hi guys welcome back to my channel and I think you all are doing well if you are new year thank you so much so so so much for stopping by my channel today and I do hope you stay by subscribing if you like what you see today's video is going to be a Q&A video I asked you guys on Instagram awhile ago what you'd want to ask me about postpartum and motherhood and baby and all of that and yeah this video is coming exceptionally late my bad but besides that never anyway so yeah I have all of your questions I got quite a number of questions and yeah I'll just get right to answering them right now if you want to hear all the answers to your questions then stay tuned keep on watching so the first question I got was what do you love about motherhood so far I would say that what I love about motherhood so far literally is just waking up to my baby girl like just seeing that cute piece even when she gets on my nerves by not sleeping on time or by just pooping all the time I'm having to wipe clip on all of that but I would say that what I love the most about motherhood literally is just looking at her cute face and just being constantly reminded that this baby is all mine like she's my baby so yeah that's physically it's on the law of the law the whole law around motherhood is what I love about motherhood that's it the second question is are you breastfeeding or pumping yes I am breastfeeding exclusively for now I say for now because anything can happen and things can change you never know so yeah I am still breastfeeding for now and yes I do pump as well because I tend to bottle feed her at night most times when I'm just super tired I just think I'll be expressing him from the fridge I warm it up and I give it so high in a bottle or my mom helps me do that so yeah I'm still exclusively breastfeeding for now and yes thank you Paul as well the fact question is you did a scan that said baby girl yeah what if the baby came out and it was the boy to be honest guys I don't know I said this before I'd like to be watched my previous videos I expressed concern saying that I wasn't really sure you know this constant girl twice I wasn't really really sure to be honest it was a boy what would I have done I would have still accepted the TV that wee baby is baby boy or girl but even though I really really really really wanted a girl if you boy have come out I kind of rejects before now I would still accept my baby either way so yeah that's what I would have doing I would still accept me being boy or girl the next question is did you have post natal depression at any time or you were just happy most of the time well technically right now I'm still postpartum like I'm literally two months and two months and two weeks postpartum right now so not get three months so yeah I'm literally stealing postpartum phase I would say I have had full blown post natal depression but I had my days I'm not gonna lie I've had my days when I've questioned myself I asked myself if I really really was ready I've asked myself time and time again was I really ready for this baby they are time that I have cried there are times that I don't know hormones baby blues what they call Amanda Collins you know I've had my days yes most times I'm happy looking at my baby happy of my baby playing with her and everything but when push comes to shove like when she just does not stop crying or when she keeps me on mixing 4 a.m. 5 a.m. which is hard we team right now I begin to ask myself questions and I can sleep in to a Beatles sadness oh yeah that comes with motherhood I'm not comes with postpartum so I mean nobody's perfect right next question is did your workouts during your pregnancy if yes what month is best to begin mmm to be honest guys I did not work out during my pregnancy I didn't do any form of exercise during my pregnancy and still I managed to steal safe leads and I still managed to for some reason slimmer than I was looking before I got pregnant but I think that was because I only act when I was hungry it still boils down to food portion control I feel I only ate when I was hungry and I tried not to over eat and I was always always always active like always active guys even down to my third trimester I was still doing chores I was still sleeping I was still mopping I was still washing dishes I was still cooking I was still doing laundry so I was very very very active I tried not to lazy around a sixty one place for too long or lie down for too long I was always always always active probably that's why I managed to stay fixed during my pregnancy but actual workout routines I did not do no way the next question is was it that painful I'm guessing this person's referring to childbirth another Zhigang and I know you didn't but of course if you still don't understand the kind of pain I went through your childbirth please watch my live under history yeah it's gonna be here I'm gonna leave a card here here well I watch my live on delivery story so that you can enlighten yourself on how painful my experience was the next question is what's the one thing about motherhood that was harder or easier than you expected it to be okay the one thing about motherhood that is that is hard he is just a routine what I would is hot guys there's nothing easy about motherhood that's true in my own experience there's nothing easy for me in this motherhood the one thing that is harder than I ever thought it would be is lucci taking care of this baby postpartum will test you read my lips even if you had the smoothest pregnancy and it had been even this muffin delivery post partum will test you and for me right now the hardest thing I'm facing right now is sleep last night it's not having C because these days now mia has just refused to sleep at night like she can't stay that we can sleep for the better part of the day and she was here we go to 3 a.m. 3:30 and 4 year just like last night now it was five-year that she finally skips so that is the hardest part for me forget that I have makeup on my face I have designer bags right here designer bags under my eyes I gets little or no sleep these days and that's why for the most part I sleep in the mornings until like noon that's how I catch up on my sleep and I sweat my down besides we will sleep for longer so yeah that's the hardest part of what I would for me so far the next question is please describe the breathing process really so painful scared I'm believing this person is a mom to be somebody who is approaching her EDD ha the birthing process I described for my birthing process and my birthing experience I describe it again please go watch my live on delivery steer me I'll have it linked up in the description box just check it out I described in detail my breathing process my birthing experience well what you okay but please don't be scared different women have different experiences and at the end of the day look at the end result you are bringing a child into this world and the biggest biggest biggest gifts you can ever in fact kids so just have faith and be strong and you will be fine okay next question is averring is a very noisy question it says have you started booking down yet Plus is this the same in brackets sorry for being so explicit this person is probably asking if I have resumed sexual intercourse my husband no the answer is no I'm almost three months postpartum and nothing has happened guys what you want to be vagina delivery you are in no rush to begin having sex especially if you have it cuts down there or you have it here and you have to happen if you see it so I'm a trusts me sex is the last thing on your mind right now I am I would say I am 95% healed not dead yet not dead that day yes but it's getting there so for now nothing has happened well I'm not booking that anything and what is extremely extremely understanding so oh my god should I answer this question of course I know that I'm not sure if it's going to be the same I don't know until I try I haven't tried to see it so I don't know okay the next question is what are your favorite who's part some essentials oh my god this person has asked this question I'm sure like you're in my mind because I really wanted to even do like if whooping video or my postpartum essentials but I just put that in here for you the first thing the first postpartum essential for me is your Perry boksoon hmm your Perry possible your perennial book so if you want what the full meaning of Perry is you're praying elbow to and that's for those who are happy vagina breaths and obviously you haven't caught it see most times even if you do not equal to 18 you'll be so down there your Perry Porter will be your best friend when he wants ago to do basically is a bottle squeeze it squeeze each it kind of bottle that you use to squeeze water down there when you go to the new so that it doesn't burn on your urine doesn't burn down there button clicks like this or or stitch top and everything that pari passu is a lifesaver it literally saved my life okay the second one is disposable pants I don't know how many women use their regular panties after delivery but for me I used disposable pans and it was just a lifesaver why because I could not even be bothered about washing my underwear and all of that so I'm just using to do pants and what I needed to change it I was just easy to dip in and out since I didn't have to worry so that was a huge huge huge huge huge essential for me that one is a respond guys an electric breast fuck I don't have the strength for that managua ladies in your hand like this so does opinion me adding a new magnet time so I'll actually press pump if you can't afford it is for me it's an essential because when I'm extremely exhausted I need somebody else support of fit Nia there's always expressing milk in the fridge all I have to worry about is pumping out the milk and that's it it just makes my life is a bit easier the next question is how do you keep your milk supply up to be honest I don't do much I don't think any lactation stuff I do have some lactation products I have a lactation C and lactation and shake the one that comes in the powder form I can just mix it up drink but to be honest I don't really use them what I have been using since I give crafts is pop a camel has been working for me I think Papa please I stick it like twice a day when I just eat bread well now I thinking like was it D or sometimes more since were three T's so yes pop and warm beverages so you're talking about your warm menu or if you like quality time whichever brand you like but for me I do want me to also yogurts yoga has also been working for me I take your course at least maybe twice a week you know so yeah that's basically how I keep my milk supply oh I don't know if that is what is making the moves with your focus is obviously healthy the next question is did you have constipation postpartum if so how did you handle it so the others guys I've been so blessed I didn't have constipation while I was pregnant and I thought of the new experiences after delivery and I still get constipation after my delivery yes of course after delivery and after to me I obviously had difficulty go into the toilet obviously because that is down there is sore so everywhere around that area is very sore so of course we should not put I'm sorry guys it's like TMI but of course pushing out poop is a bit painful because of the stitches around that area full-blown constipation like flat blue cost-efficient I could not go to the toilets no I didn't have that the next question is do you could sleep with your child no I do not go sleep with Mia I'm trying to sleep trained how to sleep on her she has a bassinet where she sleeps for the most parts during the day I can lay on the bed when she gets too big for her bassinet which is very slow because that girl is getting too big I'll definitely move her to her crib so no I do not go sleep with Mia and then the last question is MIA skin looks so good what products do you use for her thank you thank you thank you thank you so much me ask you look so good yes I know so I don't really use like much for ha like you guys know baby skin always comes out perfect I'm usually was funny for the most part it stays perfect for that a very long time but what I use for Mia I ask that products I'm gonna put them on the screen as that product I use the notion I use the baby oil the baby powder and they had to wash that's what I use for her but honestly during the day I use camp Asaka I've said this before I spoken about this before in my hospital bag video I think I also mentioned something like that in my pregnancy morning routine video a while back this ship outside it has coconut oil is refined shea butter so it has coconut oil and cars oil and a bit of fragrance and I absolutely love it I was using the same product on my skin while I was pregnant and I always knew I was gonna use it for me as well and easily share was about half from being one of hybrid guys the Asda Lucian I believe that night because it's very light so I use that night pots in the day I use this and even abuja you can pick this up from hitch medics any hitch medics around you cells okay that was in the last question the next question well the last question is how did you handle rather how are you handling stretch marks after baby to be honest guys I'm one of those people that was blessed not to have stretch marks on my painting like I didn't have I didn't get one stretch mark one stretch mark on my baby throughout my pregnancy soon I can't I can't really hate to be honest at countries I have a tiny tiny tiny bit of stretch marks for my boobs just a tiny little bits but on my belly I had zero stretch marks I don't know if that's is because of the shape or size I was using on my penny on a daily basis while I was pregnant I don't know but I didn't get any stretch marks on my baby so yeah guys those are all your questions well who's waiting lots of questions absolute likes us to answer all of these questions oh yeah thank you guys thank you so every single person is sensing their questions and truly truly appreciates it and yeah I hope I answered all the questions well enough to see you satisfaction I hope so thank you so much so so so much for watching I've been watching this video you know you can actually share that you are watching this video on your ancestry and I will actually repost your interests theory if you tagged me they don't forget subscribe if you haven't subscribed already we're almost at Sookie subscribers so make sure you subscribe and have a subscribed already make sure you hit the bell button down next to the subscribe button to always be notified anytime I have a new video and yeah guys I'll see you in my next one bye [Applause]


  1. Argan Rain argan oil is great for stretch marks ! It is worth the price. I need to get at least two more tubes so plan on 4 total the results are totally worth it! Thanks !!!

  2. Hey Yummy Mummy, love the intro graphics/song and your hair. Love your lip combination too. Your voice sounds like it’ll be great on video

  3. The sleepless nights are not easy but my baby sleeps like 4 hours at night. I thank God oh cuz she is 2 months 1 week

  4. I had my baby two weeks ago
    She’s a breeze
    I wish I had prepared my mind for the pain
    Y’all it was painful and the checking thing is unexplainable, the pain is from hell

    Sincerely I don’t think I am ever going to have sex again
    I had an episiotomy

  5. 😂😂😂 @ naughty question, Mama Mia is shy 🙈🙈. Your makeup is on point, you don't look sleep deprived at all 🙂

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