43 Replies to “Pet cockatoo introduced to newborn baby addition”

  1. I think this is cute but I also think you are awful stealing other peoples videos are making money from youtube. I hope the people whose videos you take get a cut of them..

  2. at first i tought the bird was gonna attack..then aw so cute ..congrats for your beautiful baby and your sweet intelligent birdie

  3. I actually have a true and sad story of how I got my African Gray Parrot. I was trying to get a dog from an animal shelter due to me loving animals and adopting them. However when I walked in the front door of the animal shelter, I saw this poor baby bird scared out of his mind near the front of the window. He was only a year old and hated everyone that came near him, but when I walked up to him he stopped squawking and just looked at me. He just kept quiet while I was their and when I could not find any dogs to adopt that day, I asked the people at the front desk if he was up for adoption. Naturally they said no because he was to aggressive towards people, but I asked if I could at least try to hold him. They said yes and warned me about his behavior. So they gave me a pair of gloves just in case he tries to bite me, he very that was not the case. He instantly flew on my shoulder and perched their while staying calm and quiet. Everyone who was working their looked at me and asked if I owned any birds before. I said no and they all where surprised by me actually holding and keeping him calm. They said that I could take him home if I filled out the proper paperwork and pay for everything. I agreed and went through everything and took him that very day. It turns out that he was beaten by his previous owner and was saved when people called about him being abused by his previous owner. Now he is happy, healthy, has alot of space, warm, fed healthy and is loved by me and my girlfriend. He is very gentle and playful now and we named him Saturn.

  4. One bite and your kid will be forever blind. Their beans are very strong. And if you think you can react in that little time you’re truely retarded. Good video of what bad parenting looks like 👍 Happy you’re not my mum

  5. In the complete video the baby open his eyes n the bird attack the baby,blind him and reaping the nose off and half of one ear😂🐦😭

  6. Buttons seems to be really excited with the baby. Congrats for your newly born. She is so beautiful. God bless her and protect her through her entire life. Long Live Buttons. Marvellous bird and so clever.

  7. What does it mean when the head feathers stand up like that? I thought it was annoyance, but then I saw them standing up when she asked if they were going to keep her.

  8. I would be afraid that bird will be jealous. Our cat has never liked my granddaughter since she started moving. She is 7 now and the cat hisses at her whenever she sees her. We try to give the cat attention just the same.

  9. Nodding when the mother asked the bird shall we keep the baby was so sweet. What a gorgeous baby they have.

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