22 Replies to “Planned Parenthood's 3% Abortion Myth”

  1. So my issue with this is that planned Parenthood dose all of the other things and your breakdown is just a separate bias model. Thats like i said of everyone who goes to planned parenthood to get contraceptive most get a pregnancy test. Most women going somewhere like PP while pregnant go with the intention of abortion or abortion related information that they cant gwt or would be discouraged from elsewhere making it very understandable why the numbers are skewed that way.

  2. I've gotten so many services at PP and never had an abortion. I've gone in and about 5 other people were in the waiting room. If this is correct, then me going in for my yearly STI/STD check, pap-smears, and getting contraception is abnormal, and that odds were that the 5-10 people in the waiting room with me were ALL having abortions that day.


  3. …And even if it were actually 3%, that would not be a justification for the abortions they commit. 3% of rape is wrong period.

  4. Amazing that the actual math PP uses to arrive at its 3% figure is worked out in front of people's eyes, and they somehow find dishonesty in the one revealing truth. If a woman shows up ~for an abortion~ she will receive 4-5 individual "services" ~as Planned Parenthood considers them~ in its own records. That would render the abortion itself 25% or less of services received by a woman whose sole intent was 100% to abort her baby.

    Other statistics easily found …again, Planned Parenthood's own, compared to other government figures, show that they perform over 30% of the nation's abortions, and less than 2% …in most cases, far less of any other service they offer. This ends the myth that taxpayer funded services for women would suffer in the least, if the Eugenics shrine of PP were to to be torn down.

  5. This is true because if you're going to count abortion percentages, services related to pregnancy are really the only ones relevant. Besides, why do PP and supporters even want to minimize their abortion numbers if aborting children is such a "human right"?

  6. Hey pro life pigs how many children have you adopted. God bless planned parenthood and damn you anti choice animals

  7. Students for Life seem to have mastered the art of spin. The only thing this video shows is that women are more likely to go to Planned Parenthood for an abortion than for adoption services. For that, you partly have Pro-Lifers to thank. First of all, you're the ones who portray PP as a group who is interested in nothing but performing abortions. And you have shut down most of the competition, so that, especially in rural areas, PP is often the only option for an abortion, and the nearest clinic may be a few hundred miles away. A woman is not likely to drive 5 hours unless she has made up her mind. She can usually find adoption services or interested parents that are either closer, or will come to her.

  8. but they aren't talking about their pregnancy services, they are talking about their services in general so their 3% is accurate and you are just trying to blow things up

  9. The only reason the number is that high is because you took out the rest of the 24 services that they perform.

  10. Why does Planned Parenthood lie about 3% abortion services, when everybody else know it's 94% abortion services at Planned Parenthood. Come on people, they are killing a whole lot of babies and making a whole lot of money doing it.

  11. Thank you for putting this video together. God creates every human being, no matter what the birth situation, for a purpose!

  12. This is a joke right? Why are you narrowing the services down to just pregnant women? How does that better represent the data? Pregnant women aren't the only people at planned parenthood. Hell, based on the number of pregnancy services that they do: ALL pregnancy services TOTAL still only count for around 3% of all services. So yeah your data isn't wrong, you just manipulated the sample size to misrepresent data in your favor. You know, the same thing you were accusing planned parenthood of doing?

  13. This would make sense, except that ruling out the majority of people who UTILIZE planned parenthood (those who are not pregnant, as stated) totally defeats the purpose. What everyone's saying is that AS A WHOLE, not many abortions are performed at those clinics compared to OTHER SERVICES, such as birth control. Plus, of course a MAJORITY of the FEW pregancy-related services they provide there are for abortions – most who become pregnant and decide to keep the child are going to go elsewhere – like a doctors office – to receive prenatal care. Such bullshit.

  14. You know why this doesn't matter one iota? Because it's none of your goddamned business if a woman chooses to have an abortion at PP.

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