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okay hi guys so I wanted to film a coffee talk for you all I've been talking about it for a while but hashtag mom life so I got my coffee and let's go ahead and start talking about some personal so let's talk about something that nobody wants to talk about it is postpartum depression and postpartum anxiety so I had my daughter in September um I kind of everything was fine you know there was no nothing really I always thought postpartum depression was for people that didn't want kids or had kids but they weren't ready for them or something along those lines like I thought that it was something that you could control and I never in a million years that I would get postpartum depression so here we are fast-forward like a month into it um my daughter was colicky very colicky and it's normal a lot of babies are but we had that we had a problem with breastfeeding so wasn't able to breastfeed and it felt like it was just one thing after another after another on top of not getting any sleep so my boyfriend and I you know we started nitpicking at each other and just arguing over things that were completely irrelevant and it got hard it got really hard and after a month he went back to work and I was scared to death to stay home with my daughter I was scared that something was gonna happen to her something was gonna happen to me I had this like fear of me like dying or something horrible happening to me to where I wouldn't be able to take care of my daughter and something would happen and it's just this crazy irrational fear there's nothing wrong with me and so you know I don't know like i sat home for a few leaks and I felt like some days I felt like I just couldn't even get up I couldn't get out of bed I was obviously still taking care of my daughter there's nothing going on there Tori couldn't take care of her I just felt like mentally like I was trapped like I was trapped in my own head and I was having panic attacks like out of nowhere and they were some of the worst panic attacks I've ever had in my life and they felt just crippling like one side of my body would go numb and I couldn't feel one side of my body I thought it was having a stroke um just all of these crazy things happening to me and I had no explanation as to why everybody kind of just was like okay if we're gonna you need to chill you're acting crazy and I didn't feel like I was crazy I didn't feel like I was going crazy I just was having panic attacks and I was just scared for my life like I mean if you've ever had a panic attack it's one of the worst feelings in the world so that was happening to me and it just got to a point where I finally caved and I was like I have to figure something out because I can't live my life like this and my view this is like a month to a month and a half after having my daughter the first few weeks there was just so much going on I didn't even have time to have a panic attack and to be honest with you it was crazy having your first kid is a lot of fun but it's a lot of work too especially you know for younger parents you know like I'm 22 and I have a younger brother so I know how to take care of a child it's just when it's your own it's completely different so it was hard but it's definitely the most rewarding thing and so I finally went to a doctor and I you know told her what was happening and she actually sympathized with me she just had a child maybe a year two ago and she said you know just crazy random things what happened to her she knows what I was feeling so I felt confident in her and then she prescribed me Zoloft so I was like really adamant about taking anti-depression medication just because not like I'm not against it at all if you're on it that's good like that's perfect if it works for you that's perfect it's just my body with medicine like it it's not a good combination like my body does not take medicine very well so I was like okay I'll try it you know if this is what's gonna calm me down I'm willing to do it and I was like it's not something I have to be on forever it's just gonna get me through whatever I'm going through and honestly what I think it was was hormonal fluctuations like you think when people say your hormones fluctuate you're like okay you know I get my period I get this I get that I'm a woman I I got it you know I got this down but let me tell you when you have a child your hormones I don't know what the heck happens to them but they go for the biggest ride of their lives like let me tell you okay so it's not anything to write off like your hormones control so much of your mind your body everything so what it was was I think obviously having a baby your hormones go from here to here like in like a week and your body is completely changing it's like trying to get back to what it was before you had a baby it's trying to figure out what happened and all this crazy stuff and then you're trying to breastfeed so then your body is like oh crap we need more hormones we need all this stuff to pump to get this milk going so you have that on top of it for me I was breastfeeding and then I stopped so my hormones were like okay what are we doing and then I started breastfeeding again because I felt horrible um and disclaimer – this isn't a part of like this whole thing but just a side note if you're breastfeeding and you can't breastfeed or if something happens and it's just too hard cuz is a hard thing to do like people make like breastfeeding is like the best thing on in the world and honestly it's super freakin hard and if you can't breastfeed that is 100% okay 110 percent okay don't let people make you feel like you're not a mom because you can't breastfeed I know you'll go through that mom guilt but like if it's for your sanity and if you're literally making yourself crazy or if you cannot rest feed let it go girl let me tell you I was doing the same thing I was stressing as like man I'm not pumping enough I'm pumping like an ounce at a time what is wrong like what is my body not made to be a mom you know all this crazy things like that you think and you know you stress yourself out even more so it's like your milk just completely is out of whack you know your stress levels have a lot to do with your milk production too so you got to be you know you got to be eating I wasn't really eating I was like man I got to lose all this baby weight now it's just moms are too hard on themselves that's like that's it that's it so I've got all these hormones going on and there's definitely something I've never felt before in my life and so I finally was like okay I'll take medication like I'm not sure why I'm feeling like I'm feeling you know I don't know is this gonna last forever am I never gonna be like the same person that I was you know you get you get scared and so it took this whole loft I took it for one day I threw up I felt nauseous all day I felt like I was out of my mind and I'm not saying this to scare you I'm just giving you my you know personal opinion on it and like what happened to me when this is just my testimonial I mean there's plenty of people out there that are on anti-depressant medication and they're perfectly fine it's just like I said earlier my body and medicine like I just always had a problem with it so I try and stay away from a lot of medicines in general because I just always have issues so um I took it throughout felt horrible I was on 25 Miller I believe of it just in case anybody's wondering and I think that's kind of where they start you and then they up it and up it and up it in your tolerance builds to it and then you can't just like cut it cold turkey you have to gradually come off I mean I guess you could if you really had to but there's a lot of side effects to it oh and I also was taking birth control in the middle of all of this so you guys know my I went for my six weeks checkup and my doctor's like what are you doing for birth control and I said nothing she's like alright what are we gonna do and it's like I don't know it's like me I've never packed on the whole medication thing I've never really taken birth control I've tried to but it just made me like feel nauseous sick like seriously my body and I'm sick dude they do not just they don't they don't work okay so I wasn't really on birth control like ever really and I started birth control you know I started taking this all off and my body was still coming down I think from trying to breastfeed and it was just like a whole hormonal hurricane basically and so I stopped this whole loft I didn't go back to the doctor that I went to I felt bad you know I just I didn't want to take it and I knew I didn't want to be on medication if I didn't have to be just for the sake of my health and my well-being and the medicine interaction with my body so I finally was like okay Briana you got to get it like you gotta get a grip so I put my body through like a whole just detox of everything stop my birth control you might be able to hear my daughter stop my birth control stuff is Olaf started eating started eating healthy healthy foods and you know I went through the panic attacks I'm not saying that they're fun they're not they're horrible I still had them for like maybe a few weeks maybe a week or two after but I have just learned how to relax I learned how to ask for help because I was trying to do everything by myself and I didn't want to ask my boyfriend for help because he was already working and they felt bad you know I almost had like this kind of like animosity towards him because he was working and because my life this is my life back to our regularly scheduled program so I had almost like this animosity towards him I gotta talk a little bit quieter because I'm trying to get her to take a nap okay um anyways and I was almost like you know it's like so you get to go to work I'm stuck here watching her it's hard I'm still recovering like I'm sore everywhere and so um it's just like it was just hard and so I finally learned how to ask him for help I started asking you know like my parents for help and just really like focusing on my nutrition um I used essential oils I used like lavender um and I put it behind my ears at night and it helped with just like my overall anxiety it made me from feeling less anxious and I started taking vitamins iced hello I started taking um b12 and I'm not saying right now and do this ask your doctor first this is just what I started to do um I looked up just vitamins to take that help with overall like anxiety and like just like your inner nervous system and started taking you know b12 I started taking my prenatal again and then I cut back on the b12 once I started feeling a little bit better I stopped taking the b12 as much just kind of stuck with my prenatal for a little while and then um after a while it just all kind of stopped like there was just nothing and it's such a crazy feeling because you feel like you're never gonna feel the same and when you're in that moment it's like it's scary and I think that's what causes a lot of anxiety for women is like not feeling like yourself but you still have to be like this mom to this like little baby that can't take care of itself so you know before you run out get on antidepressants like if you need him you need him like that that's end of the story you know but there was a part of me that felt like I didn't need them and I know I didn't need them but I was just I didn't like really want to handle the situation myself I just wanted somebody to fix it for me and I wanted like the fastest easiest way but honestly like I'm four months postpartum and there's still days where I feel like a little off and stuff but for the most part I feel I feel good you know I was posting like before all this I was posting to a mom group and I don't know about you but I don't know how I feel about the mom group thing that thing is kind of weird to me oh that I mean there's some that are good the one I was then was kind of weird people were like posting pictures of their babies rashes and stuff and they're like oh should I take my child to the doctor it's been like six days like yes why are you asking random people take your child to the doctor I'm gonna let her go for a minute because I think she's just she's learning how to like scream but I think that's bright obvious so yeah anyways um the mob groups I don't know like I posted in there and I was like what's like some good way is to you know help with postpartum anxiety and postpartum depression and some people were like I never got over it and this and this and that you get over it your body goes back to normal eventually you have to think you just took nine months to make this child it's gonna take your body close to nine months to a year to feel better the first few months are really hard they're very hard but like I said I'm four months postpartum yeah I kind of just stopped everything made sure I was eating and just kind of like started taking care of myself because yes you have to take care of a baby but in order to take care of that baby you have to take care of yourself as well because if you're not taking care of yourself how are you supposed to you know care for a child so you know started doing that don't worry about the weight the weights gonna come off especially if you're breastfeeding the weights gonna come off don't try and go on any diet or anything like that for a while because your body just needs that time to recover you don't need to be just depriving your body of nutrition and stuff that it needs to function because it's just gonna take even longer to come back out of that postpartum whole thing and that goes back on like my stuff like I think that's why I was having so many issues because I was trying to do so many things to my body at one time and my body just of nine months of me not really doing anything it's just kind of making a baby doing its thing and now I'm trying to like mess with it and do all this crazy stuff my body was like hold the phone what the hell are you doing and it just kind of like went in panic mode so I'm basically making this video to tell other moms other new moms families of new moms whoever this video reaches out to that it it gets better and I wish somebody posted a video like just being like hey everything you're going through is normal because you don't feel normal like you you don't and it's like hard to tell other people it's hard to tell even my mom you know like she had kids and everything but she's it's been like 14 15 years since she's had my brother so it's like it's been a long time and some people just it doesn't happen to them and my mom was one of those people that it just she never really got postpartum anything so some people it doesn't and some people it hits full force and you can't you know predict who it's gonna be you know it's all in God's hands so it's just nice to know that you're not crazy and it's totally normal like you go to the doctor and they try and just shove meds down your throat and you know like I said like if you really feel like you don't need them and if you've never really had an issue with it just just give it give it time you know if you really feel like you're on the brink of breaking yes definitely reach out talk to somebody you guys can talk to me message me a comments whatever I will totally talk to anybody that needs help because it's hard you know and like you said a lot of people don't know what you're going through like you may seem like okay on the outside but on the inside you're just like battling you like yourself and it's a lot and now looking back at it you know it it's fine and it gets better I promise it does like for a minute there I was like I'm never gonna be the same and well you know like you're almost like why didn't I do this like my body and now like I couldn't even imagine my life without my little daughter she is the best thing she's like starting to giggle now and it's just it's the best feeling like once you get out of it you know if your baby is colicky especially – that doesn't help if you're not sleeping you have to take care of yourself you have to ask for help you have to take turns you know if you're a single mom you know reach out to friends family anybody because you do need that help like you're not we're not superwoman even though we think we are we we are for pushing babies out but we need help too you know in here she's fighting me today so that is it I'm gonna go um mend tend to my child um but like I said it gets better girl it gets better trust me like and reach out to anybody you need to reach out to me your mom your dad your boyfriend your girlfriend your husband your wife whoever it is that you're with reach out to them and ask for help reach out to me like it's totally totally totally normal everybody not everybody but a lot of people do go through it even if you think that it's never gonna happen to you it can and I'm not saying it to scare you it gets better like I said it's just hormones let your hormones do their thing you know go through mom life but you've gotta take care of yourself too girl alright thank you so much for watching my copy talk I'm gonna drink this coffee now that I mean I haven't touched and play with my child so I hope you guys enjoyed this video if you did give it a thumbs up and if you'd like to see more thumbs up comments down below I'll answer back to questions anything like that thank you so much for watching and until next time I'll see you soon hi

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  1. Thank you! I am going through this at the moment. And I refused to take Zoloft because is not for me. I can relate to everything you saying

  2. love this coffee talk…postpartum depression can happen to the best of us mums and its super important to openly talk about our experiences!

  3. PREACH!!! I was arguing with an idiot about ppd, an ignorant, uneducated man that thinks that ppd is a “lie” and “made up” by doctors and the women that experience it 😡

    I also had issues with breastfeeding and women condemning my switch to formula. If breastfeeding was soo easy and simple no one would use formula!!!

  4. Breastfeeding is sooooo hard. My son would not latch! You’re SO right about “letting it go”. It’s NOT worth your sanity. I felt awful about it. But if I could go back I would not be hard on myself and just give him a bottle! Currently struggling with so much fear and anxiety not just about my son but I have this doomed feeling. My son is 4 months. I want something natural because I’m scared of the meds. Hopefully I’ll recover soon. I stopped my birth control too because I thought it was affecting my anxiety. This is a good video by the way!

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