16 Replies to “Phineas Newborn Jr. – Piano Portraits by Phineas Newborn (1958)”

  1. I don't think I've enjoyed any other pianist quite so much of late. Filled with filigree and lace and tinged with the blues and powerful and fast like Bud Powell
    ala Tatum
    I heard him with Teddy Edwards Howard McGee and playing solo.
    Miraculous sounds from Memphis
    Praise the Lord!!!

  2. Thank you Pedro Nóbrega for publishing this beautiful recording of a pianist few people know. What a shame!

  3. Brilliant, can't believe I never heard of him until recently. I think this style of piano playing (in the Art Tatum/Bud Powell line) was starting to be overtaken by the more lyrical/romantic type of artist like Bill Evans and Herbie Hancock. A shame, as Newborn's crisp, dazzling playing, overflowing with bop melodies and ornaments and delivered with technique that made virtuosity sound easy, is a joy to listen to and deserves a place in jazz history.

  4. Priceless Diane Lewis. Never heard a more inspiring piano player. Such a shame his career was ruined by the jazz industry hierarchy. Same thing happened to Joe Louis in a different way.

  5. Phineas Newborn played in my dad's band (Luther Steinberg Orchestra) as a teenager in Memphis Tennessee. The Newborn family were all very gifted and like my dad and this brother's the family played together and stayed together brilliantly! He was also an inspiration to me! You can hear him playing on "Ridin' the Boogie" where my father's name was changed to The Lou Sargent Orchestra. They were all such jazz men but gave rise to that time in music and Boogiefication in transition to a ground work for what we know as R&R…In the end a jazz man has to go with their heart! And it is so beautifully and eloquently done in Phineas Newborn Jr.s music here. I'm glad I got to meet him and play for him as a little girl!

  6. Highly artistic! Lots of feeling and marvelous piano technique! Thanks God for artists like Phineas Newborn.

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