9 Replies to “Post IVF & Miscarriage- What Now?”

  1. I am so sorry for your loss. Miscarriage is so traumatic. I hope you find peace soon.If you ever decide to go through ivf again I can't recommend Genea in Sydney enough. We went to them for a second opinion after 13 rounds of failed IVF with QFG and Genea were amazing. We have done three cycles with them now and have had two pregnancies – one is my son and the other is my current pregnancy. They do chromosomal testing on the embryos before transfer and this was extremely helpful for us. We have had losses and an extraordinarily long ivf journey and you have all my empathy. I though we were finished ivf after cycle 13, but 6 months later we decided to get a second opinion and I'm so glad we did.My best wishes to you xx

  2. when you are ready talk to Kee about intralipids and prednisole also get your vitamin b levels tested. also are you taking folic acid or folate , been in your shoes many many times it sucks, you have good eggs still you just need to be able to get them in a cycle, if you are getting embryos to blast you are doing well, also have you thought that maybe you might need a new sperm donor, no on ever thinks it could be an issue with the male DNA but trust me when I say most of our issues where sperm DNA related. I am very sorry it sucks your little embryo there I hope you know I totally understand I have done it, I know you think picking yourself up is the hardest thing to do, but if you want an other one you will find the will, I still am finding it hard to know Ben will be our only one. Thinking of you both. xx

  3. Start a GoFundMe. You are more than deserving. Id definitely donate, id love to see you add to your family when you're ready.

  4. A true women and inspiration Carly! I'm stage 4 with endometriosis and I had my eggs frozen at age 21 and was told I wouldn't conceive naturally. Thank you for being so open with your process, the good and bad times. It really gives me hope and more knowledge for my future. I honestly wish you and your family all the best, you're strong and your support network is even stronger. Everything happens for a reason xx

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