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hello guys I'm Ross Mendham managing director of Barenaked Foods when I was younger I was always slightly overweight and as a kid I was bullied as a result in my teenage years I suffered from body dysmorphia and it really got me down I did however decide to do something about it and I hit the gym and eventually got a six-pack and a chest most men were envious of I had just started another low carb diet and I was thinking really fancy pasta but I couldn't eat it so started researching is there an alternative couldn't find anything so I thought white well I'm going to do it myself and my company was born there were two products were currently selling online our website when is bare naked noodles when his bare naked protein noodles both are under 30 calories they have no fat they're gluten free they have no nasty ingredients either what I'm going to do first is put some oil in the pan simply open the bag and drain the water when you said two minutes how many minutes do you actually mean I think well two minutes I usually do this um two minutes did you hurry up yes I think we're pretty much there so another minute so I'm gonna get the plates out ready thank you very much Kelly you've been a great help thank you could you serve it now yes leave him alone mr. Bauer you have some patience a nervy pitch from Ross Mendham from Norfolk thank you he wants 60,000 pounds in return for a 20% share of his business having sampled Ross's noodles the Dragons want to discover more about their content you say they're gluten-free yes but you say they've got oatmeal in them is it a gluten oatmeal flour oat meal flours shown that it doesn't have gluten in but sometimes mimics gluten like symptoms I think you're wrong cuz I actually have a gluten allergy oh I can't if I have normal oats my fingers will swell up I want to see this proof that says this is gluten-free I'm gonna explain that to you probably need to because at no point on that piece of paper does that say this has is gluten-free it's not because the ingredients is corn flour and rice flour not oats meal flour so it's not gluten-free it is gluten-free Ross is struggling to win the confidence of the Dragons but will news of a potential distribution deal change the mood in the den currently we have interest from two national high street retailers one with 800 stores one was 600 we are very close to signing a deal with with them you have agreed a price to sell them yes one pound 33 and it costs us to make 41 P so you make 90 proximately 85 90 P per packet yes to this company yeah and they're gonna take how many from you a month 8,000 okay and how much profit would that make you in a month after forgive me mass wasn't my strong point at school I'm starting to realize that yeah Ross's tenuous grasp of his numbers has frustrated his audience and Deborah Medan has heard enough Ross I've got to tell you this is a very disappointing presentation from you I don't think you know enough about this product to make the claims that are sitting on the front of this packaging and you need to be very careful about that so I won't be investing in you and on I think you tipper problem is the texture wasn't great I really kind of disturbed me the way it tasted now what you said to Deborah was that it isn't oatmeal it's actually corn and rice which is gluten-free but why have you got oat then on the packet you don't know your product well enough so 100% for that reason I'm out with two dragons now having bowed out Ross's chances of securing the healthy 60 thousand pound investment he came for a looking slim Duncan Bannatyne wants to find out more about the man behind the noodle at the moment how are you funding your lifestyle and have a fantastic wife who Ximena Russian come back so he take time we should come back or he's going to kick himself if he doesn't finish this welcome back to apologize no problem so obviously this is something that's very emotional for you but I want to go back to the question but how you fund your life stone you're talking about your wife yeah um she sports both of us well I'm getting the business off the ground and she's working to do up yes full time yes okay unfortunately she had a third miscarriage before came right Senate hear that Russ you know I can all get better Ross it's not I get about what we've just heard it's as we can see emotionally heart-wrenching and it's great that you're here but but you're not here for sympathy no I hear the investment yeah in a business that you were supposed to demonstrate had a future I know what you've presented today frankly tastes like baby food I know I think you got a good brand I think Barenaked foods is clever and that's why I'm gonna make you an offer and I'm gonna offer you all of the money for half of a business that we've yet to create together I think you deserve a break and I think you're the tight kind of guy that will make it given an opportunity so he yes I can't believe this is some while recognizing that his business needs plenty of work Peter Jones has spotted a spark of potential in this young entrepreneur now Duncan Bannatyne is ready to have his say I'm gonna make it to Investment Office I'm gonna offer you the same as Peter joins offered you 60,000 pound for 50% of this business I'm a second offer is thirty thousand pound for 25 percent of the business which means to get my second offer you Taft Avenue are dragging too much my offer investments like this there are vesting in people so I'll make you an offer as well so I'm gonna offer you the same as Duncan said to be 30,000 for 25% of the company I'll give me another offer the full 60,000 for 50% of the company so just complicate it further I've happened to work with Peter on that as well if he was willing to split but that's up to Peter decide on that here's lynnie has made a bid to align himself with Peter Jones but will he agree to share the deal it's normal that you would ask the dragon you know what they're going to bring to the party but I wouldn't mind asking piers what he's gonna bring you some energy so let me ask you a question seriously so I'm I want a trajectory slightly different place maybe in my career in the development of my business and so I can probably understand where you are a bit more you'll find out very quickly that you know I will help you get to where you deserve to be would you would you go into business with is the offer is for 60,000 I'm not willing to share it with another dragon I'd like to accept your offer Peter for 60,000 pounds in return for half of my company [Applause] don't thank Thomas you know I'm not gonna fail yeah thank you very much Ross has done it given his shaky start it's been a truly remarkable turnaround you

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  1. Dragons were being assholes. The guy probably put on the waterworks because the presentation was going poorly. Just seemed insincere.

  2. Scum saw he had a fire idea.. used his emotional state against him to rip him off.. Shame 60k for 30% is very reasonable and a great return for the investor.

  3. so, the presentation sucked, he didnt know the numbers, he didnt know the product, and yet, they invested??? hmm??

  4. thanks for this. appreciate it. i am surprised at the curtness of the dragons today. possilbly something else going on as its unusual for Peter Jones to be curt. never observed such irritation before. i wish this young man all the best and other comments that he is quite successful. sad news about losing b abies. this turnaround shows the compassion and human ness of the dragons. surprising. clip!

  5. 7:10 WOWWWW that was such a low blow! His attitude in this was honestly disgusting, I can’t help but hope the worst in life for Peter. What a foul creature.

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