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hey guys I got together with some of my friends from kin community to celebrate two new bundles of joy Brooke and summer from the girls with glasses both each had a child if you're unfamiliar with the girls and glasses they do entertainment DIY and also fashion row counter Sun sunny in September and summer had her daughter Nova in November I'm gonna be sharing one of my favorite next steps in motherhood and that's getting back your abs of course as soon as you're cleared to work out you can do this exercise routine with your little one or without be sure to stick around to the end of the video for more ways to ring in the New Year with a new baby so we're gonna do this workout down on the ground if your little ones around you can add them on top of your stomach but we are going to do it without a baby for now alright so you're just gonna start with your knees in line with your hips I'm gonna start my timer take a deep breath in and as you exhale draw your bellybutton in towards your lower back prepping your spine into the ground let's do it war time keep drawing that bellybutton in with each exhale all right we're first gonna start with some toe taps so the entire time keep your stomach engaged you're gonna keep drawing your bellybutton in towards your lower back so that right leg is going to go down towards the ground and bring it right back up again inhale on the way down exhale pull your abs on in inhale as it goes down exhale as your knee comes on back in so this move can be easy or you can make it harder by really forcing your abs to drive your knee back up to starting position you also want to keep your knees in line with your hips you don't want to bring them right here this is gonna be real easy you also want to make sure that your knees stay with a 90 angle of the entire tide your knees are not moving they're not bending they're not straightening they're staying at a 90 degree angle and you're just working on tapping those toes down to the ground and back up now if you've done this video before and you're re watching in it for a 15th or 20th time you're gonna tap both your toes down and up but again don't do that until you have started here next we're going to extend our feet up straight you're gonna place your hands underneath your booty and we are just going to lift our hips up an inch and down an inch right here back step again you are not coming up very high it's just a little left just a little lift up and down up and down now if you've been doing this video many times you of course can add a little bit of height here but since this is one of the first workouts you might be doing or at least from the first ab workouts just lift up a little bit you've got 15 more seconds to go here we go you've got ten nine eight seven six five four three two and one now arms come up you are going to lower one leg down as you reach up for one leg come back down so you lower reach on up lower reach on up this is a single leg suitcase crunch so again if you've been doing this video for 15 or 20 times now near a pro you could lower both your legs and reach up at the same time but for most of us doing this video you're going to lower down and up one leg at a time keep going you've got 15 more seconds lower down and up lower down and up as you reach arm up pull that belly button in you've got three two and one come on down those knees are going to go down heels to the ground hands can go down by your side you're going to extend one leg out and then come right back in this is for a more beginner exercise especially if you have diastasis recti which is when your abs actually separate if you have that I've got a link in the description that you should definitely check out so we're just kind of giving your abs a little bit of a break when you come on back up you're just dragging that heel we are giving our ABS a small break because we're going to come into a modified plank here we go in five four three two and one flip on over we're gonna come into a modified plank we're gonna go on our knees again if you've done this video before you can come up into a full plank where you're gonna be on your toes otherwise we're just gonna come on down onto our knees so you're gonna squeeze your glutes pull your abs into your lower back and as you exhale draw your abs on in good you're just gonna sit here for 45 seconds we're already ten seconds in so you've got about 30 right now good job ready take a deep breath in and as you exhale tighten up that stomach awesome job now if you want to take it up a notch and come on to those toes but if this is one of the first times you're working out your abs you're staying down low awesome job you've just got 10 seconds to go we're gonna come right into a side plank you've got 5 4 3 two and one come on into that side plank so if this is one of the first exercises routines that you're doing come on down to your knees if you're a little bit more advanced you've done this before you know the drill come on up to your feet I'm gonna stay in the modified position with you guys so right here you're reaching your hip up towards the ceiling and again we're here for 45 seconds we got one more side to go and then we're gonna take a break I'm gonna say see you later but you guys are gonna aim to do this routine two to three more times you've got 15 seconds hold it up good job don't let that head sink down reach out of that shoulder you've got five four three two and one switch sides come on to the left arm and reach on awesome job you guys have 45 seconds here and then you get a break and if you've done this video way more times than you need to you can always lift up that top leg you guys are doing great at home stay with me we are almost there here we go this is the modification keep reaching that hip up that elbows in line with your shoulder last 15 seconds you guys are doing a great job at home and if you've got your little guy maybe they're right here and you can give him a little tickle come back up let them know that you're paying a hundred percent of your attention zone just a few key wraps here we go you got four three two one and rest that was a seven minute routine do it one more time for a 15 minute ab workout this is a great beginner workout to start after you've been given the okay by your physician to exercise again after giving birth congratulations to Brooke and summer make sure you guys check out the girls with glasses and also the other collaboration videos showing you guys ways to bring in the new year with a new baby I'll see you guys next time you

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  1. Thank you so much for sharing this. I am just getting back to working out after having a baby 6 months ago. My core is very weak right now, so this is PERFECT for getting back into the swing of things!

  2. Thanks for showing us this workout, Sarah! I think you and I were pregnant at the same time so I was excited to see that you'd be on this collab playlist with me! I hope you're doing well. <3

  3. had my baby three weeks ago. I'm looking forward to getting the okay to exercise and do this. Thank you!!

  4. Love workouts I can do from home! My youngest is 5, but I know my abs can always use some work! love it!

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