Postpartum Anxiety/Depression and Pregnancy

hey YouTube so I'm making this video because I haven't heard a lot about it and I know there's not there's a little bit of information out there but I've never actually met or watched anybody go through anything like this I was diagnosed with postpartum depression I want to say probably about four five months ago and they put me on some anxiety and depression medication and I just found out that I am four weeks pregnant so I stopped taking the medication because it's not safe for a baby and I am super super happy excited just can't wait to have another little one I love being a mom but I am so scared because I'm already having those anxiety and depression feelings again and the reason I'm making this video today is because cool bud wow that's a big worm is because I'm having a really really hard day today cool I am super impatient today I feel angry I feel like I'm going backwards I wasn't gonna cry I feel and I'm scared I'm like I said we're really happy I didn't do the research into postpartum depression during pregnancy or and getting pregnant so yeah I don't know I kind of just wanted to film my journey of dealing with postpartum while being pregnant and I'm hoping that maybe it's just my hormones going crazy right now but I don't know so if you want to follow my journey on this or if you've experienced this or are currently experiencing this I would just love to hear from you because you're not alone I've since my postpartum journey began I have heard about talked to read about a lot of moms dealing with postpartum depression so it's not uncommon a lot a lot a lot a lot of moms deal with it and our health care providers don't talk much about it I had no idea what was going on I thought I was just losing my mind so yeah any advice any questions anything anything would help so welcome to my channel my first video is not all sunshine and flowers but I guess that's how I guess that's how being a mom is sometimes you kind of have to take the good with the bad and those two right there those are good that's all positive just have to get through the hard stuff but you can't have the good without the bad right so anyways um I'm gonna just start making updates about my about my journey so hopefully you subscribe and leave some comments and maybe we can discuss and connect over this topic have a wonderful day and hopefully I'll have another video up soon maybe it'll be a little more structure

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