Postpartum Body Transformation: My Body Positivity Rant

hey I'm Lisa and welcome back to my channel in today's video I want to share with you my battle with body image and fitness so I want to start this video by telling you a little story about where I've come from in my own fitness and nutrition journey and what seven children has really done to my body if you're at all curious oh I got married when I was 23 and in university I was a competitive University cheerleader so I was at the gym like oh my gosh three to five times a week I want to say at least three times a week minimum in addition to practices so I was very athletic and I went into my first pregnancy in incredible health my second pregnancy really healthy third pregnancy really healthy I had those first three pregnancies all under the age of 30 when I had my children in my 20s I really didn't have to do anything to quote-unquote bounce back I just did like I don't know why but with breastfeeding and maybe being active I didn't find it difficult to lose the baby weight um and not to really gain that much in my 20s once I turned 30 I don't know what happened I'm not sure if it was part just the you know just the reality of getting older and metabolism slowing down I have a feeling it also had something to do with the fact that I was so busy I wasn't preparing healthy meals I was eating like leftover chicken nuggets and french fries for dinner that kind of thing let me know in the comments I see you all out there who eat leftover chicken nuggets and fries and so I got to a place where basically I was really overweight I was beginning my pregnancy so my my fourth fifth sixth seventh pregnancies I was beginning them like heavier than I had ever been in my life I was not really losing the weight with one of my pregnancies I was borderline gestational diabetic so they put me on that diet and again I was borderline for the following pregnancy for the seventh when I finally kind of figured things out and I just went on the diet and that really helped so this is all to say that I've had an ongoing struggle with losing weight keeping it off developing exercise systems and habits and routines and to be honest generally feeling good about my body especially in my 30s there's been an interesting conversation if you follow Joanna over at nesting story if you follow amend amuse and there are some beautiful women on Instagram Bluebird kisses Sasha Exeter that I follow and I will link them all and there's been an interesting conversation in the last couple of weeks and months around is the conversation on body positivity actually doing us harm so let me just like I'm just gonna throw this out there and if you disagree with me let me know in the comments because I definitely welcome the conversation I really do believe that we should love our bodies and I don't think that we should feel bad about them and yes if you are at a certain size I do not think that we should be in constant torment with our bodies so some people who say you know the conversation around body positivity and they say I love my curves you know look at what look how strong and powerful I am regardless of what size I am I a hundred percent support that feeling of empowerment and that we should not despise our bodies however and here's the big okay like I'm gonna get the hate mail however I think we have to be really careful when we sort of take this spirit of embracing our curves but use it as an excuse or a reason to not exercise and not eat well because here's the hard gosh-darn truth this is simple mathematics we cannot intake more calories than we expel in some way and expect the equation to balance out we can't just put anything in our body and then not do any kind of fitness and expect healthy heart lungs cardiovascular system like all those things muscles like we can't expect all these things to just sort of miraculously come out the other end in a good equation we have to do things especially as we get older at least that's my experience especially as we get older to set us up for future years of strength and longevity and wellness and for me what it boils down to is if we want to show up and be able to serve and be present to the people that matter most to us our spouses our kids our communities we have to take care of the bodies that we've been given it simply isn't going to work if we just cross our fingers and say I really hope my body's gonna hang on no like it just doesn't work that way I have another video where I shared three things that I had to take off autopilot and I talked very specifically about how I had to make a shift in my whole mindset around fitness and nutrition and I'll put that for you in the cards but I want to be super transparent with you I didn't always feel this way only very recently and you can like literally watch the videos and maybe one day I'll like put it in some kind of chronological I don't know maybe I'll identify it somehow on this channel but you can literally watch my videos where I've talked about this like this has been an ongoing struggle only recently have I started actually getting up at 6:00 a.m. and working out like only recently have I been tracking my weight and tracking or caring about what I'm putting in my body more intentionally like this is a very recent shift for me and it's very recent because it's been so hard I just want to say like in full transparency I didn't want to care about this before I found it too hard I found it too hard to like you know at 9:00 p.m. when I was starving after working and taking care of kids to like prepare a healthy meal I did not want to get up at 6:00 a.m. and workout because I thought it was gonna be difficult and not worth it but my friends what I wish I had been able to tell myself before is how much better I was gonna feel how much more strong how much more clear thinking how much more just able to like go up the stairs even and not be huffing and puffing to be able to have like a little dance party with my children and not be completely exhausted to be able to literally just like walk up a hill and be able to do that with confidence feels amazing whereas before all those things I felt sluggish I felt down for me it's not so much about weight and vanity although let's be honest obviously a little bit of that is motivating it is motivating to feel like I'm gonna look nice in certain kinds of clothing and I can wear certain things and feel really confident but for me it is about strength and for me it's about being able to show up and serve well my family and that is why I just don't think we can use any sort of notion of body positivity as an excuse to not take care of the body we've been given there is a cost I hate to say it but there is a cost when we don't take care of ourselves and it can be simple like simple things like drinking more water as a first step it can be simple things like instead of taking the elevator take the stairs now are those simple things going to dramatically change your life no but there are a start and that's the thing that again I wish I could have told myself before is that you just have to start don't worry about being this like big complicated workout thing don't worry about hiring a personal trainer or although I do believe in those like I had one for a period and they're really helpful but you can just start on your own I do peloton on my app it takes 10 minutes like legit 10 minutes if I feel like doing another 10 minute workout I will do it do I do that every day no sometimes I just do a 10 minute workout but it's a you got to start sweating you got to start moving you got to start doing things you got to start building muscle and I promise it is so worth it and if you can think about why you're doing this and for me my why is about being able to literally be physically present I the things I do now are going to inform the kind of person I am at 60 at 65 I want to be able to be the kind of mom and grandma in my older years that can be active and vibrant and honestly if you have a mission if you have a thing if you have a if you're doing something that is bettering the world via your business via your blog via a YouTube channel like don't you think that the vessel in which you do it which is your body in your mind don't you think that when you need to take care of it like a car like think about that if you want to impact the world with your god-given mission how can we do that if the machine is not working well that's my soapbox moment and honestly really and truthfully I did not feel this way before and now feeling like I am more strong feeling like I have more air in my lungs even you can see I feel like if you watch this like you can feel how passionate I am about this now I used to feel so dejected and so like just give up on my fitness life and my nutrition life because it was hard but you know what hard things are worth it because the payoff of hard things the payoff of working through the messy murky middle and coming out the other end a changed person is so worth it so do it I've talked about my morning routine on this channel I will link that video for you in the cards but that has been mine like secret weapon if you will of ensuring that I can do all these things with success I just find for me when I get up before my kids that has been the most helpful way in order to work in a 10-minute peloton workout I would love to hear from you how do you fit exercise into your life what is that look like in the busyness of mom life for you and if you feel like totally dejected and totally like feel like you're just waving the white flag like I used to feel let me know in the comments honestly we're in this together and I really do believe that the biggest hurdle is beginning if you like this video I would love for you to give it a big thumbs up and hit the share and subscribe button and until next time Cheers to designing your beautiful life

5 Replies to “Postpartum Body Transformation: My Body Positivity Rant”

  1. How many hours do you sleep if you get up at 6? I have a baby too (and two older ones) and I need my 7-8 hours of sleep…

  2. I agree 100% with everything you mentioned in this video and your view on body image. Thank you for sharing!

  3. Agree with you 100%! My moment of truth came when I turned 40 and my metabolism slowed down to a complete stop. I despise exercising but it's not optional anymore! I wake up early and do a workout. As much as I hate the sound of the alarm clock, I feel a million times better after I exercise. Like you, I want to be strong enough to serve my family and others. Thanks for sharing!

  4. I 100% agree with you about the balanced positive body approach!!!! And p.s. I am CONVINCED that waking up early to get moving is WAYYYYYYY better than sleeping in!!!

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