PIMS (Preparation in Maternity Safety) Course

the Pimm's course is a two-day event held all across Australia the preparation in maternity safety course is designed for those at the beginning of their maternity career learning all about safety and teamwork participants will walk away with the skills and knowledge they need to focus on the women going through this life-changing experience of childbirth and ultimately deliver healthy and happy babies so let's head on in and learn from the experts we most look at in penances is how to assess that a woman is progressing normally through pregnancy and through birth by knowing what's normal and knowing what's expected then firstly we're not scared of the normal but secondly we're able to pick up when things go wrong really quickly and then we know who to call who would you recommend the Pimm's course to well I think if you're just starting out you know the junior doctor or medical student or and a training in midwifery the Midwife and other careers such as general practice and rural general practice and not using real people so this is a great opportunity for people to make mistakes and we emphasize that from the very beginning so that when they go out into the real world into the real clinical situation that they will be safe and we can use great simulation aids to be able to facilitate that learning we try and make it as interactive as we possibly can but it gives everybody an opportunity to practice what's real life in a not real life environment always having a practical aspect ism like it's always a benefit when you go back to some work we've already done it before it's one thing to learn about in theory but it's another thing before you go and finally do a vaginal examination on women in labour you've actually done it before anyways you know roughly what your feeling for what your technique should be as students of both disciplines we probably never not had meant much opportunity to be hands-on and so now we have a safe environment for them to practice and we have very experienced practitioners guiding them some of the key areas participants will specifically learn at the PIMs course right from the start how you see them for their first visit what the what what is important to learn in the first visit how you provide antenatal care what antenatal care involves what basic care in labor involves and then how you look after woman in the postnatal period as well it's a really good introduction to obstetric experience it's a little bit less full-on and they also cost which I did last year and I really wish I had done the PIMs courts first this is more about normal deliveries whereas the also course is about helping to manage and fix obstetric emergencies I was noticing that a lot of our junior staff coming in a maternity care we're really under ton interns the basics and what looking after a normal woman and normal pregnancy was all about we're coming into the Advanced Course where we talk about high level obstetric emergencies and they are going away scared that that's what looking after a woman and a baby and labor is all about it's been really good to consolidate everything I've learned in my final years I feel like it's a good step between uni and preparing me for the real world next year and going into actual midwifery practice it helps to bridge the gap between finishing and medical school and actually starting in an obstetric job because often junior doctors have spent a lot of time doing a vast variety of things that isn't obstetrics and are expected to turn up on day one in birth suite and actually feel quite confident about what they're doing and I think Pimm's fits nicely into that space to help reinforce what you learnt some years ago and update your skills and perhaps teach you some new things that hadn't learned before so that you know that you're going to be able to be useful the first day that you turn a hood work being a thirty student I feel like it's basically bringing all of our clinical experience within our Hospital as well as a university theoretical knowledge altogether quite a small group learning so you have a lot of hands-on experience and an exposure to senior instructors who then can guide you around models and workshops where each each participant will have an opportunity to practice these skills how have you found the instructors at the course are they're so knowledgeable they're so amazing like each one of them have come from such diverse backgrounds and the different pathways that they've all had in the opposite trek arena is really inspiring to see so all our instructors at pins are volunteers they come from three different professional groups obstetricians general practitioners and midwives they work from a range of rural centers through deter Surry City hospitals and they all donate their weekend to come and teach penis so like the perspectives of the midwives as well as the GP obstetricians as well as the obstetrician so sort of a branded health professional perspective it has been an incredibly informative weekend for all participants of the Pimm's course giving them an insight into the delivery of a healthy baby and the safest way possible the hands-on experience and personable instructors makes the PIM course our one of a kind and has been highly recommended by all in attendance so make sure you don't miss out on the next Pimm's course the Pimm's course is brought to you by the amare for more information on the Pimm's course please visit amara.org you

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