1. THANK YOU for being open and honest especially about PPD and baby blues. Currently 5 weeks post partum and watching this at 5 am while nursing/trying to get a fussy baby down. I love my baby but it is SO hard. I don't feel so isolated when I hear other moms sharing their honest experience.

  2. Hey beautiful!! 🥰👸🏼 all of the girls in my family had their ears pierced as babies and we’ve never had any issues 😘 your looking great!! your such a great mama 😀 Can you do a what i eat in a video!!

  3. Whatever you do, don’t go somewhere that uses a piercing gun. The way a gun vs. a piercing needle pierces is different. A gun’s needle is not hollow and therefore displaces the tissue to make a hole. This can cause heeling issues. Piercing needles are hollow and actually remove that small portion of skin when they pierce rather than just pushing through. It’s also more sanitary and less painful 👍🏻

  4. I pierced my daughters ear at 3 months she did great! She cried for just that second and we didn’t have any issues. Our pediatrician recommended us to do it earlier because she wouldn’t pull on her ears.

  5. Omg I was the same way when I was pumping for my son it was crazy how that happened and I tried doing it a couple of times and every time I would get,like that … And my boyfriend mother at the time though I was fakeing about how I felt when pumping breast milk …

  6. With my second child, i had post partum depression. I think its because i blamed myself how he came out when i delivered him. He was born with cleft lip and it did a number on me. He also had a hard time feeding until we had his surgery. We had to wait till he was 3 months old to get the surgery done. I sought help and it really did help me. No one knows why babies get cleft so there is not one thing that can be pin pointed as a cause. He just turned 5 years old and is doing well. Luckily his case was so mild that he never had speech problems. The only thing is, he has his teeth a little messed up(not horrible), im sure it can be fixed with braces. Don't beat yourself up as a new parent. Enjoy it while you can. They're 5 before you know it lol.

  7. You are so lucky and bless to have an amazing partner/husband like Joey who helps you with everything around the house. I know you and Joey are so lucky to have such an beautiful and independent baby girl 💖

  8. My baby pediatrician is going to pierce my daughters ears at 5 months. They offer that services at her clinic and provide the earrings. I totally get that sometimes you just need to walk away. It’s not because you don’t love your baby but as for me everything hit me like a bus I was not longer myself I had become a mom in a blink of an eye and everything was so new. A coworker once told me if you are not happy with yourself – it’s going to be hard to cope with new changes. I started resenting my husband too – he’s an amazing father – but I still felt so alone. I don’t know how to explain it. Expressing your feelings is key to not fall into deep postpartum depression- it can definitely be scary 😰

  9. I got my daughter’s ears pierced at 3 months. She didn’t cry at all and has never touched them. I used yellow gold earrings and she has had no infections or reactions

  10. We waited until our daughter asked for the piercings because I wasn’t comfortable doing something like that to her without her consent. I don’t have an issue for other people though, baby earrings are precious, but it was not for us. When she was 5 she was ready and asked for it, and she was old enough to care of them. No issues. It was a very special day that I shared with her.

  11. Would you ever consider getting her tongue tied clipped? We chose to have my son’s clipped and it made breastfeeding and eating overall so much better for him. My breast milk ended up just drying out a few weeks later… we just ultimately chose to do it because of speech and what not.

  12. My daughter had issues latching on too. I quit and three months too. I pumped also. But I eventually stopped. And we fed her formula. Shes now a heathly 9 year old.

  13. I got my daughters ears pierced when she was 10 months old. I'm so glad I did it when she was young. I got my when I was 8 and I had to deal with all the pain and issues.

  14. Breastfeeding was literally SO HARD. So hard. I agree about baby blues with pumping.. my son is still nursing at 6 months but only because he REFUSES a bottle. Thanks for sharing and shedding some light on how hard it is.

  15. I have the SAME allergy to metals for Earrings! 😏 So I too was hesitant to pierce my daughters ears. I actually got it done tho and she never had an issue! I did hers at 8 months I think it was! 🐣

  16. I’m not getting my little girl’s ears pierced until she’s old enough to ask for it and be able to take care of them. My mom did that with me and it helped teach me responsibility and was a really fun mother/daughter day when I was about 8.

  17. Sarabeth is the same way. We have gotten her ears pierced at Walmart 3 times. Now that she is almost 18 yrs old and now she can go to a tattoo place to get it done.

  18. I was a baby when my mom got my ears pierced. When I was 18 I got second hole in each ear but they have closed. I found out I need no Nichol. My daughter was 4 months old when I got her ears pierced.

  19. Thank you for speaking up about PPD. I feel ashamed to talk about it sometimes because I’m a SAHM, and we are not “supposed” to complain. But it’s so real. My daughter is over 7 months old, and I still struggle many days with it. Doing much better these days though! 💕

  20. My mom didn’t pierce my ears. She waited until I asked her at the age of 7. I think because it was my body I’m glad she allowed me to make that choice for myself. If I had a daughter I would do it the same way.

  21. I got my ears pierced at 9 years old in Claire's (I remembered it) 🤣🤣 I didnt use nickel because of the reactions. I think I would pierce my daughter's ears when shes older and when she wants it. In my culture, piercing your kid's ear is like making them discipline at a young age, teaches them not to be naughty but kids are kids. My daughter's nap is everywhere like I try to set a schedule and doesnt follow through. When I put her down then she knows and wakes up🤣 being swaddled helps Ky, especially when shes sleeping at night and she uses her cradleboard. That soothes her being tied down. The board has a special meaning for a Navajo baby☺❤ as of nursing, it's hard because of the latching and I wasnt producing enough milk so she would cry…wanting more and I know the hospital I go to really push for breastfeeding. I told the lactation consultants that Ky never has enough throughout the day and night so I'm thinking about switching her to formula but I'm not sure which brand I should try

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