42 Replies to “Periods | Parents Explain | Cut”

  1. I am just like that girl sorry I don’t know her name but her mom asked her what she learned in school about it and she said “things.” I think that is actually what I said

  2. why was that little girl letting her dad explain it to her Jesus Christ that is very sick 🤔🤔🤔

  3. Is it just me,or do boys look at pads and tampons like they're some sort of complicated machinery built by aliens

  4. i got my period for the first time 3 days ago and im happy mum told me about this so i could not be scared like: WHAT!?! WHY I HAVE BLOOD!?! IS SOMETHING WRONG WITH ME?!?

  5. a lot of the moms to the daughters made them so uncomfortable. the dads with the daughters and the parents with the sons were so awesome

  6. Omg is this how period talk really is? My mom is an obgyn and we just talk about periods in completely normal conversations.

  7. my school was VERY tiny so we didn’t ever get “the talk” classes but im 13 now and thank god for youtube

  8. the black girl with the bun and the girl in the flannel shirt both looked like they probably had their periods already lmao

  9. Every girl is going to be jealous BUT i don’t have cramps at all and i have my period… like i have never vad cramps ob my period i think lmao

  10. My friend doesn’t even know or started yet but here they are showing some boys 9 YEARS OLD what a period is ( my friend is eleven

  11. I like how they are explaining it to the boys even though the girls didn’t know already

  12. im almost 13 and knew about periods since i was 10 and sometimes i feel like im not a girl bc i dont have my period 🙁
    (dont spam me “yOu DoNT wAnT iT)

  13. lmao I remember when I got mine I thought I was having internal bleeding and I was going to died . I was literally crying the whole recess . 😂😭

  14. What the fuck, i got my period at the age of 10, they are like 11, 12 and 13 and they dont even know what that is

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