36 Replies to “Postpartum Complications No One Talks About [6 Week Postpartum Update]”

  1. I bled for six weeks total. I was SO ready for it to stop! I had a c section. You look great by the way!

  2. What baby wipes and diapers do you use for Willa? Do you still use the wipe container that has a weight in it?

  3. I've never been pregnant never had a baby & have the bleeding issue….I went an entire year without a period & then all of a sudden I started bleeding for MONTHS at a time….not spotting. but full on clots, changing overnight pads every 20-30 minutes. . & I gained OVER 100 LBS was SO exhausted my hair started falling out & everytime I laughed or coughed I felt gushes…TMI I know….but that was my reality for a reallllly long-time. went to the gym..she was so nice & it took about 6months to really get it under control.she put me on depo bc I can have hormones that wasnt working by itself…so she put me on provera everyday plus depo…that worked very well when the shot was on right side….my left…forget it lol. I'm no longer on depo. long story but still on provera( I still want to be on depo as long as my body is doing this BUT she when ins. issues happen..well yeah) anyways she diagnosed me with a form of PCOS…. yayy..not I still bleed when I walk too much,exercise too much or on my feet too long. hips, legs & back kill me most days.So I knlw the feeling!! I'm sure she will help figure it out…could be that blood is still trapped.

  4. Oh my, that Willa is so stinkin' cute. I just want to hold and cuddle her. I'm going to be taking care of my 3 year old granddaughter next weekend and can't wait to hold and cuddle her. Your videos of Willa always get me in the mood for holding and cuddling little ones ❤💚💜💙💛

  5. Ur still pretty but my husband and I have been looking for a washer and dryer what kind do u have I can’t find any

  6. I'm only 6 minutes into this video but I stopped bleeding/spotting about 3 weeks postpartum and at exactly 5.5 weeks postpartum I got my first period. It was really rough, like hemorrhage style for 2 days then tapered. Well here we are 5.5 weeks since that period and I'm pregnant! Yep! You read that right, today my son turns 11 weeks and I make 5w4d pregnant! 🤕 All my husband and I could do is laugh since we only had sex once because we were afraid this would happen, & it was on his birthday.

  7. Since we had our second, the MobiWrap has been my “ootd” for the first three months of life (since usually that’s when my babies start sitting on their own and I start using o1-2 ergonomic backpacks at the time and those are faster to put on) Literally, I’d wake up and put on my MW ❤️ When they are newborns (before 2-3weeks) I can fit two inside securely ☺️ Having 5 under one right now plus a 2yo and a 4yo with multiple activities, babywearing is a must! 💕

  8. I was still bleeding/spotting 6 weeks postpartum and got a period; then, two weeks later I got another one. 😏

  9. Hey! Your leggings you’ve been wearing in the last couple videos..where did you get them? I love the colors!

  10. I love the beginning of this video, shows how everyone has one of those mornings where we are just a mess and all over the place as a mother. Thanks for sharing 😍

  11. Ugh, my skin was the best ever for about a month before my 4 week old was born, now I’m 13 again 😂

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