…Mabey some rainbows :3

  6. I hope that, when this video takes off, people listen to the facts, rather than saying, "I just feel like you can't" or "I know you can't, I haven't!" or "Everyone says you can't". 
    Everyone said you couldn't effectively educate people about sex without being inappropriate, hyper-sexualizing, or rude….and this video proves them wrong.

    Also, I showed this to my best friend (a biosex female) and she was like "it doesn't matter anyway. During my period, I have a hard enough not slaughtering the men I'm near." ….I promptly slid away.

  7. Random question. What is the thing in the upper right hand corner of your book shelf Lindsey? It looks really cool. Also great video, I learned something new. When I was in school, no one really knew the right answer and I got a lot of conflicting reposes to this question. 

  8. A question also along this line of thought that you might want to explore. I have many friends who breastfeed their children, and I would say about 1/2 of them believe that you can't get pregnant while you're breastfeeding. I was shocked by how many of them truly believed that, and have since tried to educate by siting some research. I did not realize how little about our own bodies women knew until I had this conversation with them. Thanks for educating! Staying curious!! 🙂

  9. I love how you introdce your subjects, then explain them in depth (or at least with many relevant pieces of information) and then sum it up at the end. This makes it easy to follow.
    Thank you for all your good work! =)

  10. I want to know more about ovulation – you mentioned in the last video that it can hurt, and now you say it can cause bleeding too? Does it feel like a period or would someone be able to tell the difference?

  11. The use of the word "period" is so wrong… The proper term is menstruation!

    The is many periods related to the reproductive system. 

  12. K doc, why is it that we can get soooo damn horny toward the end of our period?? I swear this happens to me more times than it doesn't! It's almost worse then, than any other time of the month….I wonder now if that isn't because our most fertile time is immediately following our period and our bodies are trying to push us toward baby making 😉

  13. can you make a video about "natural" periods? let me explain: i read a whole article about how women in less developed countries have much longer cycles (like over the course of two months) and how somehow we have "sped up" cycles in our industrialized world. is this bunk or…?

  14. Up until fairly recently I was so confused because I knew a person can only get pregnant for 3-4 days when the egg is in the fallopian tubes, but then I would hear "you can get pregnant any time, even on your period" and that just seemed really confusing? If you can only get pregnant for say 3 of every 28 days, then if you have unprotected sex you're more likely not to be pregnant? But the way it's portrayed it feels like this isn't true?  

  15. I had a biology teacher in high school gloss over this, but she didn't explain why. I've honestly had this question nagging me for years. Thanks for clearing this up.

  16. ……..Sorry. Come again? I was distracted by the Super Kegel in the background…… Oh… Pictures…..Stops Listening Again

  17. Hey, Lindsey! Love LOVE this channel!
    I just have a question about finding good sex books. I already have Moregasm(read), Mating in Captivity(reading), Sex at Dawn(read), Tickle his pickle(reading), SM 101(not read) and I'm planning on getting Guide to getting it on and She Comes First. Do you have any more cool sex books? Also, I'm looking for a good book about asexuality, since one of my best friends are asexual and I want to find out about this thing.
    Thanks a lot, I'm staying curious!

  18. But to be clear, you can only get pregnant on your period if your unique cycle makes it possible, right? Thus it's different person to person (and cycle to cycle?). Isn't it possible to have a cycle where you definitely cannot get pregnant whist on your period? Dr. Doe, could you do an episode on the fertility awareness method as a method of birth control? Or on how women can track their cycle and become more familiar with it? I want to have a clear understanding of MY body's data. I don't want to live by a rule of thumb. Thanks for this episode, it's really good!

  19. I'm probably a period baby… though I don't k now for sure.  What I know is my Catholic parents used the "rhythm method" of contraception… basically having sex only when they calculated mom was infertile… and it worked for five long years.

    But inevitably, I was conceived, cuz… periods are not an exact science, and in the casino that is evolution, the house always wins.

  20. It's really quite sad when you realize what an enormous amount of knowledge there is which has a profound relevance for our everyday lives (sexuality just being one of the topics, and look how much there is to know) and realizing that little of all these important things about human nature is taught in schools. 

  21. I usually really love these videos, but i found this one a bit confusing with the explanation, and fast- i'll have to watch a few more times, but the core message is very clear 🙂

  22. This myth has been so deeply embedded in my brain from such a young age that I didn't even realize it's a myth until watching this video. How scary! I consider myself a reasonably educated individual, and yet I could easily have had an accidental pregnancy in years past from the assumption that it was not possible on my period. Thanks for changing my world!

  23. Have you done a video on BDSM? It's interesting to see what all of the sex educators of YouTube are saying about the 50 Shades of Grey story. Particularly the subject of how it is a poor representation of the BDSM community. I've seen Laci Green's, but I would love to hear your perspective. I'm just…well….curious. 😀

    P.S. In the book, he says he can have sex with her while she is on her period despite the fact she is not on birth control because she can't get pregnant. 

  24. I'd love to see a video on how to be a sex-positive parent/guardian for a child, when to start talking about sex, how to initiate conversation and not just wait until the child starts asking questions, and how to be positive about all aspects of sex and sexuality. Love your videos with all my heart, Dr. Doe!

  25. So is there a time when it is highly unlikely for for fertilization not to happen? (Ex. Right after the period?)

  26. I know it's been a while since you posted this, but I have a question that relates to this video: if one can get pregnant by having sex during one's period, then WHY did the nurse tell me I didn't need to take ECP when a condom failed during my period? (I didn't get pregnant, fortunately, but I am very confused as to why she didn't give me the dang contraceptive).

  27. If you had sex at the end of your period and you find out you are pregnant how would you calculate the number of weeks you are if its calculated LMP??????

  28. Do you have/can you make a video explaining how being pregnant but still getting a period works? Thanks!

  29. does sex feel bad(couldn't think of a better word)? if u r a trans female to male who has underwent surgery to remove female reproductive organs? doesn't pertain to me but this is something that id like to know

  30. the Ancient greets believed that you could curse someone by by riding a horse around their home on your period.

  31. I have a question .
    Last April 24 ,is her period and ended like 28 or 29.
    This May 16 – 21 but on 22 she said she saw some small spot of blood.
    We have sex on May 21 could she get pregnant.?
    She said from 21 till now ( May 26 ) She's having some sweating in the morning after that she feel sick like she wanna throw up , nipples are itchy ( Now ) .

    Is she pregnant?

  32. You just opened a window for so many women. Now what is this ovulation and bleeding? People bleed when they ovulate? I was a little confused at that part.

  33. wow, i have dodged so many bullets, going to be more careful now. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! I would like an explanation for those who are slow and are not women

  34. my question is: If you had intercourse with let's say 3 days consecutive times and the day of when your period starts and he ejaculate into you is it possible to be pregnant during the full cycle, regular flow/cramps(I mean had to take something every 2/3 hours cramps and maybe a hot soak) and all?

  35. Considering how narrow the possibility of a sperm successfully meeting an egg and implanting in the uterine wall is, it's amazing that so many people DO get pregnant.

  36. last month my period is late , it should come around 23 or 24aug and i never miss the period date , end up it came on 29aug , and im trying to have baby num 2 . so can i still be pragnet ? when im still on my period?

  37. wow she so hit the nail answering all my questions thoughts and concerns about getting pregnant on your period!!! I pray this is it for me and me and my fiance finally become pregnant.. babyhopes😀😀

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  39. what about natural family planning, some of the thing that you are saying contradicts this, are you not infertile the first like 2 days, i know sperm can be in you for 5 days yet after your period you no longer have a uterus lining and your body needs time to make it ready for the egg to attach, can you explain this, im finding a lot of miss information about this topic the crazy thing is that my university does not have any accurate book on this lol.

  40. My grandmother told me she was on her period when she realized she was 6month pregnant (conceiving my uncle). She thought it was impossible until the doctor said it is possible but very rare case.that time her tummy was just showing a little bump. She said no wonder she always felt the tightness around her tummy in the few months prior.

  41. This seems like a very basic thing to me, but can you do a video on how/when to take a pregnancy test? I recently browsed through the form section of my period tracking app and a lot of people have question of if they should test/is it really positive (a lot of people think that a lighter line means they aren't, to my understanding that means they are pregnant (assuming the control line also appeared)).

  42. Hey there…thanks for opening the eyes and letting other ppl know that they may get pregnant while they're on period…
    actually I have seen many videos and listened to many podcast they were avoiding ppl having sex on period cuz it's really harmful for both sexual partners, specially the women…cuz the cervix is open at the moment and the forward and backward movement of penis can return whole the dirty stuff back into the womb…
    So what you are saying is against what I've learned so far and you didnt mention if ppl have sex while they're on period they may hurt themselves or they may get involved with infection or
    I personally dont agree with it under any condition, cuz I think the ovum is not that powerful and healthy those days to spend a healthy pregnancy to have a healthy child!!!

    I'll be glad if you clarify this issue honestly!…

  43. Well great. I expected this to say "no probably not". Do not watch this after you just let your boyfriend blow a whole load into you on your period. Now I'm just worried.

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