18 Replies to “Phase Three of Your Menstrual Cycle || Expressive Phase || Ovulatory Phase”

  1. As a beginner baby for my age, I would like to know if this is just for a few days before the period or including it… Guess i need research. It's interesting because it's so different from phase 4. Also you sound so different, calm and clear 🙂

  2. I love this series but there are no phase 1 and 2… If you ever plan to come back to Youtube, please make videos on them! Will subscribe and wait for you 🙂 <3

    P.S found your second phase video finally! You have so many, i could not see it…

  3. Is this phase just for a day or does it last longer? Also you have an amazing channel. I have always been interested in knowing about menstruation. Thank you for making such videos.

  4. Victoria, I absolutely love you and your channel. Thank you so much for creating FemmeHead. It is truly a blessing. Thank you! 🙏🏻

  5. I can relate to this so much and am so glad I’ve found your channel. I’ve certainly struggled with whether or not I should take birth control and how that would affect my moods or whether or not I should continue to experience the lows and the highs. I love the follicular phase of my cycle but not much else. Thanks for the videos! Makes me feel understood in the shifts I feel!

  6. I do not know what you say. But in this video you look very beautiful
    Like an angel
    Happy this who is with you

  7. Love your videos ( a lot) but I Just wanted to point out
    that u may be confuse about the idea that the body eliminates the egg through the blood. In “taking charge of your fertility” it says that after the egg kinds of disintegrates ( as you said), it gets reabsorbed by the body. Excuse my English. Love what u are doing. I’m just initiating myself in FAM and can’t wait to start charging my cicle ( I’m right now in my last pseudo-period, as I’m quitting the pill 👏👏

  8. I get irritable in this phase… 😕 i am kinder and more intelliget at phase 2. Then, phase 4 i get a little more irritable and sometimes paranoid.

  9. I hated taking my birth control it messed with my mental and physical health but u took it not for my period but because I really didn't want to get pregnant

  10. Hmmmm i just feel bloated and emotional and have slight period pain during ovulation phase. I am so emotional and horny and filled with feeling of "the world is a big scary place". 😉 so yeah… can't really relate to this haha

  11. no i had my period on Dec the 6th – 11 th and it was suppose to come on the 6th of January ,2016 but it ain't come yet

  12. You have a really great channel, with very interesting topics! I wish too to see more women taking charge of their sexuality and femininity. Keep up the good work 🙂

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