last week was not easy for me not only was I accepting some tough personal stuff but I just was in a funk mostly I felt like I was not a good mom August 2018 this is when Serena Williams took to Instagram to share about a challenge that she was facing after having a bigger I was eight months pregnant at that time super active and doing perfectly fine intrigued by her post I went ahead to find out more about a term that she had used and the term is post partum depression stay tuned it's postpartum depression that I'm going to talk to you about but before that I would like to talk about another term called baby blues which is a more temporary phase after delivery baby loses a feeling of sadness a woman may experience for the first few days after delivery about 80 to 90 percent new moms experience baby blues they can last up to two weeks and go away on their own common symptoms are crying for no reason irritability anxiety excessive fatigue insomnia on the other hand some new moms experience a more severe and long-lasting form of depression known as postpartum depression in short called PPD it typically develops four to six weeks after birth but in some cases it can take several months to appear some of the symptoms are there's a constant feeling of being trapped you feel it as the end of the world low mood or a gloomy state that stays for more than three to four weeks there is excessive amount of crying without any reason there's a constant feeling of guilt for not being able to be happy and cheerful around your baby and your family there are frequent mood swings there's a sudden withdrawal from family and friends once a social woman will suddenly become alone there is loss of energy an excessive fatigue throughout the day in fact even when the time when you get up motivation to take care of your own self completely vanishes women with postpartum depression either overeat or under ate there's a constant sense of hopelessness for everything that's happening around activities that you once used to enjoy no longer exist you feel as if you are a total failure as a mother you can't open about what you feel because of the fear of being judged you think you'll be seen as a bad mother you want to escape everyone and everything if for a long period of time you are experiencing all the symptoms or any of these symptoms then trust me you are not alone there are thousands of women across the globe who are affected by PPD so what are the reasons for postpartum depression primarily there are physical and emotional reasons one major physical reason is a sharp drop in hormones like progesterone estrogen and thyroid hormones which can make you feel tired sluggish and even depressed care of newborn without family support and being sleep deprived can create havoc on your emotions not to forget that a female's body goes through so much during and after pregnancy that there seems to be a struggle with your identity and self-esteem issues proper so how is this depression treated it is treated through self-help or counseling or medication for self-help I would simply ask you to remember a word and nurse nurses a term which I borrowed from one of my favorite books women's moods by Deborah Cecil and Jean Driscoll herein stands for nourishment it is an ancient saying that the pharmacy of a body is the kitchen of our Moon so nourish your body with healthy and wholesome food U stands for understanding by journaling your thoughts and feelings joining a new warm group or even crying or venting out in front of a support person all this will greatly help our stands for rest and relaxation sleep is critical to mental health make it one of your top priorities no matter what go by what elders have said sleep when the baby sleeps you should also focus on relaxing yourself by stretching listening to music reading or doing whatever leaves you relaxed S stands for spirituality focus on experiences that bring you joy and him to higher bars this can be achieved by after days like deep breathing reading uplifting spiritual texts being a non-family or in nature listening to uplifting music or practicing predator he stands for exercise exercise releases feel-good chemicals in the brain like serotonin and endorphins that lead to improved quality sleep it's beneficial for new mothers consistent self-help actresses can help make a big impact on the emotional and mental well-being however if you notice that despite self help the symptoms do not improve I would suggest that you seek professional help counselling or talk therapy alone or combined with medication can help in solving the issue but don't let your doctor know in case you are breastfeeding the child so that accordingly medicines can be prescribed most important step to the road of recovery from postpartum depression is to acknowledge the problem family partner support of close friends can have a major impact on the recovery but you need to understand but the first person to help you come out of it is you postpartum depression can have a ripple effect and it can affect all those who are close to the baby I would like to give a message to all the friends and family members of new moms around the world postpartum depression is not it's more likely the play of homes in fact many women don't even identify the signs and symptoms of postpartum depression as a loved one is going through postpartum depression help them and seek medical attention if required right away thanks for what


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