17 Replies to “Phineas Newborn/Please send me someone to love /Full album”

  1. I heard this album at a second hand record store in Kichijyoji together with Faces’ A Knod is as good as a wink album and bought them on the spot. Both album, though genre is different, stand beautifully in the tradition of Afro American music and still sound so refreshing and so magnificent to this date.

  2. Phineas has always been one of my favorites. I remember discovering him in my father’s record collection. Love at first listen!

  3. These records Phineas made with Ray and Elvin are just too much!!!! What a endless beauty!!!! ELVIN LIVES!!!! 🤗🎹👍🗽

  4. "…Never heard this Jazzman before!" Di Marco's comment pretty much sums up the unfortunately obscure status of this piano genius. Hard to believe how this incredibly accomplished and gifted artist fell through the cracks of the jazz pantheon – where he rightly belongs. It's heartening to see this musical giant getting more of the exposure he deserves thanks to YouTube and a cadre of generous and knowledgeable jazz aficionados. He was one of the greatest of all time and peerless at the peak of his career.

  5. Μπράβο βρε Γιάννη, ένας αδιανόητα υποτιμημένος μουσικός σε έναν ύπεροχο δίσκο!

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