Postpartum Ab Exercises | How To Heal a Diastasis Recti Stage 3 w/ SarahFit

hey guys I'm Sarah this is the third video in my AB rehab series videos number one and two are for when you are pretty early postpartum or maybe you just never did any rehab exercises for your abs and finally this is stage 3 your abs are starting to come back together maybe you only have one finger width distance apart in between your abs for your diastasis and so the you are going to learn two more new moves to add to your wheelhouse these are great moves to do at home on a regular basis you can do them every day or you can use these exercises as alternatives to the exercises you're being given and some of your favorite fitness classes so here you go enjoy alright so here we are with our stage 3 moves if you haven't watched stage 1 or stage 2 I'll give you a brief rundown but you can continue doing your stage 2 moves and now you have these ones to add on so let's set up for our prep work for those who haven't seen stage 1 and 2 h2 here we go arch flatten arch flatten and now find neutral a little bit of space right underneath the back deep inhale fill up the belly exhale belly button down and up suck it up and elongate the ab wall here we go that is our first position now we are going to press up into a bridge engage your inner thighs right here we are going to extend the right leg out and bring it back and down inhale engage get ready press up extend that leg and then come back and down hands should be out right here I did not show you in the beginning let's do it again inhale and exhale really get the AB engagement press through the heels engage those inner thighs abs are engaged you're wrapping them in but make sure you're getting that space right there and foot goes out and then drag it back in and down press up and it might only be about a fist up because we're thinking about our core not necessarily our glutes foot goes out and in and down good so we're gonna do 20 of those 10 on each leg so next we're gonna come into our bird dog a lot of you guys know bird dog because you probably did it when you were pregnant let's go over a proper engagement so feel like you are wrapping your shoulders around and down okay so you're plugging them into your shoulder blades really they're wrap your biceps kind of like around your arm if that makes sense and then your hands are placed down so take a deep inhale exhale create that space in the front of your abs and now we are going to alternate our right arm and our left leg we're gonna point our toe actually we're gonna flex re flex that foot and then place it right back down let your belly go loose and now engage it suck the belly button up and in and extend that leg foot is flexed really extend through the inner thigh and then come back down so again think about your shoulder blades drawing down from your ears rounding your biceps are almost rounding in towards your chest and you're getting some space between your ears and your shoulders let's do a nice prep breath work exhale extend the right arm left leg flex the foot really engaged through both those inner thighs engage engage engage and then come back down so this move is really easy to do without doing right you want to really make sure that you're not rocking your hips are not going side to side they're staying even and that you're really engaging through those inner thighs when you're doing it and it's gonna make it a lot harder than how you used to do it so that is the end of stage 3 the next progression is going to be into a plank I'm gonna recommend that when you do a plank you are going to have your hands shoulder width distance apart and your feet are gonna go out a little bit wider than hip-width distance apart so that you create a larger base now it's really important to do all the moves in all the stages that I've shown you before you get to this Pike because if you don't you're just gonna put unnecessary stress on your abs and just increase that gap if you haven't learned how to properly engage your ab muscles I hope that makes sense I made this mistake and that's why I got a diastasis about six months after my second son was born so these videos are meant to be done in a progression start with stage 1 stay there for at least two weeks maybe four weeks then add in stage two and then you're going to add in stage three if you like classes as much as I do when they tell you to do crunches or bicycle crunches or some you know plank work for an extended period of time these are the moves that you're going to do as alternatives as modifications so you can still go and you can still do your squats your lunges your bicep curls your shoulder presses you can do all those moves but when they have you do these funky ab moves you're going to want to do the heel taps the heel slides the burn dog the the bridge these are going to be your safe solutions to get an effective workout that's also going to help you heal your diastasis if you have any questions leave them down below but I do highly recommend going to see a physical therapist and I didn't mention it earlier in this video but if you're curious about the Kegel exercises that I recommend go and check out the video in stage one we're gonna do quick flicks and then we're gonna do hold for ten seconds and you're gonna continue doing this for a long time because they do take a while to actually kick in and start working but I promise you after about six weeks you will notice a huge difference if you do these kegels religiously and you won't necessarily pee your pants every time you sneeze I am Sarah make sure you follow me on instagram at Sarah Fit and I'll see you guys soon you

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