23 Replies to “Planned Parenthood TX Abortion Apprentice Taught Partial-Birth Abortion to "Strive For" Intact Heads”

  1. In Jeruselem there is a holocaust memorial where one can view lampshades made out of human skin and matreses stuffed with human hair. This is far worse much far worse! Human body parts for what?

  2. Demons yucking it up talking about killing babies. When you cunts come down with some terrible disease dont you dare look to the sky and ask why. You know why. You know why

  3. I tell you what I'm glad that it's so funny y'all can just laugh about it and talk about making money over killing killing babies you murderers you ought to be hooked up and so I would have no problem and giving you an overload of potassium Penta Barb and every other damn drug for the murdering are these babies y'all are sick some maybe they would buy your organs and maybe they would buy you but then again they're looking for something with a heart something with a brain something with a soul noisy selling bones and skin you you two bitches make me sick

  4. This is SICK! There are no words do describe how horrific this is, and just hearing how she says she tries to keep the baby in tact by ripping it out by it's spine after ripping off it's legs. Sick disgusting pigs who don't deserve to be called doctors or even human beings.

  5. Now 2019 law has passed to take a child up to birth…..and no post care for live child birth. SMH! Shame from God for all who fall upon and govern this.

  6. There are only two options in this life, to serve your own selfish interests and then this one life is all you will ever have! or to serve God and live with him in eternity! Guess we all know which you have chosen huh? God put his adopted children here to suffer! Because suffering builds righteous character, and one cannot help others who suffer if they have never experienced it!

    All democrats should be aborted like they do to innocent unborn babies. Chemical scalding, a scalpel thrust into their heads penetrating their brains, or dismembering them by cutting off their arms and legs and then their heads while they are yet still alive! Because that is exactly how they kill innocent babies at their baby slaughter clinics! That's what democrats deserve!

    Democrats are nothing but liars, thieves, and murderers! They're not human, they are blood sucking parasites upon the earth! And even in the end times in the bible God even judges and condemns them to eternal death for their ways and beliefs! Leftists are pathetic excuses for living creatures, they are the true fascists and too ignorant to even realize it. The world would be a better place if they did not exist, and God says so in the bible in the end times he will do just that! Read it for yourself!

    Democrat left wingers are the new Nazi party! I know because my Grandfather escaped Germany before the war and told me what the fascists are, and they are YOU moron! They wish to outlaw "Free Speech" they call it Hate Speech, that is exactly what Hitler had done in Nazi Germany! They want to outlaw citizen ownership of firearms that's exactly what Hitler had done in Nazi Germany! They want abortion and even late term abortion when the baby is born, that is exactly what Hitler did in Nazi Germany, even went so far as the killing of all defective children regardless of their age or disability! That is where the left is headed! The left who call the right fascists ARE the real fascists here! And they're too ignorant to realize how they are being manipulated by the foreign globalist elite who want a fascist elite run world government! Or as world terrorist George Soros puts it they are all useful idiots! Yes the democrats ARE the fascist party! Abortion is an abomination unto God.

    Abortion is murder unto God. God sent his son Jesus Christ into this world to die for our sins so we can become the adopted children of God. But first we must repent and change our ways and accept Christ into our hearts! God put us on this earth to suffer, because only suffering builds righteous character, and that is our goal. God condemns those who commit abortion in saying.. Those who strike the fruit of the womb and cause it to die shall likewise be killed. And God said.. It is I who knit you together in the womb, and children are a blessing unto me, and children are a gift from God, and those who would harm one of these little ones it would be better that they had never been born.

    God said your body and life are not your own but have been paid for with a price by Jesus Christ my son. If you wish that your life and body were your own then so be it, but then also realize that this one little life you have is all that you will ever have. For God gave you life and to be an adopted child of God and thus accepted into the eternal kingdom of heaven you must surrender your life and body to the will of God or as God says you are none of his and will never see the kingdom of heaven! Amen! REPENT and seek God and do his will so that you might live, or accept the will of satan and die in your sin. “I've noticed that everyone who is for abortion has already been born.” ? Ronald Reagan Those who agree with and vote for abortion are the true hypocrites and murderers those who push for genocide of the innocent and the helpless, that is exactly what Hitler did!

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