14 Replies to “Phase Two of the Menstrual Cycle || Follicular Phase || Dynamic Phase”

  1. I'm watching this three years later and I needed to be reminded of it. You are a true feminist, embracing our natural cycles and not trying to be like a man like society wants us to be today!

  2. I am watching this as my last vid so I guess I was right in order. Haha. Thanks again and will watch this series again 🙂

  3. Hi! Do you know what I can take to shorten my follicular phase? I ovulate sometimes as late as CD30-40. Thanks!

  4. I was struggling to listen at the first part of the video haha but when you got to the soul and mental part i was like, wow yea thats really whats been happening to me.. Like kinda not very vulnerable.. Its kinda weird but yea this helps to normalize things and keep perspective👌 thank you 🙂

  5. Phase 2 is totally opposite of this for me 🙁 I have really bad depression during Phase 4 and Phase 1 / (basically during menstruation), so then Phase 2 becomes recovery time. I don't feel motivated at all until Phase 3, which is annoying because it all comes crashing down in Phase 4 again. Makes it hard to be productive! Thoughts? Tips?

  6. i just love you! you are so gorgeous and so much fun. I just got off birth control two weeks ago. Im still very confused when it comes to checking my cervical fluid. It sounds easy on paper but in reality im not able to distinguish it

  7. Would you be willing to do a video showing how to chart your cycles? I'm planning to get off birth control very soon, and I'm a little confused by the charts! Also, would you be willing to share your other birth control methods other than charting your cycles, if you have any?

  8. Your explanation is so clear ! I'm not a native English speaker and I inderstood everything you said. Thanks for this serie !

  9. Great series! Very informative and detailed. I even took notes! It's really nice to be in tune with your body.

  10. Thank you for making these videos, they are so helpful! I've been trying to figure out how my cycle affects me (& when exactly I feel a certain way, always nice to be able to anticipate mood swings, lol), and this makes it a lot clearer. Also I find it so interesting how the (female) body works! So complicated but yet so logical 🙂

  11. One day if I have girls and I need to explain menstrual cycles and woman's health issues, I'm totally just going to show them all your videos. So good and so informative!

  12. I really learnt a lot during these videos that I had never heard of before! Thank you so for making them.

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