20 Replies to “Postnatal Yoga Workout for Core (10 minutes) Postpartum Yoga for Diastasis Recti | Sarah Beth Yoga”

  1. Hi Mama! Please wait at least 6 weeks (8-12 for c-section) and for the go-ahead from your doctor before partaking in any postnatal yoga workout or core exercise. ▶︎ POSTNATAL YOGA PLAYLIST: http://bit.ly/SBYpostnatal 💙

  2. Thank you so much for this video. I used your prenatal videos while pregnant and am excited to continue following postpartum. This was my first postpartum yoga practice and I love how gentle and do-able it was. I finished feeling challenged but good about my recovery rather than defeated and overwhelmed by it.

  3. I've read that you shouldn't be doing planks or anything on all fours when healing diasis recti….. Feeling confused as your excersises here involve both. Would you explain please and thank you

  4. Hi Sarah, does these heal distance recti? If not please upload a video for the same. Thanks.
    There are many videos on YouTube for this, but I trust your channel only

  5. I just love these prenatal and postnatal routines. I've recently been diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, and these video's in particular are so so beneficial for helping me to find some sort of release, as well as to build strength without overdoing it. I just wanted to let you know that everything you're sharing is helping so many people in some special way. So keep sharing what inspires you the most, and keep doing you. We all thank you for it. x

  6. Thank you! Nice and gentle routine. I'd love to see a 20 minute post natal core video. Love your channel!

  7. Is this workout good for diastatis recti? I don't want to do it if it is going to counteract the work I am doing to repair that.

  8. This feels like the perfect and appropriate level for easing back in at 6 weeks postpartum. thank you!

  9. Hi Sarah Beth, I have been looking for DR safe videos for a while and finally found yours which I really like. Other videos don't resonate with the practice that I need. My only question about your postnatal series is that I don't hear you talking about pelvic floor work… usually to help with Diastasis Recti it is not only suggested to keep the lower belly tight but also the pelvic floor "lifted". Do you have any videos or suggestions around that? Thanks a lot!

  10. I love these high quality videos! Your voice is so calming and the music is perfect. I appreciate the corner box with modifications and upcoming poses as well. Thanks for making these!

  11. 14 weeks post partum. Those side planks were way tougher than I expected! I didn't realize just how weak my core had become. No wonder my back hurts so bad from rocking baby to sleep!

  12. Really love the focus on the deep core work. Stitching up those abs. My kids are 6, 3, & 2 and I definitely still need work on my core. Thank you for this, Sarah Beth!

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