Postpartum Core Retraining: Pelvic Tilt & Bridge

okay so for the pelvic tilts as you inhale again you're going to feel that belly expand and now you're going to take that to the next step and you're gonna actually arch your back a little bit so as you inhale let the belly expand and let the pelvis tilt for it like you're tipping that glass of water between your legs then exhale and tilt the pelvis back inhale tilt the pelvis forward feel the pelvis move in relation to the lumbar spine exhale and you're actually going to feel the lumbar spine press gently into the floor perfect inhale connect that tailbone with the floor let the belly and the pelvic floor relax exhale gently engage and lift the tail bone from the floor perfect keep the neck and shoulders relaxed we'll do one more inhale tilting the pelvis forward and then this time as we exhale we're tilting the pelvis back and we're going to press through the heels lift the pelvis up roll one vertebra at a time up just until the base of the shoulder blades so you should have a nice straight line from the shoulder to the knee and inhale and peel back down one vertebra at a time perfect so it's a slow controlled motion again with continuous breathing

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