Petrojam takeover… Baby abducted… VCB pregnant

this is the Jamaica observer weekly round of I am Paul Allen top stories in the news this week pet rajim take over Billy abducted program to benefit ganja farmers government and opposition to cooperate on crime veronica Campbell Brown pregnant the government of Jamaica on Tuesday announced that it will take legislative action for ownership of the 49% share in local oil refiner petrol JAMA held by a Venezuela state-owned oil and natural gas company PDV Caribe however the opposition came out against the decision which it labeled as a hostile takeover Shadow Minister of Energy Phillipe Orwell said the move is premature and unwarranted as both the sides were in talks to reach a negotiated settlement a beber was abducted from the maternity ward at the Victoria Jubilee Hospital in Kingston about 5 a.m. Wednesday after his mother allowed a woman whom she said was standing and looking through the window to wash her baby while she went to the bathroom the hospital CEO Colleen Wright admitted to journalists during a press briefing that there could have been a security breach when the baby went missing she also advised that the hospital was in the process of installing security cameras the Minister of Education unmourned intervened in a dispute involving administrators at Granma proprietary school in Clarendon and a parent who was asked withdraw her son from the school the woman told the Jamaica Observer that her seven-year-old son was being bullied by another student at the institution prime minister Andrew Holness on Sunday disclosed that the alternative development program which will provide an avenue for small ganja farmers the benefit from the industry will start by March 2019 then on Monday Holness promised that there would be no cover-up at the daughter of Falls and park in st. Anne following an independent audit report which identified significant and long term fraud cultural failures and financial misstatements among other issues at a tourist attraction and on Tuesday the prime minister noted that of 20 murders reported in the first seven days of the new year were recorded in Kingston insane Andrew which he said is an era of specific cause for concern he was speaking in Parliament I'd be after the government and the opposition agreed to work together in examining with the Tucker crime following the end of the state of public emergency in sections of the island the anti-crime measure expired on January 2 in st. Catherine north in sections of Kingston and st. Andrew on Monday and will end on January 31 in Saint James immediately after the expiration of the first two states of emergency the police impose curfews in sections of those police divisions more on the crime scene a man identified as Adam Clarke was shot dead on Bradley Indian Hampton just before the state of emergency was lifted on Tuesday that same be a man who is said to be among a group of homeless homosexuals who have been robbing commuters meaning of their cellular phones was shot by a licensed firearm holder during an attempted robbery he fled the scene and efforts by firefighters to locate him proved futile in sport Olympic and World Championships gold medalist Veronica Campbell Brown and Tuesday announced that she is pregnant with her first child and hinted that she could hang up her spikes and in one of the most decorated careers in track and field Jamaica Olympics Association president Christopher zmuda on Wednesday called for a Paralympian Alfonzo Cunningham to be honoured with a statue at the National Stadium and work began Monday to install a new running track at Stadium East sport minister Olivia greens visited the track and announced that plans are underway for the installation of additional running tracks in Kingston and central Jamaica in our Lewiston this week as Switzerland is multinational company is at a pier awaiting a smoking sneer which represents Jamaica's marijuana industry a representative from the Swiss company whose bags of cash and urges is nil to hurry up because his organization wants to get involved in the industry it was on Sunday reported that si si PA Holdings suits all and this company has sought Al and its expertise in protecting Jamaica's marijuana product and maximise returns as more countries come aboard in legalizing Rd mineralizing cannabis representatives of the company visited the island recently to inform local players of the possibilities of its involvement and that's it for weekly roundup for all your updates visit our website at or check us out on Facebook Twitter and Instagram

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