Placenta Previa and C-section

now how often does an emergency c-section happen or have to be performed when you have placenta previa fortunately it's rare but again the more bleeding that you have and the closer to term you have a lot of times will dictate when there's bleeding or I'm sorry when the delivery would occur now something that we mentioned earlier did you want to reaffirm again you can't have vaginal delivery even if you have placenta previa just depends how much of it correct placenta previa almost always has to be delivered by cesarean section low-lying placenta can be delivered vaginally but a complete preview 100% c-sections marginal previous there are some doctors that may deliver vaginally you have to discuss that with your provider but partial and complete previews are 100% c-sections now doctor I imagine that pregnancy is a rollercoaster of emotions and I imagine being diagnosed with the Santa issue can be shocking frustrating experience for women so how do you manage the emotions that come with that because this is a mom who's you know carrying a baby you want a healthy pregnancy but the emotions happen right and I think that you have to encourage the patient and you have to let her know that what she has is very common right we monitor the baby and I think as long as we see that the baby's healthy and the baby's growing that's very reassuring to mom I think it's certainly reasonable to involve a therapist or a counselor in terms of managing the patient but by and large as long as we watch the patient as long as we take good care for as long as we show the baby's growing appropriately then we can reassure the mom that we can reach a healthy level for the baby and deliver the baby when the baby will do well you

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