Postpartum Depression: How Can A Husband Help?

you know if the husband is noticing some of these symptoms and his wife and is concerned about her first it's being a caring and supportive person who she can talk to what's really hard for these women and they're struggling this way is if they're having these thoughts that are there that are intrusive or even bizarre to them they feel a lot of shame in that and it's very difficult to talk for them to talk to somebody about it especially with somebody that they love because they're they're so confused by it and you've been ashamed by it and so you know as a husband maybe ask those gentle questions of simply you know how are you doing this has been a big change for us or you know I'm just noticing that you're seeming a little down or not like yourself you know what can I do to help and to ask those kind of questions to get her talking you know and I think you know something that I do as a therapist and I think that is even okay to do as a family you know I've learned some more about postpartum depression and things that can happen when when you have a baby and sometimes you can have thoughts that are unusual or that are scary you know have you experienced that yeah I think sometimes just to ask those straightforward questions because they're in their mind they're experiencing something that they've never experienced before and it's very confusing and very difficult for them but to even be asked the question kind of normalizes it a little bit saying you know I've heard that this can happen have you experienced that and then as she talks to you simply to listen and simply to listen for feelings and to validate those feelings and to acknowledge how scary or unusual that that must be for them and you know it's not always about maybe having the solutions right away but I think just having somebody safe to talk to and that can understand and to be with them in it and then from there they're going to feel more safe and taking those additional steps to getting help you

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