Postpartum: 4 months

hi lover family Ramos okay so I've been on YouTube lately because I've been really busy being a mom in fact I have a little girl on me right now she just walked up and my little boy thanks turning to this Saturday is in the living room watching karageorge so if you hear him come in running you or my little girl crying you know why like I said I haven't been on YouTube lately because I've been busy I just gave birth to my to my little girl four months ago and you know sleeping breastfeeding and all that diaper changing and then moving into my apartment again stuff like that but the main reason why I made this video is to talk about my postpartum weight baby fat you see like everybody says every pregnancy is different right so I experienced losing weight a lot faster with my little boy I went back to my way when I'm away I'm like two months three months it was like so fast I was happy about that you know sounds like oh yeah and let's get another baby in cuz it's normal you know whatever I got these no you know story Falls don't believe in that if you lost another way congrats but don't think that again unless you're really looking like congrats to you you know you got a very good health healthy body but otherwise it wasn't my case so I'm four months after giving birth and I'm 20 pounds more then I used to wait with my other son before let's talk about weight the pacifier anyway um when my son before I was pregnant I would have 146 and then after before I gave birth I was 1 9 no 182 exactly cuz they waited me before they put me in the room and they had IVs going in like crazy like trippin like crazy it was burning you know how that burns yeah I was burning me like crazy anyway um so I think I would like almost 200 pounds because after that oh my god I used bathroom and you know how to have a mirror there of course I was stolen recognizable like I didn't recognize myself I was so swollen my face was sold I also felt like swollen with IVs when I read the fluids and I like this is crazy anyway and after the two months of 40 days I went back to my normal size yeah I was a little I had a belly still that's not a big better like right now like imma show you later but when to my side not to my size cuz I waited 156 after so I was like just ten pounds so I was like I wasn't care about it you know but the thing is you gotta be Mexican right I live in Mexican I gotta have my back hoes miss tortoise Oh mystery lies and she lies there this is the main thing in poor solidarity and I like other things oh my god I don't take about grapes I love me some grapes too and then see for shrimp that's the only thing I like shame because I'm not in love with fish or octopus stuff like that my husband is but is not anyway so then I got pain pregnant again after like 18 22 months actually no 23 months I got pregnant again my son was gonna be no I'm so sorry I was no I was 18 months yeah I was I was about so I got pregnant before my son was one cousin recently we planned it we were like okay who wants our son is one I could get pregnant so when the baby girl is born it's gonna be 22 and they're gonna have two years almost two years of difference you know so that's a great that's a great gap because I have three three other sisters with me as four sisters we're like a year part so I think that's it that's good okay guys I don't I don't like like five or ten years gap anybody is different basically so I wanted them to go up again go together so I got pregnant I was 156 a cassette and then before I gave birth to my baby girl I waited 190 to almost 200 pounds and I've not lost any weight I have but not tremendously like I weight right now 160 164 I haven't got mom and there's like 20 pounds more than I waited with my other baby and my height I'm not so I'm not so tall I'm 5 1 usually what doctor said you should wait 115 120 which I personally think 120 125 is good for me so I'm overweight not you know I'm just not what I should be so I'll show you my belly right now I just don't love it guys Thursday I was going somewhere I did an errand this lady is like oh my god Congrats I'm like no it's just fat but thank you that's fine no but I did say um no I just that and then she's like oh if I miss a time right she's like um I didn't want I didn't mean to offend you I'm like oh no don't worry about it you know it just happens there's no one you know it's just fat why am I gonna be so she movie you know I wish I could get rid of it but it's okay you're you're not you're not doing the bad it's okay if I could it's Gucci yeah so there's okay so this is why I'm making this video because I notice my belly fat and I need motivation and I'm gonna do my diet plan and I'm gonna do this and that so this is why I think are you posting now every two days actually making videos every other day or every week so I could keep you posted and I could keep myself motivated you know so thanks for watching and let's see what happens next week ciao where's your head bye thanks for watching

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