Poop During Childbirth

okay welcome to the family room in it this week we're going to talk about a topic that many women are anxious about and that is poop during childbirth does it happen yes and it's okay I know it's American and I get this question a lot a lot of women are scared of like but in labor and birth it is actually a really good sign and if it does happen as a doula I get really excited yes I know that sounds crazy but the nurses get excited midwives of DS we all get really excited because it means that the birthing woman is you just can't when you're pushing the baby up you just gotta go for it and also keep in mind it's not like normal nurses are the Midwife or the midwives assistant will quickly take care of it and they see it all the time alright so you're not special necessarily you don't food dirty job yep it's just another day at the office exactly what happens and then like I said you pretty excited because it means the baby's coming soon if you're just really going for it ladies superfoods okay

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  1. I would die of shame when i poop myself while giving birth. And im afraid it would be the biggest ever and first after all pregnancy. I dont want to be pregnant because im afraid i will be unable to poop for all 9 months

  2. Since labor can come on quickly without much warning and in the subsequent rushing about it can be difficult to do much about preventing pooping during delivery. But there is one way that is quick, convenient and much more comfortable than an enema and it's using water from a Hand Held Bidet Sprayer. Primarily used for superior hygiene at the toilet you can use it shoot some water up inside to flush out anything in your lower bowel, whether you feel the need to go or not. It's works great on mild constipation and diarrhea also. See www.bathroomsprayers.com.

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