10 Replies to “Porcelaintoy – Newborn”

  1. This is amazing… I love your voice and your Vibe… The music is perfect.. Please come to NYC.. I WILL BRING all my friends AND enemies… Everybody needs a BIG dose of you!! Especially me!!

  2. Listening to this, along with my headphones, with my eyes closed. I’m so drawn to this. The beat makes my head spin, reminding me of a dark carousel. It’s luring me to sleep. 💤✨

  3. LYRİCS:
    There’s a cloud, it follows me around 
    Starts to rain whenever you’re not there 
    I’m no victim, I won’t be alone 
    You won’t see me captured in the storm 
    I’m a good girl, I’m a good girl 
    I’m a shadow, I’m a piece of wood 
    I’m the person that you wish you were 
    I’m the one who’s crying on the sheets 
    I’m the one who took all of the meat 
    I’m the ugly, I’m the beautiful 
    I’m the place where everyone can go 
    I’m a good girl, I’m a good girl 
    I’m the ocean swallowed up in sand 
    Hourglass that sits right in your hands 
    I’m the fragile, I’m an open book 
    I’m the bee sting and the butterfly 
    They’ll be newborn, they’ll be newborn 
    They’ll be woken up, they’ll be woken up 
    You’re my angel, you’re my angel

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