Postpartum Care

hi there today we're going to talk a little bit about our postpartum care with hearth and home and refer you and what that looks like in our practice the first thing that we're really proud of about our postpartum care is that we offer a minimum of four one-hour appointments in the home after everybody has their baby and we feel really passionate about that piece because we know that one of the main contributors to poor outcomes in the United States has to do with the postpartum period particularly with maternal mortality and actually newborn mortality so we feel that checking in and going to people's homes where they're living and caring for their baby and trying to recuperate from the experience that is birth allows us to kind of meet people where they are and see what's really going on you know how is breastfeeding going if they're choosing to breastfeed how are they healing after their birth how's their mood and what's their emotional experience the postpartum period is so tender and traditionally has been a period that would be attended to by family and um you know that there would be a lot of support available and what we see in our culture is that that's not the case and a lot of people are really isolated and need a lot more support after they have their baby than they're getting so we feel we feel like we're able to make interventions by offering that in-home support four times in the first two weeks at a minimum when we come to your home and we do of course a close assessment of maternal well-being so we take mom's vitals we talk about postpartum bleeding we check where your uterus is we offer to do a pelvic assessment depending on how things went during your labor and to assess the recovery of your perineum after giving birth and then of course we check in about how I was breastfeeding going for you how has your nutritional half here and nutritional needs been met or not and really talking about what you need what is what's missing what supports are you getting what supports do you still need and how can we help you to feel you know vibrant and well in this really tender time with your baby and then in addition to that we're of course checking baby out head to toe every time we come see you we're taking newborn vitals we're checking their weight we're observing a latch so that we can do a thorough assessment of breastfeeding and see how that's going for both mom and baby we're talking about output we're talking about newborn behavior it goes on and on and then we're offering all of the same newborn procedures at home that is offered to people in the more mainstream medical model such as newborn screening so we're offering the PKU tests at home we can do heel pokes and submit those tests to the lab like you would receive from any other provider and then of course after birth we're doing other newborn procedures if our clients choose them such as vitamin K and erythromycin so we're doing follow-up on all those things checking in on how baby is doing overall yeah and we also make referrals and the postpartum as needed of course we're midwives and we're well trained in certain things and part of our job is knowing when something has moved outside of our scope or when more support might be needed so part of what we can do is kind of head off complications developing into something more serious by coming and seeing you and then making a plan a care plan that might include other practitioners if that's appropriate so we make referrals to lactation consultants as appropriate we might recommend pelvic floor therapy if someone is needing some physical therapy after pushing their baby out of course if there are mood disorders that are developing which can can be pretty prevalent in the postpartum period then reaching out for resources and part of our job and the post partum is to connect people to the resources that they need so that they don't have to do that legwork because it's it's a really big deal to have a new baby and you've got your work cut out for you and it's nice to have a provider in your corner who is helping you to get what you need yeah and additionally we're on call for all of our clients throughout their postpartum time period so from the time I baby is born up through six weeks postpartum our clients can still reach us day or night via the pager so if they ever need anything from us were there for them to check in and what's great about that is that we've had relationships so of course we've been to our clients first so we know their birth story we know how their baby has been doing from the moment they were born and so the care we're able to provide over the phone is deeply rooted in you know your story and who you are as an individual and how we know you so that's a little bit about our postpartum care there's a lot more to it of course but that gives you a brief glimpse into what it's like to be with us yeah thanks for listening bye

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