7 Replies to “Possible miscarriage || 8 Week Ultrasound”

  1. I had miscarriage at 6 weeks and 4 days 5 months ago. I bleed for a week. I’m 7 weeks pregnant today but worried sick bcos I had slight blood when I wiped today with mild cramping. I am praying that everything will be fine.

  2. I just did my 8wks check up…no heart beat was found…I was offered medication to help me miscarry…I really don't want to take it…I have until next Tuesday to make a decision😢

  3. they did the same to me but not heart beat found. when ten days ago my baby of 7w3d have a strong heartbeat of 155 BPM. Tomorrow I'm gonna get a second opinion I'm still in shock, and praying for my baby to be alive .

  4. Hi I watched your video the night before my 8 week dating scan last Friday. I was going to skip it as just wanted to see videos of what I'd get to see of my baby at 8 weeks but something made me watch it. The next day as I lay down for my scan and looked at the screen all I thought of was your video. Then the sonographer couldn't find a heartbeat. My baby measured to my dates so it must have happened within last 24hrs. Thank you for posting as I don't think I would have handled the situation as well as I did if I hadn't viewed this.

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