7 Replies to “Phil and Alex | Happiness | Twin miscarriage | 😭 ♥️”

  1. I want them to have their baby so bad I pray for them all the time I hope that they do another IVF transfer I pray that they get a baby out of it. After all the things they have been through and how hard they have had to try I just want it for them so bad !!!! I want to see Alex pregnant and I want to see them holding their little baby when it comes.

  2. i don't know much about english, so let me see if i understand, those two little girls on the video are their children, not adopted, and she was pregnant of twins and had a miscarriage?

  3. Watched a couple of times over time……still well up at the confirmation they were pregnant,happy tears and then the trauma of the loss…….They have to be the strongest couples and their support network ( that includes us guys!!)is amazing. I sooo hope they get their genetic baby( I say that cos they already have theirs but you know what I meet) and soon too…..all I say is…INSPIRATIONAL,BRAVE,LOVE AND GOD WILLING💕💕

  4. Very nice editing and tribute to their family. Keeping them in my prayers, it's still pretty raw for all of us that were giving them hope.

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