Postpartum Belly Morning Routine

in this video I’m gonna show you an easy
postpartum belly morning routine that will help you get rid of that belly stay
tuned Hi, I’m Linda Poirier with BodiesAfter I lost 54 pounds with my little one and I’m helping mommies all
over the world to fit into those jeans get their sexy back and find their life
of happy by the end of this video you’re gonna know five tips to help your
postpartum belly and an easy routine that you can include that doesn’t make
you stress out let’s get started number one is to get out of bed the right way I
know that seems really simple but there is a right way and a wrong way when you
have that postpartum belly and how to get out of bed I’ve done a video up here
so you can check to see if you have a gap or a diastasis recti and that’s just
a split down the middle of your abs it’s really really important that you check
that out because that will hinder your progress if you have that postpartum
belly number two is to eat your breakfast I
know it’s really hard after you have a baby
you’re tend to eat the crusts off somebody’s toast or you go into the
pantry and shove your face full of food or stick your face in the fridge and eat
whatever you can in five minutes because you know the baby’s about to cry so eat
eat eat your breakfast that will help you in your energy that will help you in
being satisfied that’ll help you in your mood so you don’t feel so cray-cray and
it’s so easy to eat like crap when you have that newborn or heck even if your
baby is older and you’re getting used to that routine and skipping that breakfast
that is a big factor and if you want to get that belly down if you need to meal
prep then make sure you meal prep maybe on the Sunday or a Saturday and you prep
that breakfast for the entire week what I do every morning is I have a
nutritious shake it literally takes me two minutes in the morning to make it
and take it I find this is the best method for me because I could just wake
up take it and start my day and I really don’t crave anything else I enjoy it it
gives me energy and gets me throughout the day it’s important if you want to
get rid of that belly that you start in the kitchen first because you can do as
many exercises as possible but if you do not get rid of that layer on top of it
then it’s not going to work number three is a 10-minute exercise program
I know how hard it is to find time for yourself let alone to work out that’s
why it’s really great to do a quick ten minute routine when I was losing my 54
pounds what I started with was those ten minutes and to be honest that’s all I
really had in me to do I was so frickin exhausted but I really wanted to feel
better about myself so I just said okay ten minutes because you know what
ten minutes is better than no minutes and believe it or not if you do a ten
minute quick workout and you do that over time you mean that adds up in a
week to 70 minutes right so that’s fantastic I felt so awesome after I did
these workouts that I was getting that energy I felt better about myself and
when you see those pounds starting to melt off you just feel so much better
you can have progress even with those 10 minutes that you put in you just make
sure you put the effort in and you don’t have
because some minutes are better than no minutes right number three is to do a
shower routine and the best thing to do before you hop in that shower is to grab
a dry brush so this is what I use it’s just a bath brush it’s soft bristles you
can really find this anywhere I got this one at superstore I don’t know if you
have a superstore in the states but I’m Canadian so that’s where I found mine
and just make sure it’s soft and it’s not too hard but stiff enough that it’s
gonna do it that it’s gonna do something now if you’re not familiar with dry
brushing it actually stimulates your lymphatic system and it gets a
circulation going and I really really love it for my tummy you’re gonna like
the feel of this it actually feels really really good and all you do is you
go in circular motions and make sure you go clockwise because that’s the
direction of your digestion and you’ll find too if you’re just newly postpartum
maybe you might find that your skin is actually discolored Michael was kind of
gray and it was it was really weird I didn’t even notice it and so I still I
started scrubbing and I was like oh that’s bizarre like it it was gray so
this was really good for that if there’s any dry skin you’ll get that off but it
is important to make sure you go in the shower right after because you’re
getting rid of not only the dead skin cells but you’re also getting rid of
those toxins so then when you’re in the shower
I recommend grabbing just a body puff and grabbing obviously shower gel but
when you put it on there you do the same thing to your stomach and you go in a
circle I find that really stimulating as well and you’re just double doing a
double duty without hurting your skin alternatively if you have one of these I
got these in the fabfitfun it’s an exfoliating glove and it works the same
way where you can just put the shower gel on it and then you work it in a
circle and that’s really great I learned this trick way back in my
competition days when I used to do Fitness competitions and I used to do
this all over my body and I found soul I found my body getting so much better
with in terms of even like lumps and bumps everywhere in that cellulite look
and I was just stimulating my whole body and that was kind of the side effect I
didn’t realize because really what I was doing was prepping my skin to get rid of
the dry skin so that when you tanning paint or tanning what do you
call it pretty much the tanning lotion on when you go onstage you don’t want a
clump so I was doing that but I found so much more benefits to that so that’s
really good if you don’t have the gloves that’s okay you can just use the body
puffs and obviously use the brush then after you get out of the shower you
apply coconut oil to you the brand I use is nutiva and I get that at Costco and I
get it in the big tub and it’s extra virgin coconut oil and you can just put
it in a little jar and then you can just grab it and put it on you after the
shower that’s moisturizing you get really good
benefits from the coconut oil and it helps a lot you can also use essential
oils I know dr. axe talks about it I can’t recommend it to you yet because I
have to try it out for myself and I’m not gonna recommend anything
that I don’t try for myself and use myself as a guinea but apparently you
can use the essential oils I know some of them have really good tightening
benefits and skin benefits so I will try it and I will do it in a future video
I’m also looking into some other products for skin tightening so stay
tuned for that and finally number five you can do belly binding or a belly wrap
I use the belly band it it looks like this and I used it this way when I was
pregnant so it actually supported my belly and then I used it I turned it
around and used it on my stomach so that it could keep it tight now this is the
one I have there’s a bunch of new ones I had my boy four years ago so this is
what I had and I still keep the box so it looks like that and I’ll show you
actually I should see if you can look at that here too like you can see how she
uses it there and then you flip it over and the awesome thing about this one is
that it has a pouch in the front or the back depending on how you’re wearing it
and what I did what it comes with is this little heat pack and ice pack so
you can just chuck it in the freezer or you can chuck it in the microwave and
you can make it hot and so it’s really nice to sooth your stomach or
soothe your back and a lot of women do this there’s really really high ratings
on this one and I really I really did like it you have to wear it every single
day but you feel like a I felt warmer because I’m always cold so that was
awesome because I had the extra layer and then I felt like a little hug like
it just felt like everything was tight and I felt better about myself you can
wear it all day I feel like you have to wear it every single day so that you can
get that you know belly down down down down and it’s really good I found that
when I didn’t use it that it just kind of would pooch out but I think that in
combination with all these would really really help your belly it did help for
me and that’s it five simple things that you can do in a morning routine to help
your postpartum belly that is easy to do if your showering at night then just add
it at night but you can do these and it doesn’t take any crazy extra time in
fact it’s gonna save you time so that you’re not worrying about it all day
if you liked this video and found it really helpful give it a thumbs up and
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you so much for watching until next time

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