34 Replies to “Post delivery care/food recipe for feeding mothers | Pathiya samayal | Postpartum care”

  1. 8 months back idhey dhan satten oru 3 maasathuku. Apuruma konjam konjam paruppu serthunten. Kachal vazhaikai kooda sertha. Pinju avaraikai, surakkai idhellam.

  2. unga videos ellame romba useful ga irruku thank u so much. sathumadhu kudukalama delivery annavaluku

  3. 😍 ஒவ்வொன்றிலும் பேரன்பும் கலந்திருக்கிறது.

  4. Very very very useful information, the same way please upload videos related to New born baby care. Thank you.

  5. Madam indha pathiya saapoda enga paati oru ela vadam poduva. Ungalluka appa mudiyumo indha ela vadam recipe podungo. Vazhga valamudan. Thank u once again .

  6. Mami rombha arumai.. I watch all your videos regularly and I like it very much .. mami I want to talk to you . Can you give your mail id..

  7. Thank you so much. Very useful not only for me but for the expecting mothers also. Upload more videos like this. Reminds my paati

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