Postpartum belly band – belly bandit review! 3 in 1 Postpartum Support Recovery Belly Wrap Waist

three inches one Klaus pardon support recovery belly wrap waist pelvis belt body shaper postnatal shave hair with my baby do very soon I was worried about post delivery and what I could do to have my body returned to normalcy I researched awhile and found these body wraps that train your body to conform to original shape this set has three sections that all work together to give you peace of mind the material is comfortable and every piece adjustable I have a petite frame that I tried them on as best I could being currently pregnant and I could tell that the size wouldn't be an issue the velcro makes this adjustable and easy to put on color is light enough but has a flesh-colored hue which is good if you are wearing a light-colored shirt overall greatly pleased with the quality and fit of this three inches one this works very well I just had a baby and needed a little help getting everything back to normal this pushes everything back together but without squeezing too tight I love that some postpartum support squeeze way too much causing difficulty breathing but not this one I can tell a difference after using it for a little while too it has helped me start getting my body back to pre pregnancy and I am so happy with it click the link below for discount link on Amazon

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  1. The smart thing to do is for the first week or so do not drink cold liquids but more room temp. I did this and I walked out of the hospital wearing my prematurity jeans oh and those jeans had zero stretch. This was 1974 people . Jeans didn't have spandex in them. I dropped jaws of the other woman in the ward that day. I didn't realize it until I had my second daughter of which I drank nothing but icy cold and the nurse told me that it was the cold liquids I had drank that was the reason I still looked pregnant after I delivered . That was the difference that made my body go back so quickly to like I had her weeks ago in the 1st week after. The truth. Why buy something you can avoid

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