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Hi everyone Melissa here at vlog
number 4 in my series this week about postpartum healing for moms today we’re talking about
sex. How is it after you’ve had a baby? What can you do? I’ve had a little bit of experience
having had 5 vaginal births so I’m going to share some of that, not too much, don’t get
excited. I’m not going to be talking about my sex life with my cute little hubby. But
anyway, talking a little bit about sex I mean this is something I’ve definitely worried
about. I read a lot about it. I heard a lot of women that felt that their sex life was
just completely destroyed from having had a baby. And I will say, 5 babies under my
belt and you know what, I actually don’t feel that it’s affected me that much. I feel very
lucky in that respect so don’t assume the worst.Just to keep yourself in shape, in might
be a good idea to do a few kegel exercises- just with your doctor- during your pregnancy.
And then once you’ve had the baby, once you feel better, just to keep yourself in shape
down there. It never hurts. Okay, so what happens after you’ve had the baby? Now normally,
your doctor will say you’re supposed to wait 6 weeks before anything goes near there -tampon
or anything else. But guess what we just found out? A study has come out that says that 25%
of women violate this rule, this medical guideline, isn’t that unbelievable? And I guess a lot
of them are hoping to have Irish twins. So anyway, I just thought that was so funny.
The reality is you are supposed to wait the 6 weeks. What happened with me with my first
baby and what I think does happen to a lot of women is that the first time you’re there
you’re whatever and guess what? It freaking kills, it hurts so, so much. This is what
happened to me. I was devastated. I was like “Oh my God is this what’s going to happen?
Is this how it’s going to be forever.” It was just so painful and that was just mostly
the first time. It did get better. With my first baby, I felt that way for a while. I
breastfed for a long time and more than anything it was like that dryness. So I did actually
call my doctor up about this and she recommended a lubricant. We used KY Jelly. However, moving
on! With my other children, it was much less of an issue. Basically, not an issue so my
whole solution to the whole sex after baby thing is just keep having babies. I mean what
could be better for your sex life or your relationship? Because I really didn’t have
a problem with those other babies. So anyway, this is something that should resolve itself
overtime. Use a lubricant, be honest about it, talk about it, and share this with your
husband. It doesn’t mean you’re not attracted to him or with your partner. And more than
anything please, if don’t feel to shy about these things, feel free to share what’s worked
for you by commenting on my vlog on CloudMom so that we can sort of spread the word so
that we can help those moms who are very nervous about this in expecting their first baby’s.
So thank you so much for joining, you can also tweet me at CloudMom. And look forward
to talking to tomorrow in the 5th vlog in our series postpartum mommy care tacking tomorrow
post baby blues so see ya then!

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  1. i am so glad I watched this video. after my first baby, we didn't wait the 6 weeks. sex was very painful then and continued to stay painful afterwards. I was too embarrassed to use a lubricant but I think it would have helped a ton. Now baby number #2 is due in a couple days (13 mos apart) and I am terrified its just going to get worse. I hope for me, more kids helps resolve the issue. thanks cloud mom!

  2. Thanks Alexis! I am glad you had such a good experience, I wasn't trying to scare anyone, but I got so freaked myself when I went through that and didn't know why!

  3. Pregnant now with #2, first born is 21 months. Ii used a lubricant too, mostly because the dryness irritated the places I had superficial tears. I can't imagine having deeper injuries and how much that would hurt. Reportedly, I felt the sane to hubby but my uterus tilted after the birth so it did change a bit for me. I'm hoping that will self correct after baby #2!

  4. I should add that the discomfort from the actual birth ( not including the tilt) went away within 2-3 times. We did wait the full six weeks.

  5. Baby # 4 … ASTROGLIDE! And make sure kids are very tired before they go to bed, plan a "family movie night – in the living room" don't tell hubby about your plans .. So HE thinks its spontaneous and take your time with everything else … Cloud mom rocks!

  6. My sex life after our son was insane! I wasn't interested in sex at all before our son. Now I can't get enough!

  7. I've been watching your videos for so long and it help me so much. I'm a first time mom and my due date is on October 24 this month. More videos for newborn baby tips and guidelines! I Love Cloudmom! 🙂

  8. Hi I just had my 3 baby and my sex life is really different.. With my first me n my hubby were wiled, with my second we were ok but with my third baby he pearly touched me we haven't had sex in months before my birth. His always to tiered.. He never wants to talk, because soppucelly he has nothing to say or hide. What do u think about that, shud I spy, cheat, or let hem go? What if this was u what would u do?? I'm not impresses to talk I'm very open minded.

  9. why does everyone say it's tighter after? when i look at my one it looks nothing like what it did before my baby… or am i one of the odd ones

  10. My best friend had sex 4 days after she gave birth. She got pregnant within weeks of having given birth. she said she felt no pain.

  11. i'm almost 9 monthes pregnant super horny, can't wait to resume my sex life, my husband stopped being intimate with me from early on fearing he'd scare the baby with his penis or hurt her in some way,
    l couldn't talk him outta this unscientific idea.
    hope to regain intimacy after a month of giving birth, can't imagine waiting 2 monthes,
    l do masturbate whitch helps my vaginal walls to tone, for future use.
    l think i"ll buy a dildo first to see if sex doesn't hurt me,
    then pursue thinges with my husband if all feels well…!!!
    imagine being tired from baby needing frequent feedings, lack of sleep could effect sex at first,

  12. is it true to avoid certain foods while breastfeeding so baby won't get gas? my son is almost a month and he wants to eat while being in pain with gas so I battle with a hungry gassy baby.. it really hurts my heart seeing him cry in pain but really wanting to be fed because he is hungry! what should I do???

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