Police Searching For Parents Who Abandoned Newborn Baby In Upper Darby

and we continue to follow breaking news a baby found abandoned in Delaware County that newborn was discovered today alone in Upper Darby good evening everyone I'm ukee Washington and I'm Jessica kartalija that infant was found on the 100 block of the angle wood Avenue I witness news reporter Kimberly Davis joins us live from that neighborhood now with what we know is so far Kim UK and Jessica the good news is that baby girl is being guarded by police officers at a hospital but there is some bad news for that mother police tell us once she is located she will be facing criminal charges take a look at this picture this is the tiny face seen by people who live here on the 100 block of Englewood Road police say a resident found the baby girl wrapped in a blanket on their neighbor's porch around 1 o'clock this afternoon we're told the infant was between 4 to 5 hours old when she was found outside it was 93 degrees at the time Pennsylvania does have a safe haven law if a newborn is 28 days old or younger the Guardian can drop the baby off at a police station hospital or fire station without facing criminal charges but that's not what happened here police believe the suspect may be a young mother take a listen probably 13 14 15 years of ages mom the child apparently was born elsewhere the umbilical cord was cut and the child was was cleaned up pretty good you know when we first got there so evidently we think it's right in the neighborhoods the mother could face charges of reckless endangering endangerment and endangering the welfare of a child we're told hospitals are on high alert for any young woman or woman at all who comes into the hospital seeking treatment after giving childbirth we're live in Upper Darby I'm Kimberly Davis cbs3 Eyewitness News keep us updated thank you

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