Postpartum Belly Styling Tips and Purging My Closet with Poshmark

hey y'all what's up welcome back to music and beauty TV it's me miss Ruby thank you so so much for stopping by subscribing to my channel and hittin that Bell so you can get notified whenever I upload new content before we get into the video I want to give a shout out to Poshmark Tosh Mart is a digital app touch download to your phone where you can buy and sell new and used clothing shoes and accessories and I'm actually doing this video in partnership with them because I have a lot of purging to do in my closet so you guys need to check out my Poshmark Kloss about visiting the link below if you guys want to shop some of the styles that I have so for those of you who don't know I just had a baby a few months ago praise God everything's going amazing in my mommy department but postpartum life is real y'all especially when it comes to dressing myself I have my baby I was a solid sized one sometimes I could squeeze into a size zero in pants downside to that it was a little bit difficult to dress like a woman upside I could always show my stomach and get away with it well things have changed I lost majority of my baby weight but the one thing I'm still holding on to is this ha job you decide to have a kid keep in mind that you are giving your body away to that child potentially unless you're down for the surgery or you just one of the people to get lucky I wasn't so lucky so now I'm working with like a size 1 size legs and all that stuff but my hips have expanded just a little and most disappointingly I can't fasten any of my pants buckle any bells it's not happening so I've been getting rid of clothes and I have been assessing the damage seeing how I need to rebound from this and how I can still look cute feel confident even though I had yet to get rid of my mama now just to let y'all know I will be getting rid of my mama belly God willing my 30th birthday which is April 15 2019 mark that on your calendars has the turn up it's gonna be real but anyway um the goal is to get back slam again I'm saying so if I wanted to show my stomach off or you know what I'm saying is where some stuff that actually fits right I can't bet until then but until then realistically I'm still maneuvering through and adjusting to mommy life so I wanted to show this video with chocolates to give you guys some tips if you're in my boat on how you can still look cute so comfortable and capacity but I have your loan mama got hanging over disrespecting everybody because I'd be seeing it at one bar sometimes and it's proving y'all like some people are just not aware and I ain't trying to go out like that there are a couple of ways that you can do this you can get a girdle if you're down for the girdle thing me I'm not so much down for the girl thing yes when I pull it up over my belly it looks a little bit flatter it doesn't exactly look smaller than it is but it just looks more contained it doesn't look like this flower just like flapping around sitting they're all ugly it's actually like you know a little flattened out you know I'm thin but the downside to wearing a girdle is that mess is uncomfortable yo have you ever tried to walk around for a whole day wearing a girdle like I want to go out to eat you know I'm saying I'm you wanna kick my feet up like in between breastfeeding and taking care of my baby like I just want to relax I ain't got time for no girdle but if you're down for a girdle put a girdle on underneath the dresses that you used to wear and I think you can actually do it underneath certain genes as well but for me I'd rather go for a higher waisted change so right now I'll show you guys some comparison some outfits that I used to wear versus the outfits that I have good form to as a new mother first off it just doesn't something that I used to wear where it would be like some skinny jeans like such and I would have a really small tank top either tucked in or hanging over but either way you can tell that I don't really have a stomach there and now I realize that I have to adjust this outfit in just a little bit number one trying to squeeze it to these jeans just is not happening anymore and often times when I find myself trying to squeeze into jeans like this and I get them somewhat up I definitely can't buckle them so I upgrade it to some very similar genes that not only are bigger in size but they're also a little higher in the waistline so the waistline comes up higher to cover up some of my stomach so yes it contains much debt but I can still breathe in it instead of wearing on top that is so slim fitting I wanted to top this too a little bit looser I'm also wearing a top underneath it that way this can cover the jeans so I really don't like if I'm wearing a loose top and then you can see like all of the rips and folds in the buckle area of my jeans I don't like that so you can get rid of that or at least mask it a little bit by putting on a slim top and then putting a loose top over it so here's an example of some jeans that I would have worn before having my baby and I would wear these jeans with whatever I want most likely it's gonna be a top that comes up a little bit to show like my midriff area and that was cute you know I'm saying because I really have nothing to show so everything was all good but now as you can see everything's hanging out and this is just no one oh but I really still like these jeans so what I do with this outfit instead of wearing something that shows my midriff I'm still gonna put these jeans on they're barely gonna buckle or maybe they won't buckle at all you may have some jeans in your closet that you can still fit into it pull them all the way up you just can't really fully buckle them but it's okay because they still fit on you without falling off so what I did in this case is I've got this oversized shirt and I just tucked it in the front but let it hang over the area that way you can't really see and if you're really feeling insecure and you can buckle it then go ahead and buckle it and you know I'm saying when you get in the car to drive off from dinner or whatever it is that you're doing you can unbuckle it and be comfortable again but hey at least you did not expose the gutters it ain't out there disrespecting anybody that's all I'm saying okay so prior to having a baby and even during my pregnancy it was cute to wear these slim fit body contact dresses they are so cute and adorable but they are absolutely really only made for women who are in shape I'm sorry so in my opinion I don't want to walk around with a muffin top wearing a body con dress that's just me so I went to the store and I found a couple of cute dresses that are just very loose-fitting and flowy and super comfortable and I don't have to worry about sucking my stomach in to try to get myself a coke bottle shape because at this point it's only so much sucking in you can do it's just not gonna happen another tip if you're a breastfeeding mom keep in mind when you're adjusting your wardrobe that everything you wear has to be easily accessible for the baby to get to the boob so I have to bear that in mind as well which takes a lot of things off the table for me if my blouse can't easily lift up or ideally pretty much have sleeveless tops that I can just kind of like you know pop it out I'm probably gonna move on to the next thing so keep that in mind and that's what I've done here if you've noticed all of these tops are tops that I can get into and out of pretty easily now like I said I am NOT a style expert however I do like to feel cute comfortable and whatever I want so if you guys can give me any tips on how I can improve my style as a new mother in my postpartum days I'd really appreciate it don't forget to go to my Poshmark closet the link is in the description below or you could just search me on Poshmark at super cellar girl and check out some of the items that i'm getting rid of yo i'm getting rid of jewelry I'm getting rid of dresses I'm getting rid of other things that have just been in my closet but I can no longer make you Seth I really hope that you guys find something you like thank you so much for hanging out with me today and check out some of my other content until next time god bless you

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  1. Tfs congratulations on baby, imma 0 too and im grown af its hard to dress my age. I will hit subscribe. Bless✌🏽

  2. Thank you for these candid shots of your post partum stomach. I feel like the pressure for women to snap back is immense that sometimes women are shy to show their stomach. Thank you for your transparency. I wish you a smooth journey of motherhood, May you always remain healthy and well and may God be with you always. ❤️ P.S April 15th- we are ready for the fire shots 🔥

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