PODCAST – 28 days of being a woman not just yes woman| Ep 6 | How do you solve a problem like Mariah

so I have a sponsor for the show how exciting now I know that we all love online shopping need to go to sleep no I just remembered I need a new dress I didn't choose a bag and oh yeah I need Sony's yeah I need a few things for competitive online prices and some new styles go to www.irs.gov and shop away just make sure you go to sleep after it so that's WWE alley honest or calm for all your online shopping needs so how do you solve a problem like Maria as my brother said spoiler alert you can't so there you go I'm just an Australian girl with the world at her feet working in public relations and communications who's learning about life and myself every single day join me as a tow you stories share my outlook on life and just talk at a garbage this podcast is where I talk about my world your world and the world around us to hopefully inspire or just entertain it will be fun I promise so on today's episode I finish up my yes woman challenge and getting Nicola Ron for a recap I take you through the 28 days of the menstrual cycle which will help you guys as well as well as the girls I give a great hack on getting tax back on purchases and I talk about the lessons I learnt again last weekend so let's get started welcome so I'm back episode seats of how do you solve a problem like Maria and I'm in a niche studio just joking I wouldn't call it studio humping my mom and dad's walking mojo cuz I'm home for the weekend so why don't if it's different acoustics it's a lot bigger than mine so well it's officially November and I finished my ass woman challenge thank God so I just want to go through the last week or so of the yes challenge and then I'll take you through what I've learnt then we'll have a chat to Nicola who has some awesome things to talk about okay people definitely went easy on me in the last week of the year woman challenge I think people probably just forgot which was great a lot of times people would ask me something and then I'd say yes but then they would kind of back down on it because I thought it was probably a little bit cruel like my housemate and her washing she asked me if I could hear washing out I was like yeah she's like oh my god no don't worry about it so that's fine or when my housemates brother asked me to do if he could do my hair before a night out because I said I'd cut his hair for tween dollars because he didn't want to pay to get his hair done he said fine as long as I can do your hair and after he realized that I had to say yes he said can I do your hair for the night out and luckily he forgot I just did my hair and bones how he realized I'd already done it so that was great and then apparently Hayley and I are getting a tattoo when we go traveling because she tagged me in a meme but I'm happy to do that sorry mom and dad so that was kind of the last week and a half it was pretty good so I didn't have to do anything dramatic but what did I learn from the month and I feel like it kind of went fast but it didn't because I think I was dreading it a little bit learnt that it's nice to say yes to something that might not necessarily benefit myself obviously like I've explained a couple of podcasts ago that I'm a questioner I have to say if I say yes it's because I can see a benefit out of it not necessary for me but in general sometimes it's nice just to say yes to something even if you don't necessarily see the benefit because something might make someone else feel good so that was a nice takeaway I also learned that people love free food and use and abuse the memes on free food thanks girls but who doesn't love free food let's be honest I learned that opportunities come up when you say yes and you might not realize it so yeah there might be something that you say yes to doing and it'll lead into something else which Nikol talked about and I also learned that sometimes even though you don't want to go might be during the week might be on a weekend and you really think about it and then say yes if you're not really necessarily doing anything in particular to say no I can't go out you might as well say yes because you'll end up having a lot of fun and if it's not fun you learn a lesson or you'll have a funny story to tell so sometimes when you think about it just say yes because you know what have you got to lose really I also learnt that it's good to say no as well though to benefit yourself saying no can be healthy and there's an affirmation that perfectly explains this that I read most nights and it says I feel no guilt when I say no to someone I choose the way I live my life everything I do is done for a lot of good of myself just need to remember that one when we say no to people that we don't always have to feel bad for it because it's healthy to say no also what I learned is think about why someone is asking you to do something you know someone might say to you hey like join a cat Chuck and you might have heaps of stuff to do but they might actually be asking you that because they won't talk or you know someone might say to you hey like a free we can do something and look you're busy sometimes they might be asking you for a certain reason even if they like make you food or make food and offer you some it might be because they made it for you specifically and they want to do something nice for you and if you say no sometimes it can be offensive so people often ask you things for a reason so when you go to say no maybe just think about it a little bit more so I think before saying no we all show all should think about saying yes and if it's not right we say no but and yes let's have a chat to nicola and see what she got up to for the last week and a half and what she took away from the whole month I've got nicola with me and we finally finished our yes challenge welcome nicola thank you so we finally finished our yes challenge it was a quite a long month but the last time I did a recap on what you'd done you'd had a pretty quite week and had been away for work then you have to eat dessert every day for a week but what else have you been up to since so the last week and a half probably been the biggest week and a half for me say yes challenge I had netball trip and most of the time the girls were actually pretty drunk and they don't remember to remind me to do things so I didn't have to do too much or Nick butcher other than have a few random shots here and there and do some just little silly thing one of the things that I asked on Tuesday was from Britt she asked me to go Super Series with them and anyone that knows me I hate sitting down and doing nothing even though I was watching watch a movie I hate sitting in the cinema and just watching a movie I said yes and I thing a star is born Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper and I was it was so good I cried it was the best movie I've ever seen it was really good so I'm so glad I said yes about I will say Tuesday I had I kept saying at work oh my god this lady's handwriting is so beautiful we received like paperwork you made every single day yeah I don't sorry no mice and Remy at work said can you please call her and tell her that you appreciate her body and you love us so much yes so I called it to let you know worried that your handwriting by my rights very beautiful I love him it just is so beautiful and she was sorry excited she's beautiful like I never thought my handwriting was not such a compliment I was like that's a cane yes that was cool and then so I've been away I was away for work and I was on nipple trip so I came back to work on on Tuesday and I had a message from don't mind my voice by the way big antics I had a message from I managed I interstate saying this job come up I would love for you know for life can you apply and the job closed that day because I had that day to apply so that was on on Tuesday so that was other failure so just before the challenge um ended but I think yes so I've applied for an interstate job and I gotta stall excitement that sizing yes that's a big big one for me this week big opportunity and yeah fingers crossed that goes ahead yes a little bit scary oh my god you have to update from that but that's a perfect example of the yes challenge I think that's amazing yeah good luck with it yeah that's so good this last week and a half saying yes to the interstate job and then call it that lady well that's so good I love how you said yes because it's so funny when anyone asks me to do something I look at them and I just go yes in that exact turn cuz that's like they almost know that that's exactly but yeah I know what you mean sometimes you do need them to remind you and I was like I know yeah that that is a recommendation for everyone go see that movie because it puts lady gaga in a whole new way she is amazing absolutely yes she's so good gorgeous so we're done now did you feel super relieved on the first or did you forget because I kind of woke up and forgot and then thought about it for a second I was like oh my god I can say no and one of the boys been at work he said to me he was buying me a coffee he's been doing this once awake every for the whole month I was like anxious sometimes what people were going to make me do yeah especially nipple trip yeah yeah that's awesome it's good that they forgot to cuz like I would forget sometimes as well I even on when I went into work on Thursday my boss is a joke said Mariah will you get me coffee and I'm like no and then I left any was like actually yeah we'll anything but it was just laughing but um dude I'm gonna take I've taken away some stuff from it and I'm gonna talk about that but what were the main things you learn jerricans when making a decision and considering of Naru you have that regret yeah and regret Lea sometimes the biggest risk of all so yeah I think like saying saying yes sometimes you may you may have regret you're gonna have regret either way yeah so so no yeah you're never gonna know he actually very credit if that makes it yeah no that's like there's this thing that's like you're gonna regret what you didn't do not what you did do that's right yeah yes I mean like and that's mid majority of us when we're always oh we should have done that or you know most of time you say you very rarely say oh I wish I didn't because you always learn from something but no it was a kind of a stressful but not really stressful month like I'm I'm glad people weren't as you know horrible to us I know I've spent so much money though but at least we've had fun and oh my god that job would be awesome so yeah hopefully that leads that yes lease opportunities actually funny as I was talking to my housemate and she was she must have talked to a girl at work and she was saying she did a yes challenge okay and she actually met her boyfriend so she was saying she went to this house party with this a friend and when she got to the house party she was about to go home and someone said hey you want to come to this next house party with me and usually she'd say no cause she's like it was like pretty like I wanted to go home but she said yes and when she got there she met her the guy that she's now with so her boyfriend and they like hit it off straight away and then yeah they've been together like I think I've been together a while but how cool is that very cool that's right like you see and she literally told me the other day I'm what I'm definitely gonna tell that one and just you know you find that job and that kind of happening I think it just was the perfect opportunity to do it during the yes month perfect yeah well IRA can leave it there but thanks hated doing it with me I think it was made it so much easier having some support there was a reflection of each other throughout the way yeah definitely and let's never do it again done all right thanks heaps Nicola okay cool thank you bye bye okay sir my life hack is money related and it's called the tax refund scheme now some of you guys might know about this I I forgot about it literally talking about it last week with my housemates and people don't even take advantage of this so essentially if you make a purchase over $300 in a 60-day time frame before you travel internationally you can actually claim the tax back on that item so there's a couple of rules around it but um I'll just read out a couple that I've got off the Melbourne Airport website so you have to spend $300 or more we're including the GST with the same business so for instance you can't go and buy you know one thing that's $250 and then go to another store and buy something that's $50 because it's not going to work it has to be on the same receipt and obviously has to be within 60 days before departing Australia you must carry the items that you bought in your luggage and obviously this is excludes liquids gels aerosols etc you actually have to present the item your passport your international boarding pass along with the receipt to the TRS office the tax refund scheme office you have to have paid for the goods yourself and they have to be the original tax invoice you have to have the original seat receipt when you take it so obviously there's some rules around it and you can look at any International Airport so I looked at the Melbourne one Sydney have it even the government have their own page on it but you can just google it I'm gonna put a link in my show notes the one that I read on the Melbourne Airport website but it's just a good hack to get some money back and if you're travelling and say you buy a good camera some people have even claimed their wedding dress at the airport the tax on it so it's just a little hack to get some earn some money back on what you've spent and but just make sure you read the rules before you do it and make sure the guidelines you meet all the guidelines but yeah and a lot of times we buy things expensive before we go away I bought a GoPro before I went to America so you know things like that that you could definitely claim back just a good way to earn some dollar bills back alright so my recommendation for this podcast is firstly to listen to an episode called a podcast episode called the secret life of hormones it's on a podcast called ladies we need to talk it's an ABC one it's really good podcast for women men could also learn a lot as well on it they go through a range of topics and on this episode the host goes through the month of women's hormonal roller coaster most of us even write it blindfolded we're not really educated in how our reproductive hormones control ovulation it also affects everything not just your period and it affects you mentally big-time and I think we don't always understand this fully and different hormones at different stages of our cycle make us feel different things essentially it's like a roller coaster check this episode out I really recommend it because it really taught me a lot and I think you know we're always like oh you know I'm really hungry I'm getting my period soon or everything but I think sometimes we don't even realize it we could potentially be a lot harder on ourselves at certain times of our cycle and I think if we take a minute to think about it we could control the way we live our lives a little bit differently so I decided to record my cycle just my hormones nothing else to see the ups and downs of the 28 days so women can benefit from this obviously because then we can judge our lives you know when we decide to for instance we've got a goal that we really want to achieve so we go okay when I am fertile I'm super confident I feel on top of the world that's when you would plant in or start pushing yourself to achieve your goals and then later towards your cycle and obviously a week out you feel crap and you feel like unmotivated fat tired all that so maybe in those times we don't plan to decide to make a massive life change or we decide to train ourselves little bit so if a little bit better and for the guys this will benefit you big-time trust me because if you you know if it's your mum your girlfriend a sibling a friend whatever you know if there been a bit sassy or there a bit hungry and if even if you communicate with them and you know when they're emotional and you can better understand it you know I think we always just go off or she's grumpy she must be on her period but it doesn't actually really work like that it's usually a week before your period that you get like this and instead of just getting annoyed about it we can understand it more for instance if you're a boyfriend and you knew okay a week before my girlfriend is gonna be a little bit grumpy so maybe just take a step back and if she does get grumpy instead of firing up just understand okay we all get emotional we all get hormonal yes so I did record the month just every now and then so I want to take you through the recordings and you can go from Mariah feeling excellent to arrive feeling lots of excellent still in PMS stage right now and it's not ideal but now that I know I don't feel as bad about myself so take a listen and then I'll go through what I learned you doing another experiment for my podcast and I've listened to a podcast on your menstrual cycle and how it really impacts your body image how you get yourself how you feel all that so many experiment one for 30 days there are really positive of this weekend which was really great so day one I feel amazing ok day two and I was really hungry today didn't feel horrible that my body which was nice but I was super super hungry [Applause] and how hungry well I've made discovery I think this is why I stopped drinking my apple cider vinegar and honey drink in the morning because I want to see if it actually does suppress appetite I do come to conclusion those ducks which is great they're not great hungry but so that's why I'm getting so recommendation honey and apple cider vinegar in water and you said I feel like it makes you less hungry I don't know how was any good I don't take some day three and I feel pretty good body conscious wise I had cheesecake on a stick which not great but I don't feel horrible about my body after it so I guess we're in the really really positive stage of the cycle it's day four and I still don't know what he conjures yet so this must be the prime of the cycle and I'm going out to her nuts okay I've been missing in action for this cycle update but I felt really horrible these last two days but I think that was not to do with the cycle so I'm going to the gym tonight got everything back in order so it was just the weekend so we'll see what the next three days feeling good today as well eating well leash and not craving junk food so that's a good sign days 11 12 13 14 I actually felt amazing and I looked at my Fitbit and I was fertile so I felt really good about my body and really good about myself mentally so we'll see what these next couple weeks bring but I guess I suggest in these couple of days all this last week is to plan things that you know you need confidence for so that you will be in the right right mindset and you'll have a really good feeling according to my Fitbit I took three more days of being fertile and being fertile is the best because it is feel good and I think this is the time yeah where you do things that you were quite confident and I look feeling good I'm looking good and yeah I saw and the moment or good just a quick update so in last week i've definitely sad to feel this productive less motivated but the good thing is I'm still doing everything I normally do but a poly don't feel as good luck when I do my workouts I probably feel like I'm not really getting anywhere cuz I look at myself in the mirror I don't look at myself and feel disgusting which is good but I don't feel as good as I was probably a week and a half ago I'm nine days until my cycle starts so this weekend I'll go off the pill and probably get it a little bit earlier but yeah I can definitely understand the hormone change right now the good thing is I know what's happening so I can give myself bit more better for the doubt I do feel more tired too like getting up early is a bit of a struggle but the good thing is yet I'm not being too hard on myself mentally because I do know that it's my hormones changing okay as I get further in I'm definitely feeling a lot worse eating a lot more crap so yeah it you definitely can tell when your hormones start change way more tired and I feel pretty grumpy in the mornings I feel I could but sometimes I don't really want to talk to anyone so the joy is another update for the cycle fat myth sassy as so definitely a week at all not even from getting my period I really really tired it's like eight and you know and I'm about to go to bed so that just goes to show ya not feeling like a hundred percent about my body or anything like that but I know it's just a couple more days I have to deal with it and it'll be fine but and you know like I just want to eat junk and sweet and right now I'm not so hard on myself if I do eat sweet because you know what I'm going to do in the future is bake got a healthy sweet stuff so that when I am like this I can just eat that and not feel so bad let's just all be a little less hard on ourselves let me feel like sweet and we have a bit of a big gap because we are only human okay so PMS is a disaster I've eaten so much junk food it is crazy I even tried my Melbourne Cup dress on last night just to make sure it fit because I was having a meltdown think girl sucks so the good thing is though now that I know what it is even though I guess you always know what it is but I think self-talk is really important so got to the gym did all that feeling pretty good now I'm just accepting the fact that I'm gonna eat junk food and the sad thing is I can't wait to get my period because I feel like this is when it ends well just after my period obviously I felt on top of my game I felt so good I was hitting the gym really hard I felt really motivated and this is a really great time to plan big events in your life like I said before this is the time to really push yourself to do the things you really want to achieve because you're feeling confident it's very hard to knock yourself down from this moment and this is a great time for anyone in our lives to pump us up I think it last it lasted me like a week and a half probably a little bit more felt awesome and this is a really good time to achieve things and then the lows so I this last week have been low I think eating so much junk food I've been sleeping or have been getting up early apart from the two days I went to the gym I usually get up really early every day I just didn't and because I fell into habit I just escalated so in these lows this is when it's good to treat yourself and try and be as healthy as you can but also not to be hard on yourself if you do slip up so this is a good time to maybe book in to get your hair done and then you might feel a little bit better about yourself maybe get your nails done maybe plan something in this week that's you know will make you feel really good because you can't help it at the same time if you know this is why your hormones have changed and while a bit moody just don't be hard on yourself to go okay just get through this week and you'll be fine what I just recommend is just track your cycle so you know exactly okay this is when I start to feel crappy this is when I can start improving my self talk and putting in actions into place so that I'm not so hard on myself and the good thing is now that I know even this week I've been eating junk of suing going to the gym and I've still been doing things and I'm still motivated I've been a bit sassy in general but because I know that's how I am I can kind of pull myself in a bit and say hang on just hold up because you need to stop being hard on yourself this is obviously why if you like this eat that doughnut but then be done with it and another thing that I'm gonna do is make like treats that are sugary cuz all I want to do is eat sugar I'm not sure if it's sweet and then when I get to these stages I'll just eat that and they'll be a bit healthier so maybe like a healthier version of something like everything's kind of a bit more natural and then the doughnut that I had on Thursday night so I think if you have the knowledge about why you like this and when you're gonna be in those moods it's really good to just plan it and then you'll probably find that week leading into your period you're probably not gonna be as high as yourself and when the Hardie wearing yourself in that week the worst you're gonna feel so there's no point making you feel making yourself feel worse because organically you already feel worse because your hormone so you might as well try and suppress that a little bit and also for the guys in your life it's really good to know what's going on and it's just a good communication in this 28-day cycle will make your life a lot easier but it's funny because or not funny I when I was in second year uni I remember that was just one week and I just could not stop crying and I was so emotional and I couldn't work out why and it was because I was on the pill and I'd skipped my period for so many months my body hormones were still you know changing because they know okay this is the time where I'm meant to get my period and I didn't I was so so emotional and I didn't know at the time and now that I'm a bit more educated in it I can if I ever feel down I go okay well this is why what can I do to stop this yeah so let's just all be a little bit more educated listen to that podcast and track your cycle your twenty eight days even if you don't get your period because you might have a marina or something like that I think when you start to feel shitty you'll kind of understand that's why your hormones are still working like that you'll still be hungry you'll still be tired you probably still get the symptoms I would say so just be wary of that and then you can kind of note it down and then go from there listen the podcast let me know what you think about that one okay so last weekend another weekend another night out from my housemates back there I think I haven't not had a night out in a long time and this weekend's my first weekend so without drinking or going out and the last change we did cards against humanity' and the classic drinking game piccolo you should check that one out I'm also recommending that if you don't know what it is it's an app and it's a game it's really fun and you know I learned a few things over that weekend never judge a book by it's cover for one although I've learnt that many times we'll add a bard dancing and a guy with like a beard and a dad bod just pulls out Channing Tatum dance moves on the dance floor mine was born so never judge a book by it's cover because even though he might not look like a Channing Tatum appearance doesn't mean he doesn't have the moves yeah that was hilarious one of the key things I did learn don't like birthday candles on a cake in your room on your bed and don't wear your hair out when you pick it up to carry it upstairs your hair will catch fire yep it was terrifying and hilarious at the same time no joke flames went up my hair and it was so terrifying my housemate thought I said I've burnt my hand I said no my hair and it's just broken off bits hair everywhere all through my bathroom but apparently I'm actually a trendsetter because I was tagged in a post of hairdressers and now using flames to cut hair I'll put the link to the video on my show notes check it out my hair do not look like that afterwards lucky I'm getting it cut next week but just what if I start pick up a cake when your hair's out put your hair up also I learn I'm too old to be staying up until sunrise although we did see hot-air balloons which were really nice don't stay up that late I did not recover food until Wednesday and I also learned you should not go see a movie like a star is born hungover it's all emotional the tears do not stop especially when it's a Sunday and you're tired as how don't do it and also another recommendation which I said before with Nicola Cory see a star is born I've loved Lady gaga for a long time but she has stepped up a whole new level and I think she'll win over a lot of new fans from that movie so go see that don't light hair on fire don't stay up till sunrise and watch hot-air balloons when you're over the age of 24 I know that doesn't sound that old but don't do it and don't judge a book by it's cover it was such a fun weekend but I'm looking forward to awaken off before I go to Vietnam and probably drink every single day to then get back and it'd be the festive season so yeah that was my weekend it was a lot of fun all right well that's going to something more motivational so after winning my indoor netball grand final yep shout out to my team well done guys we played amazing won by 20 anyway we had a steak night which shout out to peacock Hotel in North Korean $15 steak night on a Tuesday it's incredible so got chatting and one of the girls on our team was explaining that she has a vision board and how as we got chatting one of the girls is explaining her vision board and how so much of her vision board for 2018 has come true now in episode 1 I spoke about these but I didn't really go into details so I want to set your challenge and make a vision board because I think it's a really good way to set yourself goals and motivate yourself to these goals so what does the vision board look like it could be a physical board mental or virtual on your phone whatever works for you whatever way you learn is probably the best way to go about it but just get one going start now or start fresh for 2018 even though they knew you shouldn't mean new you change whenever you want don't have to change for 2019 whenever you want to change change I'm gonna start mining 2019 because I already kind of have one for this year and I'm just gonna roll with that and I have new goals that I want to set I've already started for 2019 but this doesn't mean that you can't make it now just whenever you think it's right but you almost have to becoming obsessed with what's on it so you have to push yourself to still achieve this and work towards everyday even if it's just something small you do every single day to achieve those goals on that board but once you really focus in on what you want things will fall into place and once you start visualizing and working towards them you might even not realize you're working towards that goal but because it's in your head so much you slowly start achieving it and things just really come together now Nate who spoke about hers I want to get her on when I get back from holidays because the way she explained hers was incredible and some of the things that have happened have been amazing for her so she'll definitely inspire you to make your straightaway I can guarantee you but we'll definitely come back to this topic but maybe just start thinking about it like what would be on yours you don't have to make it now maybe you can just are trying things down and then once you hear what new says you'll make it straight away I could promise you but there are no limits you can have quotes on it you can have dreams and goals like whatever will achieve your what you want in life put it down on the board anything that will symbolize that because the more you think about it the more you work towards it so definitely put that on a to-do list and yeah let's finish off with a quote this is a really great quote and it's be thankful for what you have now and keep fighting for what you want tomorrow ties in great with the vision board so always be grateful and practice gratitude because that was what's going to make you happy thinking about what you have in life but then also use your vision board or use your visions and your goals to never give up on those dreams you are the only one that can make these happen no one else is gonna make this happen for you people will help you along the way but you're only going to attract these people when you're working towards your goal because it's weird people sense you know you meet people that have the same thoughts as you and thought process and you won't meet them until you're you know what you want be grateful a hundred percent but also work on what you want in life alright and that's it for another episode and never forget always love yourself because no one else will if you don't all right catcher I hope you got something out of today's show and if you like this podcast don't forget to tell all your amazing friends also subscribe rate and review on iTunes or anywhere that you listen to your podcast in the show notes I've put up where they're available which is majority of the podcast apps and if you just give five minutes of your time just to put a rating and a review it actually goes a long way to help me out so more people can listen to my show and get the benefits I hope that you get out of it and if you're looking for more information on this show you can actually click on a link in the show notes on the app I'll have a description and you can it'll have a link at the bottom which will take it to my blog and that has all the show notes and the pictures and links and stuff that I put in there so that's where you can find more information on things I talked about on the show also if when add me on Instagram you can find me at underscore Moreau mechanist underscore or my travel page at a traveler's antiques and don't forget if have any questions or you want me to talk about something in particular you can reach me at Mariah underscore McInnis 22 at outlook.com because it finally changed it if you want to read more content from me you can find it at my blog which is our traveler's antiques blog and what should you read for the fortnight or I've got new content which one is on travel apps so anything related to travel that will be handy while you're on your next trip it's a good blog for you to download them all where you go and you've got all the information that you need before you set off and also for those Melbourne ian's I have a walking running riding trails of Melbourne that I love obviously if you have new ones that I can check out definitely suggest those to me alright thanks guys you you

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